Archi love story!! Part 31

Hey peeps!! I am back with part 31……cant believe I completed soo many happened by all of urs support.tnx for supporting me soo much.:-)
Lets start the epi,

In mittal house,
Everyone looks at the doorstep. Tanya makes an entry in a heroine wala mood.Her smile,HER eyes , everything was just beautiful. She was wearing a beautiful black short dress with black long jacket and boots. Her hair were messy and was coming in front of her eyes…everyone was just looking at her with a smile.
she goes and hugs buaji.

Viren ALSO comes and hugs Tanya. Like that one by one comes and hugs Tanya.
Tanu introduces Tanya to bhabisa,neeti and nishant.
Tanya:everything is allr8 but where is our sanchi ma’am
On the other hand, in café,
Sanchi was doing childish things when Aryan screams,,

Aryan:Enough! Stop this.
Sanchi:Aryan! Pls don’t behave like this anymore. Pls I request u forgive me.
Aryan:u think u will get my apology so easily by doing these stupid tantics. Noo,,, u broke my heart ,my trust,my belief and it really hurts when ur own whom u love a lot breaks ur heart . You have no idea that how much it was hurt when u broke my heart,I loved u more than anything and u,u broke my heart .earlier my heart used to beat in ur love but now it beats in ur hatred . and this hatred cant be finished.we cant be together.evewrything isn finished between u and me. So pls stop ur nonsense…………I request u pls…… saying this he leaves the place. Sanchi cries sitting in the floor.

Micheal and robin tries ti console sanchi.
Meanwhile in mittals ke ghar,
In sanchi’s room,
All (bhabisa,neeti,tanu,nishant,Tanya) were chilling in sanchi’s room.
Tanu narrates the whole story of Aryan and sanchi to Tanya.
Tanya: awww so cute love story…
Neeti: you find it cute????

Tanu:yeah jiji its not cute its sad love story.
Tanya: I know . but both of them are shoooooo cute. Though Their love story is scattered but don’t worry now as I am here everything will be fine.
Bhabisa:I hope so…
Tanya: anyways its really late. Sanchi should be here at any moment.
Neeti:I am really worried.what if Aryan bhaiisa dosent agree.
Nisant:neeti whats ur blood group?
Neeti: B positive…

Nishant:yeah be positive.
Viren comes with snack.
Viren:baccho see what I have made. Methi’s pasta and badam’s halwa. Its ur fav r8 tanya?
Tanya:a lot mamaji. Finally I will be able to eat the food of ur hand.let me taste it.
Tanya tastes both dishes.
tanya:yummmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………..its just mind blowing!awesome! really u have magic in ur hand.
Viren:ok u guys enjoy ur food till then I’ll bring another dish.
Viren goes from there.
Just then receives a call from ,maasa.

Bhabisa:guys it’s maasa’s call.i had told her to call when devarsa reaches to home.
Tanya:pick the call and keep it in loudspeaker mood.
Bhabisa does so.
Bhabisa:hello! Maasa. Any news about devarsa?
Maasa:yeah he came. And he is a very foul mood. He is very angry.
Tanu:that means plan flopped.
Bhabisa:ok maasa.i will see u later.

She cuts the call .
Tanya:noooppppoooo!!!! Why did this happen with sanchi???
Tanu:she will be dsoo depressed.
Bhabisa;I know but now we have to be sanchi’s strength.
Neeti:yeah we cant let her break down.

Nishant:wow! For the 1st time neeti said something r8.
Neeti:do u always have to criticize about me?
Nishant:I am not criticizing u .i am telling the fact.
Tanu:do u guys always have to start your quarrel?
Bhabisa:yeah at leat understand the seriousness of the situation.
Neeti: but he started it 1st.

Tanya:ok guys keep clam. Sanchi can be here at anytime. We should give her hope instead of fighting.
Bhabisa:bechari sanchi! She is trying so hard and devarsa is being so mean.
Tanya: actually Aryan is also not wrong. He is a man with his ego and his his ego is hurt really badly so,,,he is not able to forget this easily.we need to plan something big.
Bhabisa(in mind) :instead of so much planning nd plotting Aryan should be told what happened after he went to London. He will agree in no time.

Tanu:bhabisa,are u thinking about the same topic again?u know na jiji has forbid us gto tell Aryan ji about what happened 3 years ago…….sooo,,,, we cant tell him.
Bhabisa:but tanu…..
Just then sanchi enters with a sad face.
She goes and hugs her tightly.

Sanchi:Tanya! U ? here? When did u came and why didn’t anyone informed me?
Tanya:actually I told everyone not to call u as u were busy with the plan.
Sanchi:u know?
Tanya:yeah sanchi tanun told me everything.
Bhabisa:and we also know that the plan is flopped.
Sanchi becomes sad.
Tanya:no sanchi u cant give up so easily. U have to fight for ur love.. and now I am also with u in this fight.

Pooja(from behind):yeah sanchi we all are with u.
Sanchi:but what are we going to do now? At 1st I thought,we can pacify Aryan easily but now he is extremely hurt and very angry.we cant appease him so easily.
Tanya: u are r8 but there is no anger which cant be defeated by JEALOUSY…
Bhabisa laughs.
Bhabisa:nyc plan.
Sanchi:plan? What type of plan?

Tanu: come on jiji….. jealousy….
Sanchi:what are u guys saying? I am not understanding any single word.
Tanya: its simple sanchi .we just have have to make Aryan jealous.
Sanchi:whats the need and how is it going to help us?

Pooja:come on sanchi .dont act naïve. Jealousy can help us a lot. We are going to make Aryan jealous so that ,he shows he cares. And u know na it will make ur work easier when all the things will make difference to him.he will again become a possessive lover.
Sanchi:but how are we going to do that?
Tanya: c’mon sanchi. I didn’t knew u will be so stupid. When is a lover jealous? Don’t u see films? He will be jealous when he will see u close with another boy.
Sanchi:what?no ,I m not going to do that. Never.

Neeti:c’mon sanchi jiji pls u have to do that.
Sanchi : but that’s wrong.
Nishant:but sanchi bhabisa everything is fair in love and war so pls….
Tanya:yeah sanchi don’t be such a spoilsport.
Bhabisa:yeah sanchi pls agree…
Pooja:yeah pls..
All of them together:pls pls pls pls.

Sanchi:fine I am ready.
All of them:yeah!
Sanchi:BTW it will be fun.
All laugh.

Sanchi:but what about the boy.
Tanya:don’t worry I have a friend,priyank.he is a model and dancerhe can help us and u know what he is damn hot. so it will make aryan more jealous.
precap:sanchi makes aryan jealous

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