avneil ff: kyun main jaagoon (Episode 11)

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chapter 11
This is my ff, hope you like it.

The lines in black is for what author is saying or describing, ( ) for translation. – – for neel’s pov. # # for avni

Note: guys I am not wrapping up this story, finally. You made me understand that I was being stupid. Thank you so much, and thank you so much for liking my chapters.

Surprise chapter today, I break the surprise, all your questions are being answered here. If I skipped any question, please forgive me and write it again or PM me.


Author’s POV

Bebe shakes him and says “ yaha kyo khada h, chal andar(why standing her, come inside)”

Everyone goes inside, neel goes and sits beside avni on the hospital bed and everyone else surrounds her. Avni looks confuse as she didn’t know why everyone is so happy, doctors has not told her anything yet.

– I think she doesn’t know anything thats why she is not happy rather confused. God knows how she will react after she gets to know.-

# Has kyo rahe h sab(why is everyone laughing), here I am not well and they are laughing at me. Not fair.#

Aru breaks the silence and says “thank you very much chasni”

# Why thank you, what has happened; now I am getting tensed. #

– Dude you should have told her clearly that she is pregnant rather than beating around the bush. –

Avni gets more confused and says “for what”

Everyone laughs lightly, seeing neel also laughing with everyone, avni gets annoys and looks at him and scolds him “why are you laughing, here I am not well and you are laughing at me, shame on you”

– Don’t know what is happening in avni’s mind, I just hope aru doesn’t say anything but aru’s expression are clearly shouting that he will say something which will embarrassed us in front of everyone. –

Aru says “chasni wait, don’t scold him, because of him we are happy, and you will be too”. At this statement of aru, neel gets embarrassed and he looks down at avni’s hands. And everyone has same smile plastered on their face.

– Aru, dude why are you embarrassing me. –

# What is happening, I am getting irritated now. #

Avni says “aru”, demanding explanation.

Aru finally says “chasni you are pregnant”, at this avni’s eyes gets widened, she is blushing too.

– She looks so cute when she blushes. –

She looks at neel and he nods.

# I am pregnant, really, I cant believe it. I am so happy. I cant even express it. So thats why aru said because of him we are happy. Naughty boy;Shameless; He makes us feel so shy. #

Neela says “finally will get to play with my grandchildren”

# Children? it should be child. Or does it mean #

Avni gets more shocked and she says “children?”

Bebe says “ha(yes), twins”

Avni stammers “tw-twins”

# God gave me two presents, I am so happy. #

Before anyone could say more, nurse comes says “patient needs rest, so please leave, and you can take her home after 2 hours”

Amol says “ok”

And everyone goes out, neel too. And avni rests.

# Hearing this good news I get so happy that I forget one important fact. How is this even possible, we never came this close. Wait a minute; yes yes we did, that night. That beautiful night, about which even neel doesn’t know. Oh god, what neel would be thinking about me, that how can get pregnant when we have never taken our relation on next level, whose child is, sorry babies are they, who’s their father. He must be in shock, he would be thinking that I have broken his trust, that I have cheated on him. But he looked calm not shocked or tensed. Is he pretending in front of family or does he really knows about that night. If yes, if he knows then why hasn’t he told me before that he knows. Offo so many questions and only neel can answer them, when we will reach home, I will ask him. There wont be any problem if I have had told him previously. But now what to do, I think nothing except for rest.

I cant even rest, the thoughts of being a mother are making me excited. I want my babies soon with me. When will the time come. I cant wait. #

Everyone waits in the canteen of the hospital. After 2 hours, avni is ready to be discharged. They goes to avni’s room, when they are outside the room, Doctor comes with some papers and hands it over to neel and says “here is the list of do’s and dont’s and a list of things she needs to take with these supplements. Don’t forget anything, now you can take her home. And take care of her and come for check up on time.”

Neel says “yes doctor”

Shweta says “Doctor one more questions”

Doctor says “yes?”

Shweta says “how many weeks”

Doctor says “4”

Shweta says “thank yous”

Doctor nods and goes.

Neel comes to avni’s room and sees her standing with nurse’s support. He goes to her and carries her in bridal style. Avni gets shy and hides her face in his chest, while neel takes her to the car and makes her sit in it, everyone gets in their cars. And they drive for home. When they reaches home, everyone gets out and goes inside, but neel again carries avni and takes her to their room, there he makes her lie on the bed. Neel sits beside her, when he is about to say something, a knock is heard on the door and then door opens and bebe comes with a glass of juice.

Bebe gives the glass to avni and says “pura pelio(finish it)”, she smiles at them and then leaves to give them privacy.

Neel breaks the ice and asks “I have one question”

Avni says “ask”

Neel asks “Avni so what happened that night was not my dream but reality”

# That means neel remembers that night. #

– Of course I do, how can I forget it, be it a dream or reality, it is the best memory. –

Avni blushes and says “of course stupid else how would I have gotten pregnant”

# Pure, complete reality. #

– Oh my darling, this blushing face, so cute, will kill me one day. –

Both reminisces that night’s moments, avni does and neel tries to.


2 day night after her truth has come out in front of neel, when she has herself has told him.

Avni is in the room arranging clothes in the cupboard, thinking when neel will be back from his friend’s bachelor’s night. It was already 1 am. She hears a knock on the door, and she thinks who it will be at this time, maybe neel. She goes to open the door and finds his father in law supporting neel on his feet, while neel is looking totally drunk with a bottle in his hand, she helps her father in law and supports neel and makes him lie on the bed.

Prakash says “take care of him”, she nods in reply and then prakash goes from their room.

Avni turns and gives neel angry looks, while neel gives innocent looks. She again turns and goes toward cupboard to take out some fresh clothes for neel, meanwhile neel gets up and stumbles towards avni with the bottle still in his hand. He stands very close to avni, when avni turns she collides with him and is about to fall when he catches her by waist. Even when he is drunk he cant forget to save avni from any trouble. Neel makes her stand on her feet and walks closer to her and she takes her steps backward. Her back after few steps hits the door of her cupboard and neel pins her there.

Neel’s breath is alcoholic but still intoxicating, and he says “you are looking ravishing”

Avni blushes and stammers “wh-what ne-neel”

Neel says “no more words” and he hugs her tightly and smells her nape of neck.

Avni is feeling electric shocks at neel’s touch, it is not that she is not liking it, infact it is liking it very much, she hugs him back, her hormones are cheating her today, and she is not able to control herself in neel’s arms. Neel suddenly breaks the hug, leaving avni startled. She tries to hug him back but he pushes her and then makes her drink the liquid of the alcoholic bottle. He made her drink all what was left in the bottle, which was around 25% of total. After she has drunk all that, neel again hugs her. After some minutes, avni’s head starts to spin, as she has never been drunk before that. She breaks the hug and starts to touch his face and hair, she starts to act crazy, completely in the hypnosis of alcohol and her neel. Neel puts the bottle down and takes avni’s hand and starts to dance without music, ballroom dance. They are enjoying their closeness; both are meanwhile busy fighting their hormones and inner desires. Avni just wants to kiss neel but neel wants something different, something more.

Neel stops dancing and looks in avni’s eyes, they had long eyelock. Their eyes were talking as if neel’s eyes were saying ‘may I’ , to which avni’s eyes replies, ‘yes’.

Neel then pulls off her nightgown, and then stares her beauty. Avni feels shy and tries to hide herself but neel doesn’t let her, also after few seconds her hormones takes her shyness away. Avni gets lost in neel’s eyes, and her whole control is now in hands of her hidden desires and hormones. Then avni takes off his shirt, in spark of the moment she does that, but now again she feel shy and then hugs him. Neel smiles seeing her act and hugs her, but breaks it soon, to continue the work he has left. Again their hormones gains the control of their bodies and in the heat of moment they get rid of their clothes and then they goes to the bed. Neel kisses her everywhere and avni says his name in pleasure. And after sometime they melts in each other’s arms and becomes one. {Author’s note: here is the role of your imagination}


Neel asks “I have one more question”

Avni says “ask” and drinks her juice.

Neel asks “why did you lie to me the next morning that I was not wearing anything because my clothes were immersed with alcohol, and dad has changed my clothes and that you were sleeping on couch?”

Avni chocks on her juice and neel worries and rubs her back, then gives her water and makes her drink a little.

Neel says “be careful”

Avni says “neel actually at that time, I thought that this marriage is just a deal and after dayawanti Mehta gets the punishment for the sins she has done, then I will leave you and wont force this marriage on you, the marriage I have done by cheat. And if you get to know about that night then you will think that now you have taken my virginity without my consent, you cant leave me alone, being a good man that you are, will keep this marriage. Unwillingly you have to keep this marriage, and I couldn’t have done that neel. For me that was the best memory of my life, and I have thought to love with that throughtout my life. So I cant let that memory became the worst one of your life.”

Neel says “I am sorry that I made you think like that”

Avni says “don’t be sorry, its not your fault”

Neel takes the glass from her hand and puts it on the side table, then he hugs and she hugs him back.


This is my avneil ff. Hope you guys like this, if yes don’t forget to hit the like and comment down below please. Hope you like the surprise.

The password for the forbidden folder was “Mehta”, not anything else because, neel and other beautiful things have came later in her life, while the photoshoot has done long ago. Also she wants nobody to excess that folder so she put the password of something that she hates. In reality people put something they love as password. But since she is neel’s miss ajooba, so she do all the things opposite.

Do you want me to write that night in their individual POV?

Next part of my another FF ‘love, really?’ will come later, some other day, but soon.

Sorry for any grammatical error or any other error.

Thank you for reading

Love you all


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