AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 12

Recap:Prakash & Neelima invited Avni & family for Neelima’s engagement.


Next day morning 6:00am.Avni’s room.Alarm rang.Avni get up.

Avni:6:00 am..early..,Oh!no wake up early.

She went down halfly closing

Avni:Maa….who corrected alarm?

Avni opened her eyes.

Ashish & Asha:Surprise…,

Parents was hiding behind a bouquet.They take it back.

Ashish & Asha:Happy birthday Avni….

Avni hugged them with smile.They parted.

Avni:Thank you Maa-Papa..Really surprised..Thank you very much.Every year same mode..but it always giving feelig of 1st
Avni:No Maa really.
Ashish:We know..but today.
Avni:Wait..wait..wait..I’ll be back now.

Avni went outside & left with her cycle.

Asha:What matter you came to say?
Ashish:This…Did she not going outside like every year?
Asha:Don’t know where is she going?

Avni came at the 3 way place which Avneil dividing for home.Naksh also came there.They ran & hugged.

Avneil:Happy birthday…..

They parted.

Avni:Happy birthday Neil…
Neil:Happy birthday Avni…

A flower seller gave flower bouquets to them.

Avni:You remembered.ts your brother’s gift.Bye..
Flower Man:Why not?I
He left.Avneil exchanged their bouquet.

Neil:I’am leaving.Bye.
Avni:Bye.I had a surprise for you today.
Neil:What surprise?
Avni:Come home night.I’ll show you…

Avni left.


Avni reached home.

Asha:Where are you going every year?
Avni:A day like this in every year.A bouquet for me every year.From Bhai….
Avni:Yes Papa…Bhai was sending.

Avni went inside.Asha & Ashish was looking at her.At night.Avni’s room.Neil came there.

Neil:Ok.What is the surprise?
Avni:So you came for that.
Neil:No..but yes.Please say..
Avni:I’ll show you.

Avni tied cloth on Neil’s eyes.They came at a room.Avni took cloth from Neil’s eyes.


Lights came.Neil opened his eyes.The room was covered with Avneil’s photographs.The wall was fully pasted by the pic.

Neil:Avni…whats this?Where are we?

Avni opened the door.They came out.The room was behind her cupboard.

Avni:How was it?
Neil:What to say?
Avni:Its our world.Avneil’s..Noone can come between us.
Neil:How did you found this room?
Avni:The room was Grandpa’s working space before.So sometimes.Yesterday I pushed it forcefully because cupboard was not opened.That time it opened.
Neil:God made it for us.

They stood sidehugging.
Precap:A beautifully decorated home with people.Avni hit with a man with flowers.Avni losed her balance.The flowers fly to up.Someone catched her before falling.Its our one & only NEIL.The flowers fall on them.


It was my most favourite scene of TASHAN E ISHQ.Sorry for coping it.Thanks to all those who read,commented & suppored my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Its a happy news for me to share we created a Watsap fc group of AVNEIL in the name AVNEIL-LOVE BEYOND FATE.ZAINA is a member like me.So happy to share.As like always keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

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    Oh barbie me so sad i couldn’t join ur whatsapp group. But fortunately we can talk on wattpad. Please join wattpad soon. And this one was wonderful. But a thing we missed was those AvNeil photos. If telly updates could allow those photos between the ff then i would love to see them. In wattpad this feature is allowed. So another amazing chap just for me. I loved it. Do keep writing like thsi

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  2. Good & interesting story. I often used to read your episodes but I never post any comments. it’s really don’t matter to me, where do you get collected copies for your update? For Neil This is a very beautiful surprise. I am eagerly waiting for your next episode.

    1. r u a boy or a girl ??

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      Thank for your support Barun.I’am also like you first.From a silent reader I reached here.So its not a problem.I wrote it on a book after completing the story.Otherwise I’ll forget.This story is a completed one.This is my 25 th story & the first story which I updated.

  3. lovel episode dear.. where r u from…

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    Neil is always there 4 our avni…. Soooo cute..

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      You helped me Fasy by giving reply to Zenisha.Thanks for your support.Neil is always for Avni.Fasy,you are missing on wtsap.

  6. Can’t wait for another chapter

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