Baazigar 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav talking to Sahil. Sahil asks where is Mausi. Mausi is tied to the chair. Aarav lies to him and says I will get chocolates and icecream for you. Sahil hugs him. Aru thinks where did Aarav go. Parul comes home and asks why are you worried, don’t know what happened to Aarav, we all are going for satsang even today, we got some peace, you also come along. Aru refuses and says you all go. Parul asks her to take care. She goes. Aru tries calling Siddhant. Siddhant reaches the bar and beats the goons, asking them to name the person who has sent them.

Aarav comes home and asks Aru to see whom did I get, a little guest. Aarav asks Sahil to introduce himself. Sahil says he is Siddhant’s nephew. Aru gets shocked. Aarav smiles. Siddhant beats the goons further and asks him not to act smart, else he can’t even apologize, just say the name.

Aru asks Aarav why did you get Sahil here. Aarav says you are a school teacher, you should know, you are smart, I will not give any options. Aru asks him not to do anything with Sahil. He says don’t fight infront of kids, it affects them badly, Sahil and I like each other. Sahil says yes uncle, you are very good. Aru worries. Siddhant aims gun and says I will shoot. The goon says don’t shoot, Aarav Trivedi gave me money to attack on you, to provoke you to shoot, then get framed in murder case. Aarav tells Sahil that they will have a drink now, and gives him wine. Aru gets shocked and throws Sahil’s glass. She scolds Aarav for giving wine to Sahil.

Aarav says I was just giving apple juice, not wine. He asks Aru will she have it too. He gives apple juice to Sahil and says if you use any proof against me, I will do same with Sahil what I did with Kailash, give me that proof. She recalls Siddhant’s words and says you are such a coward, you felt I will be scared if you blackmail me by Sahil, you are wrong, do anything, I will not give you proof.

Aarav smiles and asks Sahil to play chor police with him. Aarav plays with Sahil and aims gun at him. Sahil screams. Aru worries and asks whats happening, Sahil are you fine. Aarav says we were playing game well. Sahil says you spoiled the game. Aarav asks did you think that…. I will play new game now, I will show interesting thing and gets a gun. Aru gets shocked.

Sahil says even Siddhant has gun and does not give me. Aru asks are you mad Aarav. Aarav says I m doing this for something else. He loads the gun and aims at Sahil. Aru gets shocked. Siddhant is on the way with goons, and asks them to take Aarav’s name. Aarav sends Sahil’s pic to Siddhant. Siddhant gets shocked. He calls Aarav. Aarav says I m playing game with Sahil. Siddhant asks him not to touch Sahil. Aarav says I know you are getting proof against me, Sahil was getting bored, so I thought to play game with him, Sahil’s smile is so cute, tell me what will you do, Sahil has become my good friend, he does what I say. Sahil says yes, I will do what uncle says. Aarav asks Siddhant to say fast. Siddhant asks the goons to get down the car. The goons leave.

Aarav says I hope you left goons, you love Sahil a lot, don’t challenge me, danger did not get off yet. Aru sees gun with Aarav and takes it. She aims gun at Aarav. She asks Sahil to come to her, Aarav is not Siddhant’s friend. Sahil goes to Aarav. Aarav hides behind Sahil. Ary asks Sahil to understand, this uncle will harm you. Sahil does not believe. Aru says I will shoot. Aarav confuses her. He gets fun from Aru and says Sahil would have got shot. Sahil says you are superhero uncle, you saved me from bad aunty. Aarav sends Sahil to have icecream. Aru calls Aarav a devil. Aarav says I m father of the devils and aims gun at Aru. She gets shocked.

Aarav says Siddhant is gone. Siddhant gets beaten up by goons. Aarav says Dadi has to leave, Badri will go along.

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  1. Perminder Virk

    Stop this drama. Its sick. Using a child to get proofs, with gun is so bad. Killing parents is so bad now this.

  2. mayurimalhotra

    Ek din aarav winner toh ek din arundhti…lets see who will be the ultimate winner…vaise its high time to end this kailashnath death track….ab to story mein kuch positivity aani hi chahiye…

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