Ashoka Devi (ASVI) ( Episode 13)

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Recap: Ashoka and Devi return from the market and Dhani is about to ask something to Ashoka…


Ashoka: Yes pls

Dhani: Will u marry my daughter?

Everyone in SHOCK!!!!

Dhani: Beta I feel u are a good person and u can keep my daughter safe and happy… moreover u two have become very close friends in just a few days and u respect Devi a lot…. What does a father want more for his daughter’s husband!!!

Ashoka: Dhani ji…

All keen to know Ashoka’s answer as both Acharya RG and Dhruv have a doubt that he loves Devi and through Ashoka’s answer they will confirm about it whereas Devi still lost in her own thoughts and has no idea regarding what Dhani has asked Ashoka.

Dhani: Haa bolo beta…if you don’t want to then its alright, I won’t force you.

Ashoka: Wo baat ye hai ki…. I think we should wait for…

Dhani, Acharya RG, Dhruv (together): For what???

Ashoka: For Rajkumar Ashoka to meet her and hear his thoughts regarding his marriage with Devi.

Dhani: Dekho beta…I am serious regarding this matter and I know that its never going to happen but Rajkumar Ashoka na hi sahi ye wala Ashoka hi agar meri beti ka pati ban jaye[if not Rajkumar Ashoka but if this Ashoka becomes my son-in-law], I will be the happiest.

Devi: Haaann…[yessss]

Everyone look towards Devi and think that Devi said yes for the marriage but actually she was lost in her own thoughts and knows nothing regarding the current conversation.

Devi: Ab samajh me aya[Now I got to know]! Suchetna is a princess right? And she must have got married to some prince and that’s why she isn’t with you…Right?

Acharya RG, Dhruv: SUCHETNA!!!

Acharya RG: Who’s she? I have never heard her name! Who’s Suchetna Ashoka?

Devi: Never heard? Why? You guys are close friends right? Then why didn’t you tell them about her Ashoka? Aisa kya rishta tha tumhara usse ki tumne uske baare me inse chhupaya?[What relation did you had with her that you had to hide it from them] You and Suchetna were just friends that’s what you said but then why did you hide it from them? (Devi felt insecure as she doubted that Ashoka loved Suchetna)

Acharya RG: Haan Ashoka…who’s she? tell us!

Ashoka: Ohhh god!!! Actually there is no one called Suchetna in my life, I just teased Devi with just a random name. And Devi, all this time you were thinking and making theories about who she is?! OMG!

Dhani also thought that Suchetna must be Ashoka’s lover after he heard her name and became a bit sad that his chance of getting the best son-in-law would be lost but after hearing Ashoka’s reply he was happy again.

Devi was also happy to know that there’s no one named Suchetna and just then another thought came to her mind which made her blush…

Devi(in her thoughts): If there’s no one named Suchetna then that means all those words he said and the hug was meant for me! And not anyone else!

Ashoka: Devi? Devi!!! Now what are you thinking and researching about?

Devi: Aaaa…no…nothing (and smiled again)

Ashoka: You sure?

Devi: Hmmm ya…Ok lets go inside and get ready for lunch…Pitaji…come

Everyone goes to their respective rooms and Devi and Dhani went to the kitchen

Ashoka(in his own thoughts): Thank god Devi deviated the topic…I’m such a mad person! I just don’t have control on my words or maybe my heart…..

{ Tum hi toh mere the….tum hi toh mere ho….tum rehna mere sadaaa plays}

Devi is lost in her thoughts cherishing her memories with Ashoka and same is the situation of Ashoka

Dhani: Beti…what do you think of Ashoka? How is he to you?

Devi while being lost in her thoughts: The best man in this world. A person who is just perfect. A person who cares for everyone. A person who respects women. A person who fights against evils without thinking about himself. A person who is just too pure. Ashoka….(she blushes and then comes to sense)

Devi: What? What did you ask Pitaji?

Dhani smiles: I have heard the answer to my question. (Dhani got a big hint that she has fell in love with Ashoka and he is happy to know that)

Devi: What? Which question? What did you ask? What did I answer?

Dhani: Beti…your heart made you say everything what was in your heart but you didn’t realise what you said because your brain doesn’t know what your heart knows.

Devi: What Pitaji?! What are you talking about heart, brain, liver, kidney?! I couldn’t understand a single line! (she gets back to work)

Dhani smiles…

Dhani and Devi serve the lunch to Acharya RG, Dhruv and Ashoka while serving food to Ashoka both Devi and Ashoka blushed. This was noticed by the other three.

During the whole lunch time both Ashoka and Devi looked towards each other in small intervals and whenever they had an eye contact, they got embarrassed and blushed.

After lunch all went for a nap but Devi and Ashoka couldn’t stop thinking about each other and their moments.

It was evening time and Ashoka decorated the whole house with flowers and diyas.

Dhani: Arreee….who did all these decorations and for what?

Devi also came and was mesmerised with the decorations as the house was decorated with her favourite flowers and she just loved the decoration way too much.

Dhruv came saying: Who else can decorate it for Devi’s birthday celebrations other than our lover boy Ashoka! (Dhruv tried to tease Ashoka and Devi by calling him a “lover boy” but it was a fail because none paid attention to his words other than Dhani who was happy to know that maybe Ashoka too loves Devi)

Devi was too happy to know that Ashoka did all those decorations for her and now her eyes were searching Ashoka everywhere.

Devi: Really? Ashoka did all these? For me? But where is he?

Ashoka: Yes my princess…I did all these for YOU!

Devi was over excited to see Ashoka and she just went and hugged him tightly.

Devi while hugging: Bohot bohot Shukriya [ Thank you so so much] Its beautiful!

Ashoka: Not more than you.

Devi and Ashoka break the hug and both feel embarrassed. They deviated the topic but by this time Dhani and Dhruv got to know that both loved each other a lot but its just that they themselves have not realised it yet.

The rest of the evening passed by talking in the meantime Ashoka got up suddenly and headed towards the kitchen. Devi wanted to go with him as she just wanted to stay with him all the time, spend time with him and know about his choices. Then Ashoka came with a bowl of kheer which he had cooked by himself for Devi. And Devi was so happy that she just snatched the bowl from Ashoka and put the hot kheer into her mouth and just then her throat got burnt. Ashoka and all others got worried and Ashoka quickly brought cold water for her to drink and ran for bringing a vaid. As she was in pain, Ashoka also felt her pain. He just ran around searching for a vaid and finally found one. The vaid gave Devi the required medicines and Ashoka quickly prepared the medicines and gave it to Devi. Dhani was pleased to see all these and was contempt that her daughter will be happy and safe with Ashoka forever and he planned that now he will make them realise their love for each other.


Precap: Ashoka takes care of Devi.

So guys what do you think, what will Dhani ji do to make them realise their love for each other?

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