Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ridhima anxiously tries to call Vikram, but his phone is not reachable. She sees Vikram and Kady and gets happy. She asks if it is girl or boy. Vikram says it is a girl and he felt as if he is holding Sammy when he held her. Ridhima asks why did not he bring her home then. Vikram says Kapoors took her before he could and says he will bring her after some time. Kady says why don’t he tell the truth that he cannot bring her. Vikram says girl is Sammy’s daughter and it is his right to bring her here, he will speak to Ram about it.

Natasha sees Pihu happily playing with the babygirl. She comes and sits on sofa sadly. Priya comes there and asks if she is thinking about her children. Natasha says Pihu is exactly like her. Priya says hope she is like her at least 1%, they way she handled the difficult situations, she is proud of her. Natasha says Priya helped her in her difficult situations. Priya says she helped her externally and she coped up all the situations due to her inner strength. Priya says if Pihu has at least half of her qualities, she will sail through.

Pihu and Khush are with the girl. Khush asks if the babygirl did not sleep yet. Pihu says she has gone on her father and will not sleep so early. Khush says she can go on Suhani also and then says why are they fighting for people who are not part of their lives now. Pihu says looks like he is missing Suhani and says he can meet her, but she cannot meet Sammy at all. Khush says he does not want to meet Suhani and says when he went to meet Suhani, she refused to meet him. Pihu asks even then, he loves this babygirl. Khush says when he saw the child, he forgot all hatred and now we both losers will take care of this child and can kill anybody for her. Pihu says he is right and then wishes him goodnight. Khush wishes goodnight and goes from there.

Vikram takes Sammy’s pic and happily says he has become father now. He talks emotionally and says his daughter is very cute and is a mixture of him and Suhani. He asks him not to worry as she is in safe hands, Khush takes care of her a lot. He asks him to be around the child and protect her. He says he will also come soon and they both will be together, till then…

Khush sadly remembers on bed how he proposed Suhani to marry him. He further remembers Suhani telling Sammy that she loves Khush and he is the father of her child and then accepting that she loved Sammy and killed him to protect her child. He remembers seeing the child for the first time and holding her. Her says he became dad and goes out from his room. He comes to Pihu’s room and sees her sleeping with the baby. He takes baby to his room. Pihu wakes up and does not find baby with her. She calls whole family and informs baby is not with her and says she slept while taking care of her, but did not find it when she woke up. She asks Ram to do something as she cannot live without baby. Khush comes with baby and sees whole family. He asks Priya what happened.

Pihu angrily asks where did he take baby. Khush says he took to garden as he was not getting sleep. Pihu asks how can he take her without informing her. Khush says she was asleep and why should he take her permission. Pihu takes baby from him and goes.

Khush says Priya that Pihu is acting obsessive again like she was with Sammy. He says he cannot give his daughter to her as he waited for her. Priyas asks him to relax as Ram has gone to speak with Pihu.

Ram sees Pihu playing with baby. Pihu sees him and says baby is very connected to her and listens to her. She says she is Sammy’s baby and looks like him.

Precap: Khush says he will keep baby’s name. Pihu says baby is Sammy’s child, so she will keep her name. Khush takes baby from her and asks her not to dare think that he is not father of baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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