Archi love story!! Part 20

At first thanks to everyone. Today I completed the 20th part of my FF so thank you musu, vishakha di, Sanju, dolly, fenu Bhai, sumo, anju,and jenny-jessi for reading my FF. So,on 20th epi, a little surprise for you all on my FF.

The epi begins,
At morning,
Sanchi was super excited for the exhibition. She gets ready in Blue gown and silver accessories. She comes to Aryan.
Aryan turns and sees Sanchi. He was mesmerized by her beauty. She was looking damn gorgeous.
Sanchi-Aryan? Aryan? Where are you lost?
But there was no response. Sanchi snaps fingers Infront of Aryan. Aryan regains his conscious.
Aryan-oh actually I was thinking about some official work.. Sorry.
Sanchi-come on Aryan don’t be sorry. And let’s go now. We also have to eat breakfast.
Aryan (in mind)—just some time more sanchi then I wouldn’t need any reason to look at you lovingly.
He smiles.?.

Sanchi- now you are smiling without any reason.
Aryan-sanchi I am not smiling without any reason. I was just thinking that if you become international fashion designer then with you, I will also be famous as the best friend of The international fashion designer Sanchi Mittal.
Sanchi laughs listening to his talk.?
Sanchi-Aryan you are too much. Now let’s go.
They bory goes and have breakfast. Sanchi was only talking about the exhibition while eating.
Aryan-enough sanchi. How much will you talk about the exhibition.
Sanchi-what should I do Aryan? I am super excited. Aryan being an international fashion designer is my childhood dream. And now when I am seeing this dream to be fulfilled you don’t know how much I am excited.
Aryan-Sanchi I can understand it’s it childhood dream. Now?
Aryan-sanchi there is still 1 hour and 30 mins left for the exhibition. What can we do till then?
Sanchi-yes ! Hmmm.. Let’s ask Mia
Sanchi calls Mia.
Sanchi-hi Mia!
Mia-hi ma’am.!Any work for me?
Sanchi-yeah Mia. Actually there is 1hour and 30mins left for exhibition. So,what can we do till then?
Mia-ma’am there is fair beside your hotel. You can go there.
Sanchi-mia is there anything specific?I mean something interesting in the fair?
Mia-yeah ma’am every year they organize a bike race. Infact this year today they organized a bike race which will start at 20 mins.
Sanchi-mia I wanna participate in the race. Do anything i just want to participate
Mia-ma’am fine I will take your form but the race is of 40 mins and it’s a partner race. 20 mins for the 1st person of pair & 20 mins for the 2nd person.
Sanchi-thats not a problem. Aryan is also with me.You just do what I say.
Mia-fine ma’am. Bye!
Sanchi- bye!

Aryan-what happened?
Sanchi-Aryan we don’t have time. Let’s go quick.
Aryan-but where?
Sanchi-I will tell you everything while going but now let’s go.
Sanchi doesn’t let him complete and drags him outside. She makes him understand everything while going to the fair.They reach the fair.
Sanchi-so, the 1st 20min you will ride and the next 30mins I will ride.
They gets ready. And the countdown begins 3,2,1.
As the countdown begins they start racing Aryan and sanchi was on 2nd place for 20 mins.
Then the 2nd 20 mins start. Sanchi starts riding the bike. The both pair are on the same position.

After 20 mins,
Both the pair together crosses the finish line.
The anchor- guys guys this is such a big confusion . Let’s ask our judges.
After 2 mins,
The anchor- so guys we got the results from our judges and the winner is……………… Aryan and sanchi’s finger are were crossed.the winner is Marie and John. All claps. Sanchi and Aryan are also happy.
As they were receiving the award a voice came from behind “stop”. It was the organizer of the fair.
Organizer-i need to show you something.
He shows judges the CCTV footage. And in the CCTV footage it was clear that the winner is sanchi and Aryan.
The anchor- so guys the winner is Aryan and Sanchi.
Ek rishta sajhedari ka plays in big.
Sanchi hugs Aryan Very tightly. Aryan also hugs her back. They both go and receive the award.
After sometime,
They both go to exhibition,Mia meets them there.
Mia-congrats for the bike race.
Aryan and Sanchi-thank you .
Sanchi-mia when will the exhibition start?
Mia- in 2 mins.
Sanchi-so,let’s go!
Aryan-sanchi you may go. Actually I have some work so, you finish the exhibition I will catch you soon.
Sanchi-fine but pls be here.
Aryan-yeah you go.

Sanchi goes to the exhibition and exhibit her design. All the clients and other people loved her design.
Mr.ben(a client)- that’s superb Ms.mittal. your design are very unique.
Mr.zain(client)-yeah many of the designer you are seeing here their designs are similar but it design is very unique and different from others.
Mr.ben-your talent isn’t upto Jaipur or India whole world should see your talent. Do, we have decided to do a deal with you.
Mr.zain-yeah! We want to deal with you. And believe me you will be a famous international designer.
Sanchi-what? Seriously? I mean … This was my dream to be an international designer. And I can’t believe that my dream is fulfilling.
Mr.zain- ms.sanchi you have an awesome talent which now while world will seem.
Mr.ben-so,are you ready for this deal?
Sanchi-yeah. 100 percent.
Mr.ben-so,let’s finish the formalities.
Sanchi-yeah sure.
After finishing all the formalities, she was very happy and comes outside to look for aryan. But Aryan want there.
She looks for Aryan everywhere but she couldn’t find him.

Precap:Aryan -tum mere aadato mein shamil. Tum se milta join toh ho ta hoon mein kamil.?

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      Thanks Bhai and nest epi will be late. My phone is damged . So, little time is needed bxoz I had already wrote the epi in my phone’s word. So,will ha EA to write it again.

  2. both the episodes were very nice waiting for sanchi’s answer

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      Thanks … Sanju

  3. to good one yaar . cahori comments ko chod artical ko upload kar. what is surprise for us ?

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      The surprise is soon very soon Archi’s wedding ya there will be some twist and turns before that

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      So,salute to NUSRAT JAHAN MEHER.??

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