Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Neha saying Sammy that she is very happy for him as he has chosen Pihu. Priya comes and asks Sammy, do you love Suhani? Neha asks, what is this? Priya asks, is this true that you was involved with Suhani before your engagement. Neha says, this can’t be true. That might be affair but that doesn’t matter. Priya asks him to reply and says it matters. Sammy says, we were seeing each other. Neha says, he is a fool. You know him naa. Priya says, I know relations make and breaks in a minute. She says Suhani is pregnant with Sammy’s child. Sammy is shocked. Neha is shocked also. Priya asks Neha to let Sammy talk to Suhani. Juhi tells Pihu that Priya seems upset with her engagement. She says, Priya left your engagement for Suhani. Pihu speaks in her mother’s favour. Juhi tries to misguide her. She says, I am very sacred that Priya might chose Suhani over you. Pihu says, you must have doubt on her but not me. I know what you are doing this as you are jealous of her. She says, I can’t hear anything against my mom.

Priya tells Neha that Sammy will tell the truth to everyone. This time Sammy did a mistake. Ram asks what you are speaking? Priya says, this time we will ask you something which no one can give us. Pihu says I am very happy. thanks for the engagement. Ram asks, what is for me? Pihu says I am for you. Khush is consoling Suhani. Sammy comes and claps. He taunts Suhani and says he is your new love. He asks, what did you tell to Priya aunty. Khush asks him to stay out of this. Sammy says, I will not pay the hospital bills for someone else baby. Khush and Sammy have a argument. Sammy says, you both are two bodies and one soul. Sammy asks, why you are spoiling my name,

Sammy comes in the hall. And says I will give answer to everyone now. He says, yes, there was something between me and Suhani. Ram is shocked. Priya says, Suhani is pregnant and that child is Sammy’s. Everyone are shocked. Sammy says, I want to tell Ram uncle. I loved Suhani but she betrayed me… He tells Cady, do you remember with whom you have seen Suhani with Khush, Cady says, Suhani was with Khush at the disco. Neha and Priya asks, why didn’t you inform us. Cady says, I couldn’t tell anyone. I confronted Sammy and he said that he is starting with Pihu. Priya says, do you realised what you have done. Cady says, Sammy is mad enough to take a decision. Sammy says, she dumped me as I don’t have any money. What is the guarantee that the baby is mine. Priya asks him to stop. Ram asks him to shut his mouth. He says, until this matter is resolved, this marriage will be on hold. Neha says sorry and asks Sammy to come. Ram asks Vikram to take Sammy. Pihu tries to stop Sammy. She says I was wrong, I thought my papa is with me. I just hate you all.

Vikram is angry with Sammy. Neha says, whatever he is because of Param. Vikram says, I can’t face my friend now. I can’t stay with him. He asks her to come with Sammy. He says, Sammy’s thinking is bad and leaves in a taxi. Riddhima scolds Sammy for the happenings. Rahul asks him to get in the car. Pihu is shattered and cries miserably. Ram asks her to open the door. Pihu says no, you have taken a decision. Priya says, we will talk to her once she calms down. Juhi comes and smirks. She knocks on the door and says I bring your milk shake. Pihu opens the door and says I don’t want to talk to anyone. She asks Juhi to come inside her room. Juhi smirks. Pihu closes the door in Priya and Ram’s face. Priya tells Ram that Juhi will explain to Pihu. Pihu cries and says sorry. Juhi says, I will be always with you.

Ram asks Priya, are we doing wrong? Priya says no. Ram says, Pihu is not listening to us. Priya says, she will listen to us once her anger goes. We will make her understand. Ram says, my daughter is upset with me. Priya says, she is feeling miserable. I want to hug her but she will not understand now. We have to wait. Ram says, everything will be fine. Priya says, she is hurt but she will be fine with time. She will come out of the mess. She will fight with this. We will help her. But If we bend infront of her stubborness then she will be in pain afterwards as Sammy doesn’t love her. Ram says, we can’t see in pain. Priya says, she will be fine…

Priya tells Pihu that whatever we are doing are for your betterment. Priya raises her hand on Pihu. Pihu asks her to beat her and says Papa will give a reply to you for your slap.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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