Ardeep/Ishra: Jiyein Kyun (9~Ishita Meets Her Family)

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‘Why..why you did this to me?’ Deep asked as Aarohi was laughing hard ruffling his hair continuously as he had his head in her lap. ‘Sorry, but all I did was nothing in front of what you did to me, I mean you gave me a shock in the morning, you’re already married to Tara and till you don’t divorce her, I can’t become your wife,’ she said and he sat up. ‘By the way these dark chocolates Africans had beaten me black and blue, I can’t even stand,’ he said and she once again bursted into melodious laughter.

He sat up and she too stood up and made him stand and took him carefully laughing all the way out of the hotel. On the way out, she saw a familiar girl sitting alone on a table. ‘Deep, look there,’ she said and he did. ‘What?’ he said. ‘Mayuri, you remember? She’s my best friend,’ she told him and he recalled he saw her when he and Aarohi met for the first time. ‘You want to meet her? Go meet,  but please don’t leave me at least in this condition,’ he pleaded. ‘OK OK, relax, I won’t,’ she said and glanced at Mayuri and went.

They reached Raichand mansion and directly went to their room. He sat on the bed and she got first aid kit to treat the small wound on his lips and forehead. She sat down and he again kept his head on her lap. He felt peace in her lap. ‘Is it paining? Sorry Deep,’ she said. ‘You hurt me but still you care for me, even today I feel peace in your lap, what magic do you do that whenever you touch me, it feels magical? I know you still love me,’ he replied.

Hum Na Rahein Hum, Jo The Kabhi
Khud Ko Hai Chhoda, Peechhe Kahin
(Aarohi while caressing his hair: yes I do, but I need some time to trust you)
Hum Na Rahein Hum, Jo The Kabhi
Khud Ko Hai Chohda, Peeche Kahin
Teri Ore, Badhne Lage
Teri Tarah, Banne Lage

Ab Toh Mohabbat Mein, Lutne Chale
Jeene Ki Khwahish Mein, Marne Chale
Ab Toh Mohabbat Mein, Lutne Chale
Jeene Ki Khwahish Mein, Marne Chale
(She kissed his forehead and he smiled.
D: I love you Aarohi
A: I love you too, have this pain killer.
D: just your kisses are enough.
A: no, have it for my sake.

He had it accepting his defeat)

Dard Bhi Hum Seh Lenge, Tu Jo Saath Raha
Saari Duniya Bhula Denge, Yeh Vaada Raha
Chaahe Jitni Mulakatein Ho, Mujhe Kam Hi Lage
Tere Saath Guzaroon Har Din, Par Dil Na Bhare
Ek Waqt Baad Hasne Lage, Raah Teri Hum Takne Lage

Ab Toh Mohabbat Mein, Lutne Chale
Jeene Ki Khwahish Mein, Marne Chale
Ab Toh Mohabbat Mein, Lutne Chale
Jeene Ki Khwahish Mein, Marne Chale
(D:thanks, always remember, Tara was only a good friend of mine but Aarohi loves me a lot.

She smiled.
A: and Deep Raichand was a mad man and Deep Raj Singh is mad after Aarohi.
They shared a laugh)
Teri Baatein Hai Aisi Maanu, Jaise Koi Dua
Jise Sun Kar Dil Ko Kitna, Hai Sukoon Mila
Mehboob Ki Aankhon Mein Hi, Rabb Dikhta Hai
Mehsoos Kiya Ab Jo Ke Ye Khud Maine
Tere Aage Jhukne Lage,
Tere Raaston Par Rukne Lage

Ab Toh Mohabbat Mein Lutne Chale
Jeene Ki Khwahish Mein Marne Chale
Ab Toh Mohabbat Mein Lutne Chale
Jeene Ki Khwahish Mein Marne Chale.
(D:what do you keep saying Aarohi? How adorable you are.

He cupped her cheeks)

Meanwhile in the hospital, Ishita was going back to Tara but she was called back as again someone had come to meet her, this time there were two people. ‘Tell them I m coming in some time,’ she said. ‘OK,’ said the peon and he went. She rushed to Tara’s ward and saw her asleep. She went near her and saw her forehead bleeding again. ‘This girl, what to do of her?’ she said and went to call the doctor. He came and checked Tara. ‘She has lost a lot of blood, now she needs someone’s blood,’ he told her.

‘I will go and tell jailor and get my blood tested as well,’ she replied and rushed outside while running. She reached and saw Ashok with her daughter Pihu. ‘Ashok? Pihu?’ she said and went to Pihu and hugged her. ‘Ishi maa, why don’t you tell everyone?’ she asked. ‘ I won’t ever tell anyone,’ Ishita replied. ‘I am here to bail you,’ Ashok told her and she was shocked. ‘You? You will bail me?’ she asked. ‘I have realized I have done a lot of wrong things but now I want to rectify them, I was coming to meet you and I saw Pihu running on road so I brought her too.’

‘Good to see you change, I will come with you both, first something is left to do,’ she said and went to jailor. ‘Please announce that Tara needs blood and that everyone needs to get their blood tested,’ she said to jailor and she went and announced. ‘You both wait, I will come,’ she said and went after the jailor towards hospital to get her blood tested. She was taken to a room and she laid down on the bed, her blood sample was taken and she went out towards Tara’s ward.

‘Sorry Tara, for now I m going but I will come back, I want to know the whole truth,’ she said to unconscious Tara and went to jail again and she was bailed. They sat in Ashok’s car and drove off. ‘So you didn’t do that murder, right?’ he asked. ‘No, I didn’t, I myself have my own kid, how can I kill someone’s child?’ Ishita replied. ‘Everything changed when I came here in jail, you remember the so-called serial killer Aarohi? I saw her look alike was arrested, talking to her I got to know even I had a lookalike.’

‘Seriously? Then?’ he asked. She told everything to him. ‘Now she thinks I m her sister and my heart is also joint by hers but I want to help Aarohi too,’ she said. ‘Oh, by the way, we’re going to Bhalla house to make you meet your children. They might be waiting,’ he said. She smiled. Later, they reached Bhalla house and Ishita smiled seeing her house after a long time. As she went inside with Pihu, the first person she saw was Simmi, in whose eyes she was the culprit. Simmi too saw her and got angry.

‘You? You blo*dy murderer! How dare you come here?’ she said and came towards her. Raman came out and looked at her. ‘Ishita?’ he said and came towards her. ‘Bhai no, you won’t hug her, not after she killed my Ananya,’ Simmi said. ‘Ishita can never kill anyone,’ Raman defended her. ‘Oh so your wife became more important for you than your sister? She won’t stay here, go! Get lost!’ Simmi dragged her out but Ashok came in front. ‘And what about the tortures you did to Pihu? Your hands too didn’t shivered to torture this little kid?’

‘Oh so love blossoms between you and this characterless woman, keep her with you,’ Simmi said angrily. ‘No! Ishimaa will stay here, you are bad and not her, I hate you bua! I hate you!’ Pihu said. ‘Tumhe toh main..,’ Simmi was about to slap her but Ishita held her hand. ‘Shut up! I m her mother and don’t you dare to touch her, else you will see the worst side of me,’ she said and went taking Pihu. Next day, Ishita went to police hospital and got to know that none of the bloods matched Tara’s blood.

‘Now only Aarohi can help,’ she said and called on her number and asked her to come there. As she came, she was given another shock. ‘You’ll have to get your blood tested, she needs blood,’ Ishita said and Aarohi laughed. ‘This blo*dy murderer needs blood? How much more? She could’ve drunk blood when she did murders, no?’ she replied. ‘Try to understand,’ Ishita said. ‘Why do you care? Are you Shanaya Raichand? No right? You wanted to help me for heaven’s sake,’ Aarohi said angrily. ‘I will help you, she’s bad but you aren’t. Right? Because of you, someone can get her life back.’

‘Fine, but don’t think I have forgiven her, my only intention is to not let her live peacefully nor to let her die peacefully, she’s like blo*dy Mary, she’s my twin sister, we share same birthdays, and you might be knowing that twins have very bad reputation because of horror movies, well whatever, see you soon,’ Aarohi said and went. ‘How to tell you that Tara has suffered a lot? I have been bailed but now I need to enter Raichand mansion as Shanaya to take revenge for these girls, oh God. Please, be there.’

(Guys, I mean yhm fans, I have posted from chp 9 because there’s no Ishra before this chapter but then also if you want to read previous chapters, go here )

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