Are we destined for each other????? (He dumped her!)


After Shivika fight,

S: Hey! Where are you going? One minute.

A: Now what do you want?

S: Dadi and Mom has asked me to gift you something. I have brought for you a necklace.

(The necklace looks somewhat like this)

(The necklace looks somewhat like this)     

A: Oh..Thank You!

S: You will wear it or should i help you?

A: It’s ok. I can wear it myself.

S: Wait a second. I will make you wear it?

He snatches the necklace and helps her wear it.

S:(whispers)Dadi is watching us, that’s why

Anika nods. Dadi goes.

A: Thank You!

S: Ok

She also goes out of the room.

S:(thinks) She doesn’t know that there is a spy cam and recorder inside. I am feeling something is wrong since our engagement. She and Omru has been hiding something from me. I know that they go along with each other well, but this is something related with me. I know this is wrong, but I have no other way than this.


At the office,

S:(thinks) But Tia, I stopped our relationship. We never had something between us. Wait a second, I didn’t tell this to Omru, because that day out of a sudden our families fixed me and Anika’s alliance. So, indirectly I have helped Anika, by dumping Tia. Now just to act along with it. But does Anika really like me? She usually fights with me. When did this start? Omru didn’t tell this to me. I should know about this and she thinks I will divorce her within 6 months.

That Evening,

Anika has returned after her meeting with Omru and Gauri.

Shivaay reaches home. He enters the room.

A: Hey Shivaay, can we go to my friend’s engagement tomorrow?

S: I am busy.

A: Pls…

S: It’s Tia’s engagement.

A: Even I am going for her engagement. You guys broke up(happily)????

Shivaay looks at her.

A:(changes her tone to sad one)You both broke up? She dumped you?

S: No, I dumped her. She is irritating.

A: Am I irritating?

S: No, I enjoy our fights. I meant, fighting with you gives me comfort.

A: Really????(happily)

S: Yes.

(Note: Shivaay doesn’t know her past nor does he recognizes his feelings for her)

Anika was jumping inside happily.  She controls herself.

A: I want to say something to you.

S: Ok

A: See, Tia and me are not actually friends. We literally hate each other. So, I want you to lie to her that we were dating since 11th. Will you?

S:(smiles)Ok, but I need something in return.

A(scared) Wh..what?

S: Don’t get scared. I am not going to give you hard things. I will ask you only a small question.


Shivaay and Anika gets ready for the engagement. Shivaay, while Anika went for a bath manages to exchange the necklace with a normal one.


Tia was getting with Robin. Now, they are posing for photos with friends.

It was Shivaay’s and Anika’s turn.

After the photo session,

T: (whispers)See, you got whom I dumped.

A: (whispers) You lost whom I am dating since 11th std.

T: What?

A: Yes!

During this time,

S: Anyway, that’s a nice lady you got.(sarcastically)

Robin smiles.Anika was giggling there, but then she somehow controlled herself.She was in fact angry with her, but she always knew how to control her anger with others. They posed for a photo and went.


Anika was smiling. Shivaay saw her and asked as if he knew nothing.

S: Why are you smiling?

A: Why? Can’t I smile?

S: No, it’s been the first time I have noticed you smiling since our marriage that’s why.

A: Congratulations!

S: For what?

A: For seeing my smile..

S: Very funny!

A: I told it seriously. So, drive the car fast, Mr. Driver.

S: Do I look like a driver?

A: Yes, you not only look like one. But you are one.

S: It’s good, that I am not in a mood to fight.

A: Really, otherwise what you will do?

S: I will…

As usual, billu-billi fight continued..

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NEXT PART: What is Shivaay’s question to Anika?

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