Archi love story!! Part 26

Hi! Guys I am back….✌. Well guys let me inform you that as roza are going on. I think I will try my bets to post the epi more thing you can imagine Michael as Tom Cruise ? seriously! Meher ki story hei so, I casted Tom Cruise…….? .So,,,,,,, ? What so???? Let’s start,
Bhabisa- sushant all this is happening is not right and what devarsa did was also not right.
Bhaisa-you are right because of his so called ego he took such a drastic step. He even didn’t thought about Sanchi. Yes sanchi denied him so what he could have waited because of him Sanchi is in such a condition. Ok he didn’t think about Sanchi but he could heve thought about us,his family how,,, how could he just go away from us(mixed emotions angry and sad)??
Bhabisa- calm down sushant just one more day. Wait for one day then ,then everything will be fine . Everything will be back to normal.once devarsa comes Sanchi will express her feelings and then everything will be ok . And happiness will flourish like before.

Bhaisa(in mind)- I hope so Priyanka but,,,, but I still fear if Aryan doesn’t reject Sanchi because of his ego. I hope he doesn’t……………….?
On the other hand,
Viren-for how long? For how long will Sanchi live her life like that in guiltiness? I am worried about snchi kusum . I fera if Aryan rejects her she will be broken,she will be lft only a body without soul,she will die suffocating.

Kusum-no viren don’t say that . Our Sanchi is very strong. She won’t give up. Tomorrow Aryan will be coming. I am sure Sanchi will make him understand and pacify him.
Neelima(from behind)-this will happen.dont worry! You guys just start preparing for Sanchi and Aryan’s wedding. I know Sanchi no matter how much aryan is angry Sanchi will pacify him and everything will be fine.
Sarita-neelima is right.sanchi is not only the daughters of mittal she is also the daughters of sethiya’s. We already accepted her as our daughter from our ?. Pls you guys don’t worry……………………….
Viren and kusum were happy seeing that the sethiya’s also love Sanchi so much.

In London,

Aryan’s apartment,

Robin- I think this bike race was a waste of time because like always you won the race.
Micheal-yeah you are right. No one can beat Aryan. And now I think no one I sbprn in this erath who can beat ayan.
Aryan remincise how Sanchi would always beat him in every bike race and Sanchi’s famous dialogue,”jeetna Sanchi mittal ki aadat hei aur harn kabhi Sanchi mittal ne Sikha hi nahi hei” and how they won the bike race in Australia.
Aryan was lost in another world…
Micheal(shaking Aryan)- Aryan!
Aryan- yup!
Micheal- in whom thoughts are you lost?

Aryan- no,no one’s?
Micheal-no Aryan I am sure something is fishy!!!! I am seeing the whole day u get lost in ur thought.
Aryan-come on Micheal u know me. There’s nothing that. Anyways you guys go and pack your baggage I hope u guys remember that you guys are going with me at Jaipur for 15 days.
Robin- yeh of course we remember.
Aryan-so,go and start your packing.
Micheal and Robin- yeah going going.

They goes from there.
Aryan- oh god! What’s happening to me ? Why after so many years her thoughts banging on my head? No Aryan you hate that girl, and you will always be hating her. I can’t forgive her never.
Aryan goes…. Sanchi’s ? face is shown in the screen.
Aryan goes to his room where Micheal and Robin had already established their house.
Aryan-whats are you guys doing here? I told you guys to start your packing and you guys?????
Robin-Aryan there is a lot of time remaining.we will go to in India tomorrow we have full ? so,pls stop bothering us.

Micheal-yeah Aryan and see the breaking news “a new fashion designer after years who will compete with the one and only malvika sehgal” everyone is saying she is a genius and she truly believes in love. She has given all the credits of her success to her love. Love is everything for her
Aryan-what are you serious? Malvika sehgal,the most genius and best fashion designer malvika sehgal,,,,now some new fashion designer will compete with her? where is she from?
Robin- your town Jaipur.and you know what she is damn gorgeous ?
Aryan- Jaipur????? What’s her name?
Micheal-Sanchi Mittal.

Aryan is shocked ?. Sanchi’s name echoes in his ear…. He get furious ?
Micheal- in fact she is not only a designer also a singer maybe see this is the live of Jaipur and she is singing.
Sanchi is sitting in a chair hoping guitar and singing “Hamari aduri Kahani” her eyes are closed. She remicise about Aryan.
Robin-I think she lost her love. She is so genuine. And very true to ?.
Aryan-no! You are wrong she is not genuine to ?. She just knows to break heart like she broke mine?
Micheal-Aryan is she the same Sanchi?
Aryan-yes she is the one. I hate her.i just hate her.
Saying this kharoos(what else should I say? He bacame the 2nd SSO) leaves . Robin and Micheal look at each other.
The exhibition finishes. All goes to their house.
Sanchi is in her room. She looks out from her window at the ?.
Sanchi- Aryan since you went this ? is my friend. I always consider this ? as you and share my every thing with this ? but onwards when you will come I don’t have to talk to this ? because you will be with me and I promise once you come I will express my feelings to u and then we both will live happily and talk with the ? together. Ok?Just one ? then our distance will finish.?
At sethiya Bhavan,

All are preparing for aryan’s welcome. Neeti and nishant are damn excited. All are happy.
Neeti-finally! Finally Aryan bro will come.
Dadisa-really!These three years were like 300 years. We are incomplete without Aryan.
Nishant-you are right dadisa. Bro told that these 3 years will go in 5g speed but it went in 1g speed infact less that that.
Neelima-mein batarehihu now the wait is over. Finally Aryan is coming back home. Everything will be fine like before. I can’t control my happiness.
Prabhant- you should control your happiness otherwise you will die in happiness before Aryan comes.

Neelima-kya ap bhi say anything.
Everyone laughs ?
Next day,
Sanchi gets dressed properly and just looks at mirror. She looks damn happy ?
Tanu woth Pooja comes.
Tanu-wow! Jiji after years you are getting dressed so properly and gorgeously. Kahi Meri jiji ko kisiki Nazar na lagjaye. You are looking awesome ?.
Sanchi-thanks tanu. You know tanu taday is a need beginning for me. Aryan is coming. I feel my body got it’s life. My happiness has no bounds. I am so happy.
Pooja-yeah anyone can find it out from your face. I wish you always stay happy forever.
Tanu-but jiji one thing is not right.
Sanchi- what?

Sanchi-what do u mean?
Tanu-jiji I want my old jiji. And mY old jiji never wore such boring office clothe.wear something Western.
Sanchi-tanu this is also Western ok?
Tanu-but jiji this is so boring. Who wears shirt and pencil skirt? It’s such a bore. You should try your old clothes. Shorts,tops,jeens,short dress, cocktails. No such boring clothes. Pls.
Pooja-she is right Sanchi. This is a new beginning of your life so,you should wear that clothes which you used to wear before.

Tanu & pooja- pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls .
Sanchi-fine you guys are so stubborn. But what should I wear?
Tanu-why fikar when tanu is here. Ready bhabi?
They both takes out all the clothes from Sanchi’s wadrobe.
Sanchi-what are you guys doing?
Tanu & Pooja- shut up and let us do our work.
They takes clothes and tries on Sanchi but they don’t like anyone but at last they liked a blue cocktail .

Pooja-go and change.
Sanchi nods in yes.
After some mins,
Sanchi comes wearing the ?.
Tanu & Pooja-WOW!!!!!!!!!! You are looking ????? fabulous. Now time for some makeup.
They do her make up macth with her ?. And do her hairstyle,.
Tanu and pooja-now perfect!

Sanchi-just perfect! All laugh.?
On the other hand,
Aryan-Micheal,Robin where are you guys? I told you guys before too to do the packing first . We are getting late for flight.
Micheal- just coming.
Robin & Micheal-here we are.
Aryan-let’s go quickly.
They start to go.
Precap:Aryan reaching Jaipur.

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