Baawre 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Baawre 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh and Yamini being shocked to see Raghavendra. Raghavendra brings his bag and keeps beside Nikumbh. They both look at each other. Raghavendra talks to Yamini and asks whats going on here. Nikumbh says started again. Yamini says nothing dad, like you are thinking. Raghavendra says yes, but tell me whats happening. Yamini says I went for audition and everything what happened there. Raghavendra is shocked and says I can shake the city even being in Lucknow. He says how dare he misbehave with you, I will make them dogs tomorrow. He asks Yamini to go and take the keys of her room and he will talk to Nikumbh alone. She leaves. Yamini stands outside to hear their conversation.

He thanks Nikumbh and says don’t feel much happy by my words. You did now in our hearts by doing this, I know people like you. He insults Nikumbh and Yamini hears them. Raghavendra says nothing changed with this. Nikumbh says fine, we should we careful like you people, as you guy send daughters to a strange place. Yamini leaves. Nikumbh says leave, I want to sleep now. Raghavendra gets angry, takes his bag and walks out of his room.

Its morning, Shaheen has a head ache. Yamini asks where sis they go yesterday. Azam says I will get lemon water for her. Azam does not let Shaheen say anything. They ask Yamini about her audition and her wound. Yamini says nothing. Nikumbh sits quiet. Azam asks why did you come, I mean when did you come, its good to see you. Shaheen greets him. Raghavendra says food morning and takkss to Yamini. Yamini gives ketchup to Nikumbh and he says thanks and takes it.

Shaheen comes to Azam while he is working. She says I m sorry for yesterday. He says its fine, I m really happy seeing your new side, don’t say sorry. He says some poetry written by Nikumbh and she smiles. Tandon comes and apologizes to Yamini. He says the guys did not know you are Lucknow’s big star else this would have not happened. Yamini says it should not happen with any girl. Nikumbh says its good to make mistake and then say sorry. Raghavendra comes and says whats Tandon’s mistake, he came to make everything fine. Tandon says I was going to police station, but Raghavendra stopped me. HE says Nikumbh, control your anger and use your emotions on right place, then you will succeed. He says Yamini sorry once again, good luck for your play.

Raghavendra asks Nikumbh how can he talk like this to Tandon, who is he to talk in between. Yamin says Papa………. He scolds both of them. Raghavendra says you want to ruin Yamini’s career doing this. Nikumbh starts arguing and says you are keen to send her in audition. Raghavendra holds Yamini’s hand and asks her to come. She moves his hand and looks at Nikumbh. She goes for the play and gets ready. Raghavendra is angry and Yamini defends Nikumbh and says you did not talk to him in right way. EH says you got much smart these days, he does not have manners to talk to elders.

He says you are taking his side. She says I m not taking his side but supporting whats right. They ahev an argument over Nikumbh. She says she was alone and anything wrong would have happened with her, he has saved me, and you got angry on him. He says now you will teach me right and wrong. Raghavendra says no one will think good for you, more than me. He asks her to focus on her performance now, and not think of any other thing. He leaves.

Nikumbh asks Yamini is everything ok. She asks jhim what was this way to talk to my dad like this. He says focus on work now, and explains your dad started it. They start arguing again. She says you are my friend. He says I will be happy when you use your mind and talk. The curtain moves and everyone calps for them.

Nikumbh and Yamini’s play starts and they do pretty well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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