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Baawre 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azam telling Yamini that Nikumbh met with an accident. She is shocked and cries asking how did this happen. He says I will message hospital address, come soon. Yamini tells this to Dadi and says she has to go to see Nikumbh, but dad will come, how to go. Dadi asks her to go and not cry. Azam talks to doctor and he says he will be fine soon. Raghavendra comes home and asks about Yamini. Yamini is on the way in her car and cries. He says he needs Yamini’s sign and Dadi gets tensed. He says he will get her signs and goes to her room. He comes and says Yamini……. And sees she is gone. Sona ankhiyon ka angna……………..plays on the radio. He hears the radio playing and gets angry.

Dadi says what happened. He says where is she, I m asking something. Dadi says don’t know, she was practicing here. He says tell me and who was playing the recorder. He says you are lying to me beacsue of her, I can see whats going on, you are supporting her. He calls Yamini’s driver and comes to know where is she. He leaves. Shaheen is worried and in the way too. Yamini comes to the hospital and asks the nurse where is Nikumbh. She gets the ward number and goes to him. She hugs him and asks is he fine. She scolds her for not concentrating while driving. Nikumbh smiles.

Nikumbh says weak people should not love, see you got worried. Azam teases him and leaves. Yamini smiles talking to Nikumbh. He gets romantic. The nurse says you can take him home, sign on orm as his family. Yamini says she will sign it. Nikumbh and Yamini smile. Azam tells Shaheen that Yamini took Nikumbh. Shaheen says listen to me carefully now and is tensed. Raghavendra comes to the hospital. Shaheen meets him and says someone hit her and Azam and he was not hurt, I was hurt. She says Yamini was here. He asks where is she now. She says I sent her to bring my items. She says she went by auto. Shaheen manages it well.

He says he will go home now, everyone is worried. He says take care and take Yamini with you. She thanks him. He leaves. Yamini and Nikumbh come to the haveli. She asks him to take rest and get fine. She says I have to go now, if dad comes before me, it will be a problem, take care, bye. He stares at her and holds her hand. He draws her closer and says don’t go, I feel bad, I feel lonely, its difficult for me. Raghavendra sees Azam and asks whats going on. Azam says its my bike, accident happens, van was very fast. Raghavendr says if he tells this to Shaheen’s dad Munawwar, then you will know. Azam gets tensed. Raghavendra leaves.

Shaheen comes and says Nikumbh is in problem. Azam jokes. She says come with me to haveli fast. They leave. Nikumbh and Yamini are still talking. He says he will love her, and asks her to stay with him forever. Music plays…………… He says we should spend time with each other. She says we can be together in LFW, its matter of few days then I will be with you all 24 hours. He smiles.

Shaheen comes to them and says Dadi called me and told it’s a problem, that your dad was coming to hospital. Shaheen says I spoke to him and said it was my accident. Yamini thanks him. Azam says your Dadi played CD and her lie was caught, she did this to save you, adjust to the situation, don’t say truth. Yamini says fine and leaves. Azam praises Shaheen and dances with her saying welcome back. Nikumbh is worried for Yamini, as she can’t lie. Yamini comes home and Ragavendra confronts her about her lie, she did not inform him. She says I told Dadi. He says but she is lying to me. Yamini says for me, as she knew my friend is in hospital. I went quickly.

He says I know it was Shaheen, can’t you tell me. She says I was tensed and forgot phone at home. He says fine, but don’t do this next time. He says inform me and then go. She says fine. He asks her about her cheque given to someone, why did she take it. She gets tensed. He says answer me, where is the cheque. She does not say anything. He says do as you like and gets annoyed.

He catches Yamini writing poetry and throws the papers. He says I told you not to do this.

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