Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 15

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Dadi: Ragini, Ragini.

All come to hall hearing dadi’s voice.

Rag: ji dadi.?

She throws photos Infront of her. All gets shocked. All were scared of her.

Dadi: Wats this? Don’t u know u r married? Still these all things?

Rag nervously: sry dadi ji. Vo actually I met my frnd after long time. So I…

San: no need to lie Ragini. Dadi I told her to wear this. There’s nothing wrong in this.

Dadi: sanskar. Don’t cross limits. She’s DIL of this home. Wat people will think.
Stay in limits.

She goes to her room in anger. Tears were rolling from Ragini’s eyes. Ap and Sujata console her.

In ragsan room
Ragini saw sanskar sitting quietly. She goes near him. She gets tensed and started crying seeing tears in his eyes. She wiped it.

Rag: y r u crying?

San: first Tel me y r u crying?

Rag: I can’t see tears in ur eyes.

San: then how can I see tears in ur eyes?

He wiped her tears. She stares at him.

Rag: u r not crying?

San: no. These r water drops.

Rag: y u did this?

San: to Tel u that if u cry then how can I b normal? And if I too cry then who’ll take care of u?

Rag: m sry. Coz of me dadi scolded u.

She bends her head down.

San: really? But she’s scolded u also na. Then m also sry. Hisab barabar. Ok? Now smile.

He smiles to make her smile. She too smiles.

Rag: thanku so much.

San: remember one thing. U no need to sacrifice anything. M with u. Ok?

She nods.

San: it’s too late. Let’s sleep now.

Both sleep.

At midnight sanskar woke up and goes near window. He saw someone sitting on chair in lawn. He goes there and sits on his knees Infront of that person.

San: m sry dadi. Forgive me pls.

It’s dadi. She was sitting quietly.

Dadi: u did whatever u want. Then y r u asking forgiveness?

San: dadi. How can I get sleep by hurting u. I know u r hurt. But dadi Ragini is my responsibility. She came leaving everyone and accepted everybody in our home. Can’t I do a small thing also for her happiness? U only taught me to keep everyone happy.

Dadi smiles little bit.

Dadi: I thought I lost my grandson. It’s ok beta. Go and sleep. M also going.

San: thanku dadi. GN.

He comes to his room and saw Ragini standing and glaring at him.

San: when u woke up? It’s midnight still.

Rag: that’s m also asking. Still it’s midnight. Y u woke up?

San: vo.. vo.. dadi…

Rag: udhar dadi ko maska lagaya aur idhar mujhe?

San: no Ragini u r misunderstanding.

He stammers. Ragini starts laughing.

San gets confused.

Rag: u thought I got angry if u spoke with dadi ji? Even I wanted same. But before I cud Tel u asked sry to dadi ji.m happy that she’s not angry on us. Thanku.

She hugs him. He too hugs her.

San says in mind: I want all to b happy. Specially I never want u to feel alone or uncomfortable. I can’t see u upset. I’ll try to become best husband. I love u so much.

Rag in mind: thanku sanskar. For me u spoke against dadi ji. Next time it won’t happen. I’ll keep in mind. I’ll full fill my promises that I made during our marriage. I wud try to become perfect wife and DIL. Love you so much.

Hope you liked it.

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