Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Prenatal Class: All the pregnant ladies are engage in Yoga including Priya and two ladies are disturbs the class with their talks and are quite annoying. Yoga guru ask them to be quiet. class gets over. The ladies keep on telling something about husband’s wanderings moves while Priya is listening to this.
They says better to save their husbands then feel sorry later. They gives Priya cosmo magazine and says your husband is rich may be some spark from his younger days come back.


Ram is at some bakery and orders Chocolate pastries. While he is waiting for his order to be handed to him. There shows the entry of Isha who is Ram’s college friend. Isha arrives at the same bakery and orders something. Ram looks at her and are quite surprise to see her after so many years. She ask Ram are you after me even now. Ram says he is same as before. She appreciates him. Ram ask how you know. She says she read about him in the magazine. She says she is happily married to Mr. Singhania. She says she was here to search a home. Ram invites her for dinner and wants her to meet his family and wife. She says he is still good to convince her.

Kapoor Mansion:

Pihu comes to Priya and says she wants to eat Pizza, the one which she was used to eat in Dubai. Priya says for that they need to go to dubai. Pihu ask her to prepare it here with some cheese.

Ram calls Priya and informs her that his college close friend is coming for dinner and ask her to prepare so many dishes. Priya says dont worry anything. I will do everything. Ram ask her not to prepare anything instead ask Gopal kaka to get everything done. she says she needs to cook pizza for Pihu and keeps the phone down.

Vikram home:

Ram calls and informs Vikram. Vikram is happy to hear that and says he will be coming for dinner. He informs Neha that he is going to Ram’s place. Neha says she will accompany him but he turns her down saying he wants to go alone and Priya will be resting. When Neha insist, Vikram tells that his and Ram’s friend is coming Isha Bajaj. Neha scolds him not to meet Isha saying she will come with him.

Kapoor Mansion:

Priya feeds Pizza to Pihu and says lets finish it fast and she needs to supervise the dinner in the kitchen. Priya ask her what to wear for the dinner and viceversa.

Vikram home:

Neha comes back all dress up and Vikram says here no film star is coming. Neha says I dress up for you. Vikram says dont tell me you want to impress Isha. They leaves.

Kapoor Mansion:

Neha comes to kitchen and ask Priya what is she preparing. Priya says she is prepaing for Isha. Neha says she is the hottest girl in our college. Neha further says Vikram was after Isha during college days. Neha says Vikram wanted to come alone here but she accompanied him. They laughs.

Vikram asks Ram is he looking presentable. Ram scolds him saying he is married. and says Isha is a nice girl and she was his friend when he was fat too.

Neha doesn’t like Isha and says she is worried about fatty. Priya says they are college friends and they should be in touch. It is just that after college we move on.

Ram tells Vikram that he likes her company and he should be in touch with her. There she comes and she is happy to see his home and goes and hug him. Ram introduces her to Priya.

They greet each other. Vikram about to run to go near Isha but seeing Neha, he stops and greets her. Neha says they are married now. Priya thinks she might be Ram’s first crush and remembers the flashback when Priya sees Isha’s childhood pic and Ram confessing her that she was his first crush.

Priya excuses herself saying she has some work. Ram asks Isha to make her comfortable. Ram comes to Priya and Priya ask is she that pic one. Is she your crush? Why you didn’t tell me on phone. He says i didn’t let you because I thought you will get angry. She says it is old thing now. Priya says is Isha knows about your crush. He says no. It is embarassing. Priya says she will hide but he will have to take her out for khulfi. Ram says you are blackmailing your husband. Priya says she will not let her know and BALH music plays. Ram smiles.

Vikram is telling Priya about their college days and they reminiscing their good college days. Isha praises Ram. Vikram asks where is she these days. Isha says she shifted to Dubai and came here to settle down and searching for a home. Ram says he knows some real estate agents and he will help her out. Vikram says he also knows the agents and he will help her. Neha says he is busy naa but Vikram says a friend in need is a friend in deed.

Isha looks at the flowers and says we have so much in common as she also fond of flowers.
Vikram says Isha was very popular at their college and sensing Neha anger, he says Neha too was popular. Isha says she remember one guy who was crazy after her and used to send her flowers on Rose day with stupid message like Roses are red etc. Vikram gets hiccups and Neha understands that its him.

Isha tells everyone that Vikram gifts her card on final day at college. Neha says same day he propose to him, she says how casanova he is. Vikram cook up something and says it is Ram’s plan and he bet with Ram to give her card. Vikram says they will go home now. Neha says you will feel bad at home. Vikram says it is better if they go to the hospital.

Priya says Ram is having needle phobia but Isha says that Ram donated blood in college. Ram says it is because of the good cause. Isha says Ram become a champ by donating blood. Priya is angst and asks Ram why you didn’t tell me before. Ram is speechless.

Isha says they shall meet alone without the guys. Isha says she will leave now. Ram and Vikram offers to drop her home but sensing their wives anger. Vikram says he have to try the deserts as well so it is better if Neha and Priya drop her home. Isha leaves with Priya and Neha.

Vikram tells Priya that Neha will kill him for this and says she becomes over sweet. He tells Ram you are stupid to invite her here, why you didn’t invite her at some other place. Ram says Neha would kill you otherwise too.

Vikram says he got border line diabetes. Ram says then why you are eating this. Vikram says let it be, he says he didn’t told Neha, she will feel bad. Vikram asks Ram to get his check up done and be realistic. Ram says think positive. Vikram says Pihu is 6 yr old and new baby on the way, it is better to get the test done tomorrow.Ram is in thoughts. Episode ends.

Ram ask Priya are you fine naa after the elaborate dinner. I mean you must be tired naa, shall I press your head. She says no, she is having pain in neck. Ram without thinking says shall i press you neck. Priya is huh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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