Ashoka The Great (FanFiction) Chapter 10

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Here is Chapter 10

Radhagupta’s Chamber

Ashoka entered Radhagupta’s Chamber.

Ashoka : Pranam Acharya.

Radhagupta : Kalyan Namastu Putra.

Ashoka : We have got double success Acharya I got victory in Takshshila & Rajmata Helena is arrested as well.

Radhagupta : She is not the only one there are Four more left to be punished.

Ashoka : Four ? No Three Acharya Sushim , Charumitra & Khallatak .

Radhagupta : Siamak is also there Ashoka he can’t be counted as a friend.

Ashoka : But I have full faith in him.

Radhagupta : Never keep faith in a Unani.

Ashoka : Unani ?

Acharya : Have you ever thought why Rani Noor was seen with Rajkumar Justin manier times ? Why Rajmata had so much sympathy for him ? When she once wanted to kill us all including him.

Ashoka(And it clicked Ashoka) : You are saying he is Son of Rajkumar Justin & Rani Noor.

Radhagupta : You are right that’s why Rajmata was supporting him you have to be very careful with him.

Ashoka : I will keep it in my mind not to share important information with him. Acharya I want the best of our spies for a meeting tonight . We have to strenghten our spy network.

Radhagupta : I will make the arrangements Ashoka for the same.

Ashoka : Now we should leave for RajSabha Pitaji is waiting .

RajSabha Hall

All the members of Royal Family were present in RajSabha.

Ashoka entered with Acharya Radhagupta.

Bindusara : Come son we were waiting for you. Bring Helena.

Helena was brought in by soldiers.

Bindusara : Ashoka I give you the right to punish Helena as the traitor of Magadh.

Ashoka : There is only one punishment & that is death sentence.

Bindusara : It’s done Helena will be hanged to death tomorrow morning before sunrise.

Helena : You can give me death sentence Bindusara but my father will take my revenge.

Ashoka : Your father has fled to Unan with his soldiers he will never save you. He always used you as a bait in front of all his enemies.

Helena was shocked.

Bindusara : Take her away.

Ashoka : Pitaji Maharaj I have to talk about something important to you.

Bindusara : Tell me Putra what is it ?

Ashoka : I want to talk to you in Private.

Bindusara : Let’s go then.

Ashoka & Bindusara left the Rajsabha & everyone followed suit except Sushim & Co.

Sushim : Now what will this Tuchprani talk about ?

Charumitra : We will soon know.

Bindusara’s Private Chamber

Bindusara : What is it Ashoka that you want to talk in private ?

Ashoka : PitaJi Maharaj I am requesting you to send RajKumari Ahankara away from Patliputra.

Bindusara was a little shocked.

Bindusara : But why this sudden request ?

Ashoka : It’s for her & her brother’s sake. She will not be safe here nor in palace nor outside the palace.

Bindusara : Sushim will not do anything till I am here .

Ashoka : I am sorry Pitaji but I can’t trust Sushim & also the people still hate her as she is daughter of traitors no one will accept them so it would be better if they will be away from here.

Bindusara : But where will I send her Ujjain?

Ashoka : No Pitaji you can send them to there Maternal Home Asandh.

Bindusara : Yes it would be better. I will send a message to Raja Parvateshwar & his wife Anandmayi who are Maternal Grandparents of Ahankara & her Brother.

Ashoka : Pitaji it would be better if someone talk to Rajkumari Ahankra about this.

Bindusara (Smiling) : It would be better if you talk to her.

Ashoka : But why me ? You can send Ma also.

Bindusara : I am sure she will listen to you & then Ashoka understood nothing can be hidden from a Father & Samrat.


Ahankara’ Chamber

Ahankara made her brother sleep he was almost 8 months now.

Someone knocked on the door. She turned towards the door her Prince charming was waiting for her she smiled at him but Ashoka didn’t returned the smile.

Ahankara knew it was something serious. Ashoka came inside.

Ashoka : Ahankara I want to talk to you about your new home.

Ahankara : Oh ! (with a unhappy feeling) Is it ready ? When will I shift there.

Ashoka : Well no it’s not ready Pitaji has stopped the construction work of the palace which was to be prepared for you & your brother.

Ahankara : But why ? Are you saying that I will stay here only. (She felt some happiness at the thought of staying near to Ashoka)

Ashoka : No you are going back to Asandh at your Maternal Home.

Ahankara was shocked the happiness she felt a few seconds back evaporated as fast as water in sunlight.

Ahankara : But Ashoka why so suddenly Samrat is sending me there ?

Ashoka : You don’t belong here Ahankara & it would be save for you as well as your brother.

Ahankara : So you persuaded Samrat to send me there.

Ashoka : Yes I did .

Ahankara : Then what about us ? I thought you have started liking me.

Ashoka : What about us ? I have already told you I consider you as a friend only then why are you making it difficult for me as well as yourself.

Ahankara : What about me ? I love you . How will I live without you ?

Ashoka : Ahankara I would have married you we would have lived like friends for whole of our life but Magadh is not save for you. Sushim will always try to harm you & citizens will never accept you as they think you are daughter of traitors.

Ahankara embraced Ashoka shocking him & started crying keeping her head on his chest.

Ahankara : Please Ashoka don’t leave me Please.

Ashoka : Ahankara please try to understand it will never be safe for you here & I can’t protect you always.

Whatsoever Ashoka said she was unconsolable. Finally Ashoka decided to take this step.

Ashoka : Ok Ahankara please stop crying I will marry you but not now but one day I promise i will marry you.

Ahankara was a little happy.

Ahankara : Don’t break your promise ever Ashoka.

Ashoka : I will never break my promise.

Ashoka lifted her in his arms & made her lay on the bed besider her brother.

Ashoka : Now sleep .

Ashoka was about to go but Ahankara held his hand.

Ahankara : Please stay with me till I sleep.

Ashoka : Ok.

Ashoka sat on a stool beside her & she held his hand. After sometime she slept. Just then Abhimanyu entered the Chamber & saw Ahankara sleeping and Ashoka’s hand in her.

Ashoka turned towards Abhimanyu.

Abhimayu : Sorry to disturb you Bhrata but Acharya Radhagupta is waiting for you.

Ashoka : Ok so let’s go.

Ashoka & Abhimanyu left the Chamber.

Abhimanyu : So you told her ?

Ashoka : Yes I did.

Abhimanyu : She cried a lot I think.

Ashoka : Yes she did.

Abhimanyu : You did this for her but she will never be happy without you.

Ashoka : But I don’t love her & I promised her I will marry her one day.

Abhimanyu : You will right ?

Ashoka : Yes I will.

Acharya Radhagupta’s Chamber

All the trusted spies of Radhagupta were waiting for Ashoka. Nayak was also there he is being appointed as Senapati of Magadh.

Ashoka : So all are here I want to assign you all duties for the next few years which is very important for the dream of Akhand Bharat.

Radhagupta : Ashoka this is Revata (pointing to a man in his early 20s). He is the best spy he can diguise himself in many ways & can speak different languages as well.

Revata : Pranipat Rajkumar.

Ashoka : So Revata I have the most important Task for you. You have to keep an eye on Sushim everytime, every hour , every minute & report to me at the end of each day. It also cover’s Maharani Charumitra & Mahamatya Khallatak as they plan everything together.

Revata : I will not disappoint you Rajkumar.

Radhagupta introduced him to few more important spies.

Ashoka : Satyavat you will follow Rajkumar Siamak round the clock.

Satyavat : Ji Rajkumar.

Ashoka : Roshini you will take care of other rani’s who will be arriving soon with thier son’s.

Roshini : Ji Rajkumar.

Ashoka : Sela , Bhadra , Cheteshwar , Vasudev you will follow my other brothers who will be arriving shortly.

Ashoka gave some more work to spies & then left for his chamber.

Before Sunrise the next day Helena was hanged to death.

Ahankara left with her brother to Asandh. She left without meeting Ashoka . Sushim was angry as he was not able to take his revenge from Ahankara.

Only Abhimanyu knew what happened in Ahankara’s Chamber between Ashoka & Ahankara.


Ashoka was standing in front of window watching the beautiful sunset.

Ashoka(Monologue) : Today I take the oath that I will become ”Chakravarti Samrat Ashoka” & I will make true the dream of Pitamah Chandragupta Maurya & Acharya Chanakya’s UNITED INDIA.

To be continued……………..

Last chapter before leap. Now i will try to show the real facts from the life of Ashoka The Great.

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