Arrange Marriage…. Naaahhhhh

Arrange Marriage… naaahhhhh…

hii frnzz.. its my first fan fiction.. actually its not based on any serials its jst a story… hope u ol lyk it… an plzz do comment whther u lyk it or not…

a girl name Mayra she,s 22.. cute naughty bubbly she just completed her graduation from delhi… belongs from a middle class family… she lives wid her dad(Mr. Sharma), mumma(Mrs. Sharma), 2 big brother(Manas and Vicky). She,s apple of their eye.
Boy, our Hero he is 27, his name is ……. he is tall,good built, sensible, handsome a perfect guy. he has his own restaurant in london.. his mum n dad (mr & Mrs. Mehra)lives in delhi.
As Mayra completed her education now her parents want her to get married as typical middle class families… though they never stopped her from doing anything dey always support her and give her all her freedom but now dey want her to settle as per them its high time now.
Mayra,s home(at breakfast table)
Mr. Sharma: Mayra, v want to tok to u about something
Mayra: no dad not marriage please i am not yet ready
Mrs. Sharma: i got married wen i was only 18 u are ready u r just making excuses.
Mayra look towards her big brothers for some help
Manas: sorry babu but v r wid papa in dis.. guy is gud fr u.. just meet him once if u don,t lyk him v will not tok bout it again
Mayra look at all of dem and smile and said: okay but if i don,t lyk him den it will stop here only.
all smile
Mr. Sharma: Don,t worry beta, v searched a best one for u dat can take care of our lil princess lyk his queen.
Mayra smile and said: dats okay… but if he ask for dowry… den i,ll show him my sandal..
all laugh…
Mrs. Sharma: for dat u r very ready haahhhh… (pulls her ears lovingly n kiss her cheek)
Mr. Sharma: okay den i,ll tok to pandit g and will fix meeting for next week… Boy stays in London he is coming india next week
Mayra: London (she roll her eyes) soo farr… i don,t wanna go… no no no
Everyone laugh seeing her expressions.
Next week, Nikhils house
Mr. Mehra to Mrs. Mehra: C.mon fast.. Nikhil,s flight will land in half an hour
Mrs. Mehra: ohhh its really late i am coming
before dey can proceed dere,s already some one standing in front of them… its our Hero Nikhil…
Nikhil: i am here no need to go any where, i want to giv u two a surprise… (hugs his father n mother)
Dinner Table
Mr. Mehra: Nikhil tomorrow v r goin to meet Mr. Sharma and his family. U remembered i told u bout them
Nikhil: Dad i hav just arrived let me relax.
Mrs.Mehra: u are here only for a month.. v hav selected around 20 girls for u… v won,t let u go widout getting u married ds tym
Nikhil: 20(coughs)… Mom again marriage… 20 girls.. dat means i hav to reject 19 girls… c,mon mom.. think how dey,ll feel
Mr.Mehra: i knew u,ll say something lyk dat… dats y firstv r goin to meet Mr.sharma,s daughter… urs kundli also matched wid her 34 qualities matched… look its her pic
Nikhil: wat ds kundli n ol dad… i dnt wanna see pic.. i,ll meet her tomorrow only no pic
Nikhil den went to sleep
Mrs. Mehra came to his room: here,s d pic of d gal… see if u want to otherwise tomorrow v r meeting her
Nikhil sighs.. n wishes her maa goodnight.

Everyone at Mayra,s home preparing to welcome Mehra,s and Mayra,s best frn Saumya geeting her ready. Nikhil and Mayra toking alone… Nikhil: okay den i,ll say no to my parents and u to urs.

  1. Really gud epi…waiting for nxt epi..plzzz update asap

    1. Thank u… I have already updated d 2nd episode… Plzz hav a look

  2. It is interesting.. Update soon..

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  7. Awesome start…loved it…keep it up. Love you loads

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