Archi love story!! Part 21 (propose day)

Sanchi was calling Aryan but his phone was unreachable. She was looking for Aryan everywhere. At last while finding him she reached a isolated place. There was no one. She was slightly afraid. So,she was about to go but then a voice comes from behind “Sanchi”. It was Aryan. Aryan was in his knees.
Aryan- You taught me the real meaning of love.? I am with you I lose myself..? I love you just the way you are.Yes, yes sanchi I love you.?You are there in my every habit.(Tum mere har adato mein shamil). Having you by my side is what completes me.(Tum SE milta Hoon TOH HOTA Hoon mein kamil.) Ms. Sanchi Mittal I am already yours. Will you be mine??. Will you be Mrs.Sanchi Aryan Sethiya?
Sanchi was very shocked. She couldn’t understand anything. She always thought Aryan as her best friend. That best friend whom she loves but as a friend and she never wants to lose Aryan. She couldn’t say anything and goes from there.
Aryan was a little shocked but then he thought maybe sanchi is shying. Gradually the whole day passes. Finally it was time for their flight. They both left for air port. In the whole road sanchi was silent. She didn’t utter even a single word. Aryan was confused. Then they reach airport. They board the plane. Their seat was different. Sanchi was in 3A while Aryan in 5B. There was a girl beside sanchi . Aryan goes and requests the girl to let Aryan seat beside Sanchi. The girls ? and lets him sit. Aryan sits beside Aryan. They both are silent. At last Aryan breaks the ice.
Aryan-sanchi why are you silent?
Sanchi- nothing Aryan I am just tired.
Aryan-are you sure?
Aryan-sanchi I didn’t get my answer.
Sanchi understand what he is trying to say but acts like she is not understanding.
Sanchi- answer??
Aryan-Sanchi I love you. Do u love me?
Sanchi- Aryan did you called uncle? He told you to call after you reach airport.
Aryan-sanchi don’t change the topic.
Sanchi-no Aryan I am not changing the topic.
Aryan-then answer me do u love me?
Sanchi holds Aryan hands and looks in his eyes.
Sanchi-Aryan I am your best friend r8?
Aryan-yeah sanchi.
Sanchi-thanks can’tyou give your bestie a little time? Aryan every thing is so fast. I need some time.
Aryan- sure sanchi take your whole time but pls don’t break my heart.
Sanchi- Aryan you all have to promise me something. You won’t let our friendship break. Never. We will always be like this. Noayter what happens.
Aryan-thanks promise.
Sanchi smiles.

They reach India. They gets out of the Airport.
Aryan- no matter what but the thing which Jaipur have no Sydney of Australia have. U know there is another peace in Jaipur
Sanchi- I think you are right. Jaipur is the best among all the cities. This city have an unknown, east or west our Jaipur is the best.
Tanu , Vaibhav, bhabisa ,bhaisa and mansoor Kaka comes to pick them.
Tanu- where is Jiji and Aryan ji?
Bhabisa- yeah everyone has arrived without them .
Just then sanchi and Aryan arrives.
Mansoor- see there. They have arrived.
Vaibhav- Sanchi! ARYAN!
Sanchi sees them and runs and hugs tanu and Vaibhav Aryan also goes and hugs bhaisa and bhabisa.
Tanu-welcome our international fashion designer.
Sanchi-thanks international fashion designer’s sis.
Bhabisa- congrats Sanchi for your deal.
Sanchi-thanks bhabisa.
Tanu-u know from now ,I can’t control my happiness.
Sanchi-aww thanks.
Tanu-but jij why are you thanking me?
Sanchi-bcoz you are so happy for me.
Tanu-but jiji I’m not happy for you.
Tanu- I mean I am Happy for you but I am more happy by this fact that from onwards I will be called the sis of the international designer Sanchi mittal. And think jij when I will walk in my college my friends will respect me so much.
Vaibhav-tanu!You are too much. Sanchi hasn’t become a international designer she will become after the deal.
Tanu-but it’s the same bhaiya.
Bhaisa-ok ok now will all of you stop this and go to home?
Aryan-yeah bhaisa is r8! I am too tired. So,can we talk about this later?
Vaibhav- yes now we should go. Papa is waiting for Sanchi since long. He is calling me in every2mins. So,I think we should go.
They respectively goes to their ?.

In night at sethiya Bhavan,
Aryan was just standing at the window when babasa knocks his door.
Babasa-aryan ?
Aryan-babasa pls come.
Babsa comes inside.he keeps his hand in aryan’s shoulder.
Babasa- I know beta you are very tired. You had a long journey but I only wanted to Know if you expressed your feelings to Sanchi.
Aryan-yes babasa I told her everything.
Babasa-really? What was her response? I am sure she said yes.
Aryan-no babasa she didn’t tell anything.
Babasa-what do u mean?
Aryan tells babasa about what happened in Australia.
Aryan-and babasa I can totally understand. And I know she loves me too. She is just shocked and needs some time.(looking towards the ?)
Babasa-I have full faith in you beta. And I know that Will happen what you say.
Aryan smiles.
Meanwhile in mittal ?,
Sanchi and tanu were playing basketball ?.
Sanchi-here you go I win!
Tanu-not fair jij you always win.
Sanchi-what can I do tanu? Winning…
tanu doesn’t let her complete.
Tanu-ya ya I know winning is Sanchi mittal’s passion and harna kabhi Sanchi mittal ne Sikha hi nahi hei.
They both laughs ?
Just then viren calls them.
Viren- Sanchi! Tanu! Enough of your playing come quickly see I have made your favorite kachori.
Sanchi and tanu- kachori! Yippee!!!
They both runs to viren.
Sanchi was going ypto take a kachori just then viren stops her.
Viren-wait today I will feed my lado with my own ✋.
Viren takes a kachori and feeds Sanchi with his own ✋.
Sanchi-yumm papa. It has been 3 days I had your kachori. I missed them a lot.
Viren- and I missed you!
Sanchi-aww I missed you too!
She hugs viren.
Kusum(from behind)- wow! That means you didn’t miss me.
Viren-Sanchi can you smell? Something is burning.
Kusum-viren! You re too much.
Sanchi -no mumma I missed you too.come!
Kusum goes and hugs Sanchi.
Chandra and tanu smiles.
Chanda-anyways viren Sanchi has cracked such a big deal. So,don’t you think we should do something special.
Kusum-special? But what jiji?
Vaibhav- why don’t we organize a party. And there we will call our relatives and business partners.
Tanu-then bhaiya we will of course have to call Aryan ji and his family. Because they are our relative and business partners both.
Viren-are is that even a thing to say we will of course call them.
Chandra-so done! Tomorrow night will be our lado’s party.(she carress sanchi’s face).
Precap: Sanchi- I am sorry Aryan.I love you but only as a friend. I always considered you as the my best friend whom I always what in my life.
Aryan-you broke my trust Sanchi! You broke it?. Aryan leaves. Sanchi calls him from behind but he doesn’t listen.

PS- hi guys! As I told you in the previous part. There is a surprise for you guys and it is this that tomorrow’s epi will be maha episode. It’s a small surprise to u all for completing 20 parts. So , excited??

  1. Fenil

    Impressed with your today writing u know what i m just smiling while reading whole chppy.
    Just request put our pyari Kakisa Kakusa scenes and Sanchi scene with Bua ji and Vaibhav.

    Dadi ,Babasa and Mansoor chacha cute fights.

    I know but its doesn’t mean that if u not Archi’s scene together then your ff will loose charm..

    Hope u understand my points.
    Waiting for next.i will PM u.

  2. woooo…meheru tune to game hi change kar diya yaar.. fabulous.. waiting to see what happens next..

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    No one can love you do! Its superb , wow…..loved it!love ya

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