Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram telling as a voiceover to Priya that he does not snore now and he remembers her every moment, even that apple, wet towel, etc. They just look at each other romantically and go into flashback. Door bell rings. Ram checks and asks Priya to hide as Pihu has come. He says he does not want you both to come in front of each other and asks her to hide in bathroom. Pihu comes inside. Ram asks why is she upset. Pihu asks if she can sleep in his room with him today. He says ok but why are you upset, did you fight with Sammy. She asks not to talk about Sammy or anything else. Ram says ok and asks her not to get upset. Pihu sleeps on bed and remembers Priya’s word. She remembers Priya that Sammy does not love her and loves Suhani. She remembers Sammy calling

her Suhani. She even remembers Priya’s words not to tell lie to herself. She sleeps. Priya comes out after she sleeps. She goes near Pihu and tries to touch her, but does not and looks at Ram. She gets emotional and goes from there.

Vikram calls Pihu, but she does not pick it. Daijaa comes and asks why is he upset. Vikram says since another woman came in Ram’s life, there is a lot of chaos. She asks who is this another woman. Vikram changes his words and talks about his office. He thanks god that Daijaa didn’t understand his words. Ram meets Sammy and asks why did Pihu come to his room, did he fight with her. Sammy tries to give excuse. Ram says he knows he telling lie and gives him 1 day to sort out his differences with Pihu.

Priya messages Ram, he does not reply but comes in front of her. She asks why did he come here, if Pihu gets up, she will be upset. Ram asks her to relax and says he even asked Sammy to sort out his differences. Priya thinks why does not Ram understand the real problem and thinks at least their differences are sorting out now. Pihu comes and sees Ram and Priya togeter and remembes Ram lying her about Priya.

Pihu asks Ram how can he do it. She saw him with Priya. He was with him. Priya always wanted to break her marraige with Sammy and fit Suhani in. Ram says Priya is your mother. She says because of Priya’s negative tought, she is not happy. She says Priya knows black magic and is a witch. Priya listens that standing at the door, starts crying and goes from there. Ram tries to stop Priya and goes behind her. Pihu remembers Priya with Ram having coffee and is upset. She thinks she cannot live without Sammy and Ram should do something. She goes into flashback and thinks about Ram’s words. She starts crying and says Ram and Priya cannot be together. They betrayed her. She is alone. Is she that bad. She does not deserve this. He always does this to her.

She thinks she can’t live like this and is not a loser. She says her papa is only hers and Priya or anyone cannot snatch him from her.

Vikram again tries to call Pihu. She picks and cries. Vikram asks if she is alright and asks if Sammy did something. She says papa and mom are together. She says her papa is not hers, he lied to her. He hate him and won’t forgive him. He is with Priya here. Vikram says they both have married and what is wrong if they are together. Pihu says they cannot be together, papa chose me instead of Priya. Priya wants to fit Suhani in Sammy’s life. She told Ram everything and saved him from here. Vikram asks where is Ram. She says she does not know. Vikram goes into flashback. Priya is still crying. Ram tries to console her and says she know how is Pihu. He asks her to stop crying as he cannot handle it. He says he will speak to Pihu and goes. Priya remembers Pihu’s hate words.

Precap: Ram says Pihu you proved that I am a bad father. She says it is not like that. Ram says Priya always helped you and Sammy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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