Are you awaiting Heer-Virat’s union in Shakti?

Colors’ Shakti’s current story line brings the heartbreaking tale of Heer and Virat’s forced separation. Heer’s family is aware of the fact that Heer is a kinner, but they aren’t able to tell the truth to anyone. Heer isn’t known to this bitter truth. Even if she is exposed to this truth, she isn’t ready to accept it. Preeto has always made sure that Heer never learns the true identity. This is the only difference in Heer and Soumya’s story. Soumya was always known as a kinner, right from her childhood. Soumya was condemned by her father itself. Heer isn’t prepared to deal with the kinner identity, just like Virat, who can’t stand a group of kinners passing by.

Virat thinks Heer is a normal girl and falls for her beauty and heart. He loves her madly. He is ready to do anything to get her love. He becomes a crazy lover, who can tolerate the people pelting stones at him. He also bears Singh family’s hatred. Even his family wants him to stop insulting them. Virat and Heer’s love story gets stronger with time, as they fight with the problems written in their fate. Their union seems impossible. The lovers make many attempts to get together. Are you awaiting Heer-Virat’s union in Shakti? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Pls change the actor playing role of Heer.
    She is just overacting and over dramatic for this role. No match to Soumya..

  2. Virat also looks lalluram…

  3. Alister La Frenais

    Just a recycled version of Soumya and Harman’s love story. From the few episodes already aired the show is looking stale, with the same old plots and villains. The producers should take pity on the viewing public and cancel this show. If this is not feasible, then for goodness sake introduce a new outlook to the story. Let Heer be told of her gender, let Virat hate Heer with a passion and then reintroduce Soumya to guide Heer to a life of understanding and honour.

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