Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj tells Abhaas that everyone shall wear colourful clothes. Madhuri comes there, Raj appreciates that that they arranged the function well, so they must go to late night show of the movie with mom. Bhawna asks Suket, that he is going to an official party then why this pink shirt. Avni presses Abhaas’ shirt and asks why is he wearing such a vibrant colour. Anjali denies stepping out of house as she is tired. Jashan and Raj insists that jiji wants to watch the movie. At dinner, Bhawna is worried why isn’t everyone finishing the food. Abhaas says that they will feel sleepy in the party at night. Avni whispers to Bhawna that something is wrong. Anjali tells Madhuri that they are arranging Raj’s bachelors party. Madhuri says that this isn’t fair, as they are celebrating alone. Anjali says that they are going to enjoy too. She calls Avni and plans a Hen’s party for the new bride-to-be.

Anjali and Madhuri comes dressed up. Raj asks why have they done so much preparation? Anjali asks is there a dress-code for a movie. They leave. Arpita comes home and asks Bhawna why she cooked food alone. Bhawna says that she has ordered everything from out, as there is a party. Arpita asks that all the men have gone out, Avni says that they are going to do the party.

The men arrive at Raj’s place. Driver tells Raj on phone, that the ladies are celebrating Hen’s party. Raj tells the me about it, while they all get upset and wonders what the ladies must be doing.

Bhawna comes to Avni’s room. She was reluctant to wear the dress Anjali had sent, but Avni says there will only be ladies in the parties. Anjali and Madhuri arrives, they ask about Bhawna. She comes dressed in a frock, and says it feels odd. Anjali says that they will dance, and cut a cake and are going to have much of fun. She asks Avni to turn on the music. They dance, after which Avni cuts the cake. Anjali then announces for some more fun, there is a dancer who gives a performance.

The men arrive at Avni’s house, but there is a bodyguard who says that they can’t go inside as it is only girl’s party. He gets Anjali’s call and tells her that Salsa dancers must be coming anytime. Raj discusses a plan. Suket asks the guard, about his agency. They all pick him up and tie him to the gate. Suket gives him a thumbs up.

Anjali asks Avni why is she lost. Avni says that Raj must be having a lot of fun. Anjali says that we are also doing a lot of fun, Salsa dancers must be here sometime.
The door bell rings, there is a box from which a joker pops out. Anjali scolds that they didn’t called for comedians. The joker makes fun of each other, and says they can dance better that Salsa. Suket heads them, and they enter the house and dance. Avni is stopped by the joker. She tells him to shut up, but he asks is she missing her fiancé. He touches her cheeks, and gets that it is Raj. She says he is right, her fiancé never takes care of her, so they must go and enjoy.

PRECAP: Anjali says that Raj is so mad after Avni that he forgot to enjoy his bachelor’s party even. She gives a flower rope and says that this is a sucide rope of marriage. Avni ties it around Raj’s neck. Bhawna comes there and recalls the real rope during the terrible night in Umad. She drops the tray and shouts. felling down on floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa going somewhere

    1. So true !!!!

  2. I enjoyed this episode….laughed so much. It was good to see the men break loose. Lol

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