AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 9

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Recap:Avneil went for tour.


Avneil go for enjoying their friendship.Chor Bazari from Love Aaj Kal plays.They covered the every corner of Amritsar.The teacher & gangue seperate.

Meera:Where is Avneil?
Sukanya:They are missing.If Ma’m caught.Then…
Gaurav:Never show it outside.

Avneil came to a place.They stopped at a moment.The college gangue was infront of them.Neil pulled Avni back.He take her to a wall.Avni’s hand was on Neil’s chest & Neil’s hands on Avni’s arms.They looked at teacher.They went away from there.Avneil took a deep breath.They looked eo.They are very close to eo.They took their hands back.

Avni:For What?Come lets go.

They left.Night.Everyone reached at hotel.

Teacher:Go to your rooms & take rest.

They left.


They turned.

Gaurav:Yes Ma’m.
Teacher:Where is Avni & Neil?
Meera:Ma’m they are with us.
Teacher:Don’t lie.I noticed it many times.Where are they?

Aneil came there.

Avneil:Here Ma’m
Teacher:Where were you both?
Neil:We are with you all Ma’m.
Avni:Not fare Ma’m that you didn’t saw us.

Teacher left.Avneil take deep breath.They looked at gangue.They showed angry to Avneil & came near.Avneil feared.Avneil fall on bed.

Gaurav:Where were you both?
Neil:With yo…
Vineeth:Chup…Don’t try to lie ok.
Avni:What lie?
Gaurav:Shut up.You both are not with us this much time.You both & we all know about it.So only truth.
Neil:Ok.We went for an outing.
Meera:Stop.Enough.You both are cheaters.
Sukanya:Always saying friends…we are friends.No..cheaters.

They 4 turned with fake anger.They laughed silently.Avneil was sad.

Neil:Sorry.We did a fault.Please forgive us.
Avni:Guys,you will get another opportunity to be together.But we…can’t..Even we don’t know at which second our friendship will break.Sometimes its our first & last chance to be spend sometimes alone with eo.

The gangue turned.


They all hugged together.

Gaurav:Sorry yaar.

Next day Morning.Avneil went near Teacher.

Neil:Ma’m let us go to Gurudwara…
Avni:Its like temple for Punjabians.Please Ma’m…
Teacher:Ok,But come back fast.
Neil:Ok Ma’m.
Gaurav:Ma’m we also.
Teacher:If body was going the tail must be follow.Ok.Go.
Avni:Thank you so much Ma’m.

They left.They came at Gurudwara.

Avni:Girls,put scarf on head.
Neil:And boys tie kerchief on head.
Neil:If you need to go in you must be…

They went inside & sat.Then made prayer.Then they stood to take rotation.Avni stopped sawing someone there.She looked at him.


The man turned.It is revealed as Aman.A woman was with him.


Neil looked around.

Neil:Where is Avni?Avni….

Neil went in search of Avni.On the other side.
They hugged.They can’t control their tears.They parted.

Avni:Stupid,Why did you ran from home?Whats wrong with Maa-Papa?
Aman:Leave it.Avni,this is my wife Agni.
Avni:She is my Bhabhi.Hai Bhabhi…

They hugged & parted.

Agni:Hai Avni..
Avni:You are my brother.If anyone heared her name.The’ll think she is my sister.
Avni:Neil,see Aman..
Neil:Aman..You here.
Aman:Hai Neil..So now also you are meeting hidely.
Avni:You left us one day.It means we also…Leave it.Come back Aman.Why you are hiding?
Aman:No Avni…I can’t face Maa-Papa.You inform them.Bye.Come Agni…

They left.Avni fall on Neil’s chest.He looked at her & kept her inside his hug.Vineeth came there.

Vineeth:Come lets go.
Neil:You all wait outside.We’ll come.

He left.

Neil:Avni,why you are crying?He must cry for leaving your family.He lossed everything.If he didn’t needs you.So why you..

They parted.

Neil:Cheer up Avni.I need Neil’s Avni back.

Avni nodded yes.They went outside.The gangue was waiting there.

Meera:What happened?
Avni:Nothing a liitle Syappa.Lets go.
Neil:Its my Avni.
Avni:I heard it before.Come.

They left.After sometime infront of hotel.

Teacher:We came here for study tour.But we didn’t study.So now we must do it.Its a survey.I’ll make you 2 members group.You’ll get a paper
it contains 4 columns.You should collect the details of 25 persons from Punjabians.Their name,job,salary,no. of members in home.So get ready.You all must submit before evening.

Teacher created groups.Avneil came together.Everyone parted for survey.After sometime Avneil sat on a Dhaba.

Avni:Its completed.
Neil:But so tired.
Weighter:What do you want Bhai?
Neil:Bhaiya,some water.

Avni was looking something carely.

Avni:You sit here.I’ll be back.
Neil:Where are you going?I’ll come with you.
Avni:No.I’ll take care.
Neil:Thanks Bhaiya…

Neil drank water.Avni came back after sometime.She had something big on hand.

Neil:Where were you?Whats this?

Avni opened the cover.Its a beautiful pic of Avni’s family.

Neil:Wow!its beautiful Avni.Who take this?
Avni:It is not photo.Its drawn.
Neil:What?Really?God.But who?
Avni:I saw Aman.So went near him.Hecgave this.Drawn by Bhabhi.Wait..For you also.

She showed another one.Its Avneil’s.It was written Friends Forever.

Neil:Awsome Avni..Friends Forever.
Avni:I’ll call Maa-Papa.

Avni called & hanged.

Avni:I’am trying from tomorrow.Why they are not taking my calls.Papa & home also.
Neil:Leave it.It will be a surprise.

They smiled.Night.

Teacher:Everyone submitted survey on time & perfect.So now its time to say good bye to Amritsar.We should leave now.Inform at home.We’ll reach early sometimes.
Students:Ok Ma’m.
Teacher:Get ready.

Everyone sat bus.

Teacher:Did everyone came?
Students:Yes Ma’m.
Teacher:So lets go.

The bus moved.Its early morning.

Teacher:Everyone listen.Inform your parents.We’ll reach soon.Told them to come to college.

After sometime.

Neil:Ok Dad.

Neil hanged the phone.He looked at Avni.She looked tensed.

Neil:What happened Avni?
Avni:I didn’t get the phone at home.We are reaching college.What can I do?
Neil:Don’t worry.I’am with you.
Avni:What can you do infront of Dad?
Neil:Thats wright.But don’t worry.Neil never leave Avni.Its my promise.

They looked eo & smiled.Avni lied on Neil’s shoulder & Neil also lied on Avni’s head.
Precap:Avni’s home.Calling bell was heard.

Asha:Avni,look who is that?
Avni:Yes Maa….

Avni opened the door.She become supershocked.Its Neil.He was smiling.


Neil looked inside.Avni turned.She become shocked to see Asha & Ashish infront of her.
After 2 days.Sorry for the delay guys.Hope you all are enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episodes.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting.Keep supporting.

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