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Hello everyone there. …. Hope u all remember me still ??…. Well as I got some time so thought to give you all an update. …… Thank you so much everyone for all ur comments… It brings a smile on my face. . .. I hope u guys enjoy so lets get started……….

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 Chapter 6



Next day morning …


Ragini ( following shomi ): maa did u told him or not ??

Shomi : aree i’ll tell him na u don’t worry ..

Ragini : aree ..

Shomi : ginni first stop following me … come he’s sitting outside ..

Ragiini nodded like a child and as soon as shomi turned she tightly hugged her from back ..

Ragini : thaaaankk you maa

Shomi : oh god … yeh ladki bhi na ( this girl also .. ) … acha come now ..


Shomi comes outside where shekhar is reading newspaper followed by ragini ..




Shomi : shekhar ..

Shekhar : hmm ..

Shomi : voh i need to tell u something ..

Voice : if u haven’t told him then let me say ……


Ragini and shomi looked at the direction of the voice and saw dp , ap and laksh standing there with shagun’s thaal in ap’s hand .


Shekhar ( folding back the newspaper and standing ): shomi .. who r they ??


Shomi : ji voh …


Dp : if u haven’t told him this also then let me do the honours … ( coming forward and folding his hands ) ji namastey .. i’m Durgaprasad Maheshwari and she’s my wife Annapurna ( ap too signs them namastey by bowing down her head a lil ) and he’s my son Laksh …


Shekhar ( still confused ): jii namastey … ( to shomi ) yeh yahan kyun aaye hain …..


All get seated with ragini standing together behind the sofa where shekhar and shomi are sitting ..


Dp : and u r ??

Shekhar : ji i’m shekhar gadodia ….

Dp : dekhiye bhaisaab ( look bro ) my son lucky loves ur daughter and she too loves him …

Shekhar looks at ragini who bow down her head .

Dp ( continuing ) : … and we want to ask ginni’s hand for marriage and trust me ur daughter will never miss her babul …. soo don’t disappoint us by saying no …

Sanskaar comes there .

Sanskaar : yeh faisla karne ka haq sirf mujhe hai .. ( only i hv the right to take this decision )

Laksh is confused .


Laksh ( whispering in ap’s ear ): maa who’s he ..

Ap signs him to be calm .


Dp : shekhar ji who’s he ??

Shekhar : he’s sanskaar .. son of my childhood friend , ram and ginni’s childhood friend .. they r really close to each other…


All look at sanskaar  .

He greets dp and ap .


Laksh : hey man .. Laksh Maheshwari

Sanskaar ( shaking hands with laksh ) : oh .. so u r the one who after singing 3-4 songs and saying  few dialogues trapped my ginni …………. and thinking all this u came here and thought that u’ll get ginni haan ??


Laksh  ( smiles ) : yes ..

Sanskaar : then u r thinking wrong …

Laksh  : wht ??

Ap and dp looked at sanskaar confused .



Sanskaar : this marriage can  happen  only o  one condition ..

Laksh ( confused ) : wht condition ??

Sanskaar : that u will never let my ginni cry , not a single drop of tear shld be visible in her eyes .. ( shekhar – shomi and ragini looks at him feeling proud and happy … ) n if by mistake also she got hurt then i’ll kill that person … ……………

He said looking straight into laksh’s eyes .

Laksh ( keeping his hand on his shoulder ) : chill bro..  listen to me .. i’ll never give u a chance to kill me coz wht is condition for u it is my promise  ( ragini smiles )…. u know the sea its so large and vast …… i’ll give so much happiness and love to gini that the sea will also look so small infront of that .. .. so now wht do u think am i the right guy for ginni ???

Sanskaar ( smiles ) : u deserve ginni ….

Laksh ( hugging him ) : thank you bro …..

He gave flying kisses to ginni shocking shomi .. both look at each other and laughs …..



The scene shifts to MM where ap and dp are calling n inviting their relatives for the marriage .


Dp : no ways .. u pls call na ..

Ap : common .. look i hv dialled the no now u talk …

Dp gave her a death glare while ap chuckled .


Dp : hello .. namatey bhaisaab ..

Sp { suryaprasad , elder bro of dp } : haan chotey bol … ( say )

Dp : voh bhaisaan v hv fixed laksh’s marriage .. n the card might hv reached u …

Sp : wht u hv fixed the marriage n didn’t informed me also ..

Dp signs ap , who was sitting beside him , to talk to sp . ap took the hone .

Ap : namastey bhaisaab …

Sp : yeh kya bahurani .. dp toh gadha hai ( dp is a donkey ) but u also didn’t told me ..

Ap ( controlling her laugh ) :voh everything happened so fast that we couldn’t inform but u all hv to come pls …

Sp : of course we’ll come after all its our laksh’s wedding ….

Dp ( taking phn from ap ): so we’ll meet soon ..

Sp : tujhe toh main aake batata hun … ( i’ll see u once i reach … )

Dp disconnected the phone n ap laughed …




Sp got the card and told everyone that they will be going for laksh’s marriage .. Adarsh ( his son ) says that he’ll book the tickets for all ..


Kirti ( sp’s wife ) : ji … pooja will also go with us na ??

{ Pooja , wife of late Balraj Maheshwari , brother of DP and SP … lives with sp after her husband’s death .. }

Sp : we r going for marriage which is sp pure n auspicious wht will she do by going there ?? no need for her to come …….. its apshagun to for a widow to go in marriage ..

He said and left . pooja who heard this left from there wiping her tears ………….


After 1 day ..


Sp arrives at MM with his family .  dp , ap and laksh with omi welcomes them ..


Ap : pooja didn’t came ???

She asked while everyone looked at sp .

Dp : yeah exactly where is she ??

Ap : its such a beautiful phase in my son’s life if she was also there then ……

Sp : arre wht will she do here /??

Ap and dp looks on ..

Sp : now come lets have food …

Dp : ji aayie …………….


Later ap’s brother also come with his family and everyone has a family time ..





Ram and Sujata have come for ragini’s marriage though sanskaar is no where to be seen ..

Shomi : sujata ji where is sanskaar ??

Sujata : he may be busy with his albums ..  he don’t hv time for us now …..

Shekhar : uski bhi shaadi karwa do apne aap sudhar jaega kyun ram ?? ( fix his  arriage also .. he’ll improve himself .. wht say ram? )

Both ram and shekhar chuckles .

Ram : sahi baat hai .. hume  hi dekh lo abb ?? ( exactly .. loo at us only )

Both share a hi five and laughs while their wives gave them death glares making them stop ans sip their tea . RAGINI is enjoying this scene keeping her head on sujata’s lap ..




He’s sitting on sea shore , all alone , sad , hurt and heart broken !



Tomorrow is her engagement and then day after Tomorrow her sangeet and mehndi .. then haldi and finally her marriage and she’ll become someone else’s ….. my love will remain incomplete … my story will be incomplete …. ( a drop of tear escapes his eyes .. he didn’t wiped it this time as no one was there to see him crying or see his tears …. ) but my love for u will never change ginni .. n i promise this to myself …………….



The episode ends with sad face of sanskaar !


Sooo how was it..??? Please do tell me through ur comments….. Please!??????!!!!!!!! N i’ll try to update as soon as possible if I get time….. N Zelena81196.. Yes the final pair will b RagSan only……..

Keep smiling guys… Hope to see u again soon…..

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