Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone getting shocked to know about Sammy refusal to marry Pihu. Sammy thinks everyone have gone mad and leaves. Suhani hears the bike voice and recalls Sammy’s love confession and about the night spent with him. She thinks she didn’t do any wrong and thinks she has just expressed her love. She says she loves Sammy. Pihu goes to her room and closes the door. she weeps miserably. Priya, Neha, Ram and Vikram urges her to open the door. Neha tells her to open the door and says you know Sammy naa. Pihu opens the door and hugs Neha. Neha tells her that you know Sammy naa, he is mad. She says he is commitment phobic so he panicked. She says we are all with you. Ram says, he is not understanding why Sammy refused. Vikram says he has to marry

anyway. He says he can’t live without you. Pihu says, yes he can’t. Vikram gives his word that this marriage will happen for sure.

Juhi thinks about talking to Ram and the recent happenings. She gets tensed and thinks why Sammy refused to marry Pihu. She thinks to do something for make Sammy convince to marriage. Neha and Vikram argues. Vikram says he saw Pihu crying a lot. Vikram blames Neha for giving too much freedom to Sammy. Neha says she will talk to him. Cady says she and Riddhima will talk to him. Cady says he will talk frankly with us and asks for a chance. Vikram asks Neha to let them happy. Neha tells them to make him understand the issue as it is about their relationship with Kapoors. Cady assures she will talk to him.

Sammy is recalling his night with Suhani. Cady and Riddhima comes and he feigns as if he is sleeping. Cady says we know that you are sleeping. Cady says it happened suddenly but says friendship is beautiful and says when it blossomed into love and culminate into marriage then it is wonderful. Sammy says you can’t understand. Cady says your marriage. Sammy says he will leave this house if they talk about it again.

Priya and Ram are not getting sleep and thinks to go and see Pihu. Priya reminisces about the little Pihu. Ram says Pihu might be still upset. Priya tells Ram that we will sleep with Pihu today. Ram agrees. Even Vikram and Neha are tensed about Sammy refusal. Neha says, she don’t understand why Sammy refused to marry Pihu. She blames themselves and says we are not a perfect example for him. She says we haven’t been a great examples to them. Vikram says every marriage has its ups and downs. He says about Rahul and Cady, we have make Rahul understand his mistake. Vikram says Sammy is a young boy and he might be pressurised thinking about his career plan.

Pihu wake up and finds Priya and Ram sleeping in her room. She recalls Sammy words that they will grow old together. Pihu thinks he loves her and thinks if he does mischief with me then I won’t spare you. Sammy thinks Pihu will be hurt to know about their family plans. He thinks to say everything to Pihu about Suhani. Sammy says he is missing Suhani. Suhani tells herself that she is missing Sammy and says I love you Sammy.

Hum tere bin reh nahi sakte ….plays……while Sammy, Suhani and Pihu are shown recalling about each other. Next morning, Ram asks Priya why she is not wearing mangalsutra and sindoor as the issues between them have resolved. Priya asks, oh you noticed? Ram says yes but he was scared to tell her. Priya gives her mangalsutra to Ram. Ram asks her to promise that she will never take it off. Priya promises while Ram makes her wear the mangalsutra…BALH plays in the background.

Priya tells Ram that they had married late in their life and they are thinking about Pihu’s marriage and says she is just 22. Ram jokes why everyone will marry late if we married late. Priya didn’t know about Sammy’s feelings for Pihu. Ram says you convinced me and you are increasing my tension.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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