Asmaano Per Likha (Introduction)

Manizeh Mehrotra: The female protagonist. A happy-go-lucky girl. Best friend of Arhaan. The only daughter of her parents. She is a college student.
Arhaan Khurana: The male protagonist. Manizeh’s best friend. A college student. Has four brothers. He is the youngest. The most laadla one. ?
Jay Luthra: Family friend’s son of Mehrotras and Khuranas. Currently studying in London.
Madhvi Mehrotra and Arnav Mehrotra: Parents of Manizeh. Love their daughter a lot. Just want that she remains happy.

Shushaank Khurana and Kirti Khurana: Parents of Arhaan. Since he is the youngest so he was loved by everyone in his family. The eldest brother is married and currently living in America with his wife and the rest of two are twins and both of them are studying law in Autralia. So only Arhaan is left with his parents.
Anita Luthra and Anurag Luthra: Parents of Jay. Since he is also the only son so he is also the laadla one.

Additional characters will be there and I’ll introduce them accordingly. Eveyone except few characters are living in Canada. U can imagine anyone under these characters.
So these were some of the characters which I introduced. Hope u guys like the story.
Thankyou. ❤

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      Actually, it got published in the fan fiction section due to guidliness. You can check out there.

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