Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 21

The episode starts with Vansh hugging Ridhima before leaving for the airport. He bends down and come closer to her belly and murmur something. Ridhima ask him what he is doing, our baby is still very small, he can’t even hear you. Vansh says maybe, but he can feel us, right? Moreover, it’s between me and my baby, mama is not allowed to interfere. He kisses her belly. He takes his leave from there. Ridhima touches her stomach and says your dad will be back soon, don’t worry. Door knocks, she thought its Vansh as he probably missed something, but when she opens the door, she saw Kabir standing there. She gets surprised to see him standing and ask him to please come inside. He come inside and looks around; he says where is our majnu? Ridhima says he left for the airport just now as he has some urgent meeting there to attend. Kabir says your husband is very strange, he called me and asked me to come here, now he left for the airport without seeing me. He gets the text message from Vansh. Vansh in text said “for a week now she is your responsibility” after me I can only trust you with her safety. You have to take care of her and my child, RSVP- Chachu g (Uncle).

Kabir says to Ridhima, I know our relationship is different now and we have some boundaries, but we can still be friends, right? Ridhima nodes, of course we are friends. Kabir says then as a friend we can take selfies too, right. He takes his phone and clicks some random selfies of both of them. He then sends those pics to Vansh who is already board the plane. He sees the pics and text where Kabir said “see, I am already taking a very good care of my Bhabhi g (SIL). Vansh smiles and sends Kabir some pics. He wrote that, even I have something to show Ridhima, childhood pics of our so-called superstar, who dressed like a girl in his birthday party because he liked to wear dresses instead of boy’s clothing’s. Kabir switches off the cell and thinks no no no, Vansh won’t send my pics to Ridhima, he is good friend. Ridhima phone rings. She was about to see her phone but Kabir snatches it from her and she looks on. She says what happened, why are you behaving like a child. Kabir says it’s nothing, probably my manager texted you as I switched off my cell and she knows that I am meeting with you. It’s not important I should cut it. But he sees Vansh texted “I knew it you will won’t let her see my text” don’t worry I won’t cross my line if you won’t too.

After 1 week, Ridhima gets a text from Vansh that his flight is delayed for 1 day and now he will come back tomorrow. She says to her baby, your dad will come tomorrow, I know you misses him, even I do but he also has to manage his work, dad is doing all this for giving us comfortable life. We should so something for his welcome, right. She calls her manager so that they both can go for some shopping. After few hours they were doing their shopping. Riyan calls Ridhima and ask him does sir came back from the airport? Ridhima said but he is going to come back tomorrow, he texted me and informed me. Riyan says that was his surprise for you, he was thinking to give you surprise by coming back early. His flight was supposed to land till now but I heard on news that due to bad weather, some flights are delayed and still don’t able to land properly. I am afraid it’s one of the flights in which Vansh is travelling g, Ridhima gets tensed after hearing the news. She tries to call him but it’s still switches off. She rushes to the airport with her manager. She meets Riyan there, Riyan says I asked the staff here, they said it’s the same flight in which sir is travelling. Ridhima gets dizzy after hearing this. On the other hand, Vansh is in plane where cabin staff announces that due to bad weather, we are facing difficulty to land our flight, in the mean time you may face turbulence so it’s our request to tightens-up your seat belts and hold the seats tightly. Vansh takes out the ring he brought for Ridhima. He thought I was hoping to propose you today, but don’t know, now it will be possible or not. But I will not lose hope, I won’t leave you alone in this world, I promise. On the other side, Ridhima is praying for his safe landing. Suddenly she hears the announcement that weather is getting better and soon flights will be land safely. Vansh hears the announcement given on plane too and smiles and says love I am coming to you.

Precap- Vansh and Ridhima sees each other, Ridhima runs towards him and hugges him. Vansh proposes her at the airport in front of all the passengers and staff.

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