Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shanti and Mishra’s video become number 1

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Noorjahan making Inaam’s video while he is dancing. Mirza comes there and asks why she is making video, reminds of yesterday’s lecture to him. Noorjahan says there is a difference and tells that their video got 3500 likes. Mirza is surprised. Sakina comes there and tells Mirza that Shanti threatened Mishra to make similar video like them, else she will go to her mayka. Mirza tells that he will insult him once the video is viral. Mishra comes to the hall and calls Shanti to have tea. He sees brij drinking tea. Brij taunts him. Mishra takes tea cup from Brij and is about to sip. Brij takes his tea cup ad goes. Shanti comes there and asks Mishra if he remembers about making video. Mishra says ok, but he can’t dance. Shanti says I will think how to make video. Later Pappu comes to Mishra and asks if he is staring at the houseflies. Mishra says he is searching of his life’s aim. Pappu asks where is your friend? Mishra says he is unwell at home. Pappu asks him not to lie and tells that the crowd is waiting to welcome Mirza, he has become a big celebrity. Mishra says he is just Mirza and not SRK. Pappu says he has many fan following. Mishra asks who is Gorilla like Bittu? Pappu says he is Bittu only. They go to Bittu. Mishra asks if he has taken sanyas from Politics. Bittu says he is standing here to welcome Mirza. Mishra asks what is his aim? Mirza comes there. Main hun who hero plays….Bittu makes him wear garland and asks the men to claps. Mirza is happy. Bittu insults and asks Mishra to go. Mirza asks Bittu, how he brought the garland for him. Bittu asks him to campaign for him in his videos. Mirza asks for 10000 Rs. Bittu gets upset and refuses.

Shanti tells Paro that she doesn’t get affected in waste things, but people are making videos now. Paro tells that stars stay in her house and tells that Sakina and Mirza’s videos are good. Shanti says your videos are good than Sakina. Paro says don’t know what Sakina think of herself. Shanti says you know my nature, I didn’t take time to change my bindi. Paro praises Shanti and insults Sakina. She then asks for 1000 Rs. Shanti agrees and asks Paro what type of video, she shall make? Paro says romantic video is old and asks her to make video in which she is beating her husband and made him do the household. Shanti agrees and says let Mishra ji come tonight, she will beat him and everyone will appreciate her.

Mirza comes to the room. He finds Sakina covering her head and dancing on the song mere dholna sun….She lifts her veil and laughs. He finds ghost make up on her face and runs out of house. Sakina calls him on video call and tells that it was ghost prank. Mirza says I would have died today. Sakina tells that Paro gave her idea. Mirza says I have some work now and asks her to remove her make up by evening. He thinks he is trapped due to this video and thinks he can’t see Mishra happy, and wants a partner to become martyr with him.

Brij, Noorjahan and the kids dance to make video. Mishra comes home in the evening. Shanti asks why did he come late and tells that Mirza came early and brought some gifts for Sakina and thinks to enquire with Paro. She asks what did I tell you in the morning? He makes an excuse. Shanti says we shall make video. Mishra says in the morning. Shanti says video will be made now and show him video. He asks whose idea is this? Shanti says it is Paro’s idea and says Mirza gave her an idea to act like ghost, but right now she will work on paro’s idea. Mishra says I will see Mirza in the morning. Shanti asks him to bring the bucket and the cloth, and tells that she will start her plan. She brings hunter and beats him. He faints. She changes her bindi and asks him to get up. He gains consciousness and asks if the video is made and faints again. Shanti tells Sakina that she got many comments, views and likes on her video. Sakina says it is our daily work and says you used to dislike it. Shanti says Mirza told me about its benefits. She shows her video and tells that it has broken their record. Sakina says what a big deal? Shanti gets upset. Sakina says you are number 1 today, I might get number 1 next week. Shanti says I have thought of a blasting video. Sakina says lets see and goes. She scolds Mirza and says she will never forgive him. Mirza asks what did I do? Sakina says why did you give suggestion to Shanti and says their video is on number 1? Shanti shows the video. Mirza laughs and says this idea is not mine, I gave her idea to make ghost video. He says Paro gave her idea. Sakina says I will also make the same video with you. Mirza asks don’t you love me? Sakina says you are stealing your sight from me, due to this video. Mirza says I will come in the evening to get beaten. Sakina says ok. Mirza gets tensed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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