Baarish 11th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Love Is Complicated

Baarish 11th April 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj doesn’t speak to Gauravi when she walks to him and sleeps on his side of bed. She tries to close window. He gets up and helps her silently. She thanks him. He goes back to bed and sleeps facing his back towards her. She writes a message to Shreya. In the morning during breakfast, she offers him thepla and he says he doesn’t want it. She says he shouldn’t show his anger on food. He says he is not and asks to serve one. She says its okay, he always does whatever he thinks right. Rishi walks to them fuming and yells at Gauravi for messaging Shreya to give Aniket a chance. Gauravi says she was just trying to sort out things. Rishi continues yelling that Shreya is in trouble and they need to give her some space, Anuj should explain this to Gauravi. Anuj says Rishi is right.

Anuj meets Zenia and Sohrab and explains them whole situation. Zenia says Gauravi is a gem of a person and is the best thing ever happened to Anuj till now, he shouldn’t blame her or let her go easily. In the evening, Anuj returns home. Gauravi tells him that he is good son, fatherly figure to his siblings and always is worried about his family, so he shouldn’t be too harsh on himself trying to save relationship; she has decided to leave so that he can take decision easily. He says he will take a right decision and pleads her not to go, but she says its better for them both. He holds her hand and she leaves freeing it. They both in their respective homes remember each other sadly and imagines each other’s presence. Serial’s title track plays in the background.. Aniket seeing Gauravi’s condition apologizes saying her life change because of him. She scolds him not to blame himself.

Out of flashback, lawyer says she trusted him blindly, but he betrayed. She says their love for each other will never die and they both still love each other, which lawyer won’t understand. Back into flashback, Rishi and Padmini walk to Anuj and ask him to stop being devdas for so long and get ready for Mehta Diamond’s annual event as he needs to give promotion to many employees including Gauravi. In the evening, Gauravi gets ready. Aniket asks her to bless him as he got a new job. She prays that Ganapati bappa’s blessings must always be on him. She then heads for annual event and midway taxi breaks down, so she stands on road waiting for another taxi when Anuj stops his car and offers to drop her. She says its okay, she will find taxi. He says she trusted him when they didn’t know each other, now after knowing each other, she should trust him more. She gets into his car and reaches venue. Anuj sits smiling at her while Gauravi also looks at him. Arzoo taunts Gauravi. Rishi asks event manager to make a new girl show stopper. Event starts. Models walk on ramp. Rishi announces to give a round of applause for his family member. Gauravi thinks Shreya has returned, but stands shocked when Rishi calls Asmi.

Precap: No precap.

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