Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 34

Precap: charu freed Kaurvaki, causing ashok to send his men’s after her. Ahankara informs ashok that sushim and his brothers killed Dharma, and planned on killing mahendra, upset ashok threatens sushim life. Sushim unafazed, told ashok about his own doing, and told him, who he will save, his wife or friend kaurvaki. Now let’s continue

Chapter 34

A men is seen running through the village. He turn back to make sure he wasn’t being followed. He frown seeing ashok, and quickly speed up while throwing things. Ashok calmly jump down from his horse, and starts to walk. The people seeing him move away, While whispering amongst one another. Some quickly run into their house afraid.

Two month ago

Ashok galop with his horse, on his way to uujaini. He hope Acharya found a different way to get their. The more he ride the more his anger was building up. ” if anything happen to them, sushim will pay” he says, ashok stops when he heard a noise. He quietly stop his horse, and look around. ” whose out their” he says . When no one answer he took his sword out, ashok swiftly Dodge an arrow that was aim to his back..

He jump down, and tap his horse to hide. He Bend down an grab the arrow, observing it. ” these are poison arrow. Who ever it is is trying to kill me”, when he said this he heard another sound. Ashok jump to the side and cut the arrow. ” I can’t see them, but if I can just hear their foot steps then I can kill them.” Suddenly it starts to rain. Ashok smile and thank his mom.

He quickly made himself a bow, and use the same arrow they aimed at him. He silently waited for the next move, ” their” he says aiming to his right and shoot. The person fell to the clearing, making ashok run to him and grab his bow an arrow. He bends down on one knee, and aim when he saw a men on the tree. Soon arrow starts flying, ashok was able to Dodge some, he use the other guys dead body as a shield.

When the arrow stops, he aim killing them all. He unshed his sword, and whistle calling his horse. When it arrive, he jumps on and continue his journey.

Meanwhile, Kaurvaki whole body ache, it still wasn’t healed from ashok torcher. She should be angry at him, for not believing her, but she was more hurt that he lied. He had a life this whole time, and she was just the joke. The only one living in fantasy land. She fell down when she loose a step, falling in the mud. She was going to rest their when she heard soldiers coming. ” don’t tell me ashok called his men to come after me” , she got up, and starts to quick walk.

She was tired yes, she didn’t think she could fight for long. She didn’t have a weapon with her. She wonder how she will fight them off. Suddenly she remembered, what her teacher told her.


Kaurvaki and chanda we’re in the castle. Chanda says they will train today, Kaurvaki surprise told her she left her sword. Chanda told her their training is something different.

” different like how?”

” I will teach you how to make a new weapon quickly while in danger”

” and what is that weapon?”

” an Axe” she says

Kaurvaki didn’t know what that is ” what is an axssh?”.

” while traveling, a foreign men showed and taught me how to make and use it.” She sat down and told Kaurvaki to sit.

Little Kaurvaki was now curious. Chanda laugh seeing her eagerness, she told Kaurvaki to get ready.

End of flash back

Kaurvaki could still hear her teacher voice. She quickly cut a branch. She wasn’t planning on making a short one. No she was going to make a long one. She chop how long she wanted, and chop another to make two. Then she scrap the bark off with her knife then she tap the branch to make a handle. She quicken her pace when, she heard them coming near.

She tried remembering the next step, ” what was it” she says thinking hard, she quickly got it, and made a whole to put the rock inside, then she stuck a rock inside and hit it on the floor to make it stick. Kaurvaki use a rope to tighten the rock, she touch the rock to make sure it was sharp, before standing up. She twirl the axe like a sword testing it’s weight. ” this should knock them out cold” she says

When they enter the clearing, she prepare herself. The men quickly attack. Kaurvaki Dodge, and kick a men that was coming near. She swung one of the axe, causing it to hit one soldier in the forehead. The men fell down, but Kaurvaki waisted no time. She use the other axe to defend herself, jabbing another on his knees, broken his bones. The last one swung, and she Dodge doing a cartwheel.

She ran and grab her other axe before turning and double hit the men on his side. Cracking his bones. Now out of breath Kaurvaki continues to run. She was unaware of sushim and his other men’s heading towards her. She quickly ran through the forest, making turns.

Elsewhere, when ashok reached uujaini he enters the house, calling Devi and acharya. Acharya came down confuse ” ashok?, I thought you won’t be back for a while”

” is Devi and mahendra OK”

” yeah their sleeping ”

When he said this ashok was confuse. He walk up the stairs and enter his room. He watch Devi and his son sleep, they weren’t injured or anything. He sigh with relief before stepping out. Acharya asks what was going on, and ashok explain everything.

” it makes no sense that they would tell you this. Why do you think they would lie…. Unless it’s a diversion, but for what?!”

Ashok thought about it, and recall sushim words. He suddenly starts to shake, ” Kaurvaki”

” Kaurvaki? Wait…kalinga princess, why would they attack her”

” I don’t know, but if anything happen to her, sushim will know why I am chand” he says stepping out the house.

Acharya told him to be safe, before he gallop on his horse. Ashok would be lying if he told you he knew where she was. He tried to think what other safe place Kaurvaki would go bear uujaini. ” her mentor ” , determine, he race to Chanda house, when he got their, Chanda told him she hasn’t seen Kaurvaki. She asks if Kaurvaki was in trouble, ashok nod.

Chanda saYs she was coming. Ashok refuse saying it’s best for her to stay. Chanda asks ashok if he thinks she’s incapable of fighting. Ashok stayed quiet. He told her he was leaving, Chanda grab her cane and hits ashok at the back of his head. Ashok surprise, look at her. Chanda stubbornly walk pass him, ” I’m coming and that’s final”

Ashok, chuckle. ” she is definetly Kaurvaki dadi ”

While they we’re going, Chanda asks ashok who he was. Ashok says he is Kaurvaki childhood friend ashok. Chanda says in head, so this is ashok. Kaurvaki has a good taste, I will tease her about him later. She suddenly remember the reason Kaurvaki was so heart broken. Chanda got mad, she hits ashok on the back of his head, causing ashok to glare at her. She told ashok to pay attention ahead, ignoring ashok mumbles.

Ashok hope Kaurvaki is alright, his heart was hammering. And his skin was feeling cold. He knew something wasn’t right, or something was about to happen.

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