Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th September 2013 Written Update

Ram is leaving for London, Maira and Pari rushes to him and greets him. They asks them to stay and go on next time. Ram promises that this is the last time and then he will be with them seven days a week. They gets happy and decides to inform Mom Priya. Ram calls Juhi and informs her that he will be leaving from home now. Ram says it is good that you are coming with me. Juhi says Vikram brief me about everything. Priya thinks Ram was right to questioned Pihu, she thinks she makes him angry. She thinks to call him and says sorry. She calls Ram but call doesn’t go through. Priya wonders where is he? Priya thinks to give Pihu’s phone to her. Shruti and Ashwin meets Varun and informs him that his younger brother was expelled from the college, and his father was relieved

of his job. Ashwin says he faced a bad time because of him. Priya comes to Pihu and thinks she is sad. She decides to call her friend to cheer her up. She calls on Geetika’s number but Varun’s brother picks the call. He is shocked and says this is not Geetika’s number and asks her not to call again.

Priya wonders about the number being saved on Geetika’s name. She calls Sammy and asks him to give Geetika’s number. Priya wonders then whose number is this, if Geetika number is this. She calls again on Varun’s number and asks him not to cut the call. She says she is Pihu’s mom and it was necessary for her to know whose number is this. She asks is this Varun’s number, his brother says yes, it was Varun’s number. he says Varun used to talk to Pihu till 4 am in the night. Pihu used to love Varun. He says they have Pihu’s messages also. He says they went to the police station and told the police. But Police said that Pihu’s father Ram Kapoor is very influential and he can do anything. He says he was dropped from the college. He pleads her to save Varun. Please help us. Priya is shocked and teary eyed. Priya looks at Pihu’s door and recalls the past incidents.

Priya comes to Pihu, says Geetika called her and asks her to call her. Pihu searches for her phone but sees nowhere. Priya asks her to call from her mobile. Pihu was about to dial the number, Priya asks her if this is Geetika’s number, then whose number is this one. Pihu is shocked. Priya asks her whose number is this. She gets really angry now. Pihu lies and says this is Geetika’s second number. Priya says this is Geetika’s second number, and calls Geetika. She asks Geetika to give her second mobile number. Geetika says she has only one number. Priya disconnects the call and asks her to tell the truth. She says if you didn’t tell me then I will give this phone to the police to enquire about it. Pihu nods no. she says she liked Varun and he too liked her.

Priya asks her, whether she was with Varun in that room with her consent. Pihu nods in a yes and says sorry. Priya says he was in jail because of you. Do you have an idea what he is going through in Jail. he might be saying the truth but they didn’t believe him because you lied to us. Pihu cries. Priya says she don’t believe this that she had lied. She says if that boy is wrong then you are also wrong. She says my daughter, my Pihu, went to that room with her consent. Priya says my daughter was with him with her choice, she feels disgusted and ashamed. She says today you didn’t proof wrong but my values and upbringing proved wrong. She says Ashwin, Shruti, Soumya and Neha will have a laugh on her. She says Pihu is wrong.

She tells her that when she was a kid then she used to keep the address chit in her school bag. Priya cries miserably. Pihu cries too. Priya says I lost you forever, I could not find out. I fought with Neha because of you. She says I was wrong. Pihu says sorry. Priya says you are saying sorry for what? Priya says do you even know what is Rape? You said so easily that he tried to rape you. Do you know how it feels if someone touches without the consent. She says I am ashamed of you. You didn’t think of your father once, your sisters, you didn’t think that it will effect that boy’s future. She says you have ruined him. She informs Pihu that Varun’s brother was dropped from the school. Priya slaps her again and again. Pihu says sorry and cries throughout. Priya says did you ever looked at your father eyes? he is proud of you. She says my little Pihu who used to share everything with me, lied to me today. Pihu says you also lied to me naa. You also hide with me,when I asked you about Ashwin uncle. You said that there is no one expect your dad. She accuses Priya and says did you tell me till what time you was with Ashwin. Priya is shocked to no end.

Pihu says she was right. I asked you one questions and you lied to me. She says I lied to you because of you. Priya says she didn’t tell her because her father asked her not to tell her until she grows old. Pihu says you are always after me, you are hounding me. Priya is shocked and shaken. Priya says I always took care of your small things and I hound you…….I woke up entire night. and tells about everything she do. Pihu listens all this silently. Priya says you are saying I hound you. Priya says when there was no one in her life and was about to end her life. That time she came to know about her pregnancy and she tells herself that I want to live for this child. She says I died for everyone but kept alive for you. If I would have knew that you will tell me this, then I would have died long ago.

Pihu and Priya in the car going somewhere, suddenly they had an accident and Pihu slips out of the car, while Priya had a head injury.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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