Baazigar 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhant getting inside the house. Aru cries and sees him. She asks for help. Aarav says you know there is someone at home, you have to bear a lot of pain. Aru keeps servants busy by roaming around. She asks Aarav to see her in pain. Siddhant looks on. Aarav says when glass is removed, it hurts more, you have to experience this pain. Aru says no. Aarav removes the glass piece from her hand. Aru cries and recalls Aarav making a temple for her. She thinks of their love. Aarav says you would be thinking you married and loved a devil, you won’t be able to forget my love and hatred. he removes more glass pieces and she screams.

Siddhant hides seeing the servant. Aarav asks Aru how did she get much hurt, what did she say, flower vase fell on you. Siddhant goes to Kailash’s room and looks for any clue. He checks all the cupboard, and drawers. He looks under the bed, under furniture and inside the showpieces. Siddhant thoroughly checks the room and gets the snake poison bottle.

Siddhant says its same poison by which Kailash died, this bottle was not there in room that day, it means Aarav kept this here after we left, no Aarav can’t do this foolishness, then who did this and how. He takes the photo of the bottle and sends. Aarav does dressing of Aru’s hand and says if haldi is applied on wound, it heals soon, but if red chilli is applied then…. you did not say how did you get hurt, I got hurt this way when I fell from terrace.

She asks how many times shall I say. Aarav says when anyone shouts, it means person is hiding something, I know everything, I have a third eye by which I can see what you are hiding. She gets tensed. Siddhant is leaving. Aarav says you can get clever, but not more than me, don’t act, I know you have hurt yourself, you are scared of me, that’s you are trying to kill yourself. She sees Siddhant and says yes, its better to die than this insult. Siddhant signs Aru and leaves.

Aarav says you have to live, your life will be worse than death, you know you look beautiful when you cry, come on cry more. Aru cries and goes to washroom. She checks Siddhant’s message and that pic. She opens taps to create noise. She calls Siddhant. He says I got poison bottle, its strange, that bottle was not there before, listen to me, you have to do something.

Its morning, Aarav reads newspaper and gets shocked. Aru asks what happened, you killed your Papa by this poison right, now I have this proof. He recalls putting the poison bottles in his pocket and then going to dump the bottles. He wonders where is the other bottle, did it fall at home. He goes home and looks for the other bottle. He could not find it. FB ends. Aru asks did you get scared. She thinks Siddhant saying Aarav did mistake to make that bottle fall, illiterate servant thought its perfume bottle and kept in room, Aarav has to regret for his mistake, we should use this.

Aru says I have many proof like this, now I won’t tell you where is this bottle. Aarav says you give that bottle to me. She says you can’t harm me, if you try to harm me, all proof against you will reach right place, I can’t kill you, as you are my husband, you can’t kill me as I have proof against you, your real punishment is in staying with me. Aarav kisses her hand and says we will meet on lunch. He smiles and leaves. She thinks where did he go, and calls Siddhant. She could not contact Siddhant.

Aarav reaches Siddhant’s house. Siddhant is shown sitting in the park. Aarav meets Sahil and gives him a gift. Somit helps Siddhant and gives him goons’ pic and address. He says Awasthi Sir is after you, be careful. Siddhant says I know, I m not using my phone so that they should not know my location, I will not let Awasthi get ashamed, I will make these goons admit that Aarav did all this.


Siddhant beats the goons and asks them to admit truth. Aarav gets Sahil home. Aru gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. mayurimalhotra

    Ishita and vatshal look good together….plz writers iss revenge drama ko jaldi khatam karke fresh love story start kro unki..

  2. Haripriyacivil

    Its going crazy yar

  3. priyanka Bhaduri

    both leads looks so nice together…but horrible storyline…but i think they are gonna show that
    kailash is not dead…its a plan of Arav …and there must be some twist and turns

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