Baazigar 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru throwing the milk. She asks Sahil to understand Aarav is bad. She takes Sahil, while Sahil refuses to go with her. Aarav asks Aru to leave Sahil and sends him to play in room. She asks Aru does she not understand at once. Servant informs Padma that cat died outside, maybe someone added something in milk. Padma says throw cat outside. Aarav says I mixed poison in milk, I left your hand on right time and you stopped Sahil, give me original will of Kailash. she says I really don’t have it, please leave Sahil.

He asks why are you lying, you said you had the will. She says I don’t have it. He threatens about Sahil. Siddhant goes inside the dark jungle. The man says I can’t come with you, you have to go alone, your life has risk. Siddhant says I know what I m doing, don’t worry. The man gives him torch and leaves. Siddhant looks at the house.

Aru says I don’t know about will. Aarav asks Sahil to play and hide in cupboard. Aru stops Sahil. Aarav tells Sahil that you will disappear from here and not find time machine. Sahil says its challenge, I will find it. Aarav says there are many cupboards and rooms in this house, if child gets lost, he will die in 15mins, tell me about will. She asks what game are you playing with Sahil. He says you are playing game, give will and take Sahil. She says I lied about will, trust me. He says I don’t trust you. She begs to him and says you killed our child, please leave Sahil.

Aarav says I can understand about this child, why are you restless for Sahil, is he your sin, did you and Siddhant…. Aru raises hand and he stops her. Siddhant goes inside the house. Aarav says you have just 15mins, and threatens about Sahil. Aru says I really don’t know about will, I will find it. Aarav says this game is not bad, your time starts now.

Siddhant sees the snake poison seller. Aarav asks Sahil did he find place to hide. Sahil says yes, come we will find hide and seek. Aru looks on and goes. Aarav thinks now Aru has to find that will. Siddhant says I came here in search of this poison. The old man opens his eyes and sees him. Aru asks Parul to help her, Aarav will kill Sahil, he wants Kailash’s will. Parul says I don’t know anything about it, lawyer also does not know of it. Aru asks her to think, where does Kailash used to keep his imp docs. Parul says there is a cupboard in this corridor’s last room.

Sahil plays with Aarav. Aru goes to that last room and checks. Siddhant says I m inspector Siddhant from crime branch, I know you gave this poison, I came with good intention. The man says I won’t get affected by your words, you can’t even touch me, you leave from here. Aarav sees time and thinks Aru has just 10mins now. Aru looks for will in the secret room. Lawyer tells Aarav that will is not registered, we have to be alert, we want will holder’s sign and affidavit, that person has to be present infront of magistrate. Aarav thinks that will is on Aru’s name. Aarav gets a call and realizes Siddhant is finding truth. Aarav says let him find out, even truth has no faces like Aarav. Aru checks for will and does not get any file. She sees the time passing and worries.

Siddhant says I want to tell you, the guy whom you gave poison, the guy used it to kill innocent man. The man says we don’t sell poison, we gave this to him as medicine to cut other poison. Siddhant shows Aarav’s pic and asks did you give poison to this guy. The man says no. Siddhant says I want to know truth, to whom did you give poison. The man says this is the truth. Siddhant says I m in crime branch, everyone knows I have come here, they are all close, don’t waste time and tell me who came to take poison, else I will arrest you. The old man signs his assistant, Assistant says we keep pic with us always knowing we can fall in trouble. He shows Aru’s pic. Siddhant says its impossible.

Aru gets the dolls resembling all family members. She gets shocked and tells Aarav about the strange room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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