Apnapan 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Barkha reaches out to Nick

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The Episode starts with a girl coming to the restaurant. She asks Shankar to go out and see the customers. A lady is seen cooking the food. She serves the food in a plate. The girl calls her Pallavi. She says you have cooked much, don’t know customers will come or not. Pallavi says Lalita, the customers want homecooked food. Lalita says don’t spoil my name. Pallavi says restaurant name Amma is not bad. The men come to the restaurant. Pallavi goes to take the order. She gives the menu. Lalita takes the order on call. She sees someone hiding. She asks the lady is she okay. The lady asks for water. Lalita asks do you know that couple. The lady says that man is my husband. Pallavi asks can I help you. Lalita says she doesn’t want food, but divorce. The lady says I want to talk to him, but I m not strong. Pallavi says you have to become strong. She wishes happy anniversary to the couple. The lady says its not our anniversary. Pallavi says this tasty cake is from your wife. The lady says you are married, what… The man says I can explain. Pallavi scolds him. A guy looks at her and nods, smiling. Pallavi says cheat ruins lives. The guy asks is this a restaurant or a school, I won’t pay. Pallavi thinks of her past. The guy says she did an amazing thing. Lalita teases Pallavi. Pallavi says I don’t want romance. She gets Barkha’s call. The guy asks can you give your number for the tiffin orders for the office. Pallavi asks him to take Lalita’s number. Pallavi worries for Barkha. She says I have to go, don’t know where is she, I will go by walk. The guy says she went by walk. Lalita says she went by walk for her children, she is just a mum, she cares a lot for them, but I regret that her children don’t understand this. Pallavi comes out and finds her sons fighting for a jacket. She asks where is Barkha. Barkha comes. Pallavi hugs her and asks where is your phone. Barkha says don’t spy on me, else you will regret, I deleted the app.

Pallavi sees her children’s pic and smiles. She goes to the kitchen. She makes lemon juice for Barkha. He wakes her up. Pallavi’s mum asks about the date. Pallavi says its Barkha’s last exam. Maa says its our Harsh’s birthday. Pallavi recalls Harsh and says not our, his Harsh, we want to forget the memories, right. Maa says you slept at 2am, and woke up at 4am, why, you call it care, they call it control. Pallavi says they are my life, I can hear their complains, they just have me with them.

Pallavi bargains with Kishore. Her friend Ranveer makes tea for her. Lalita jokes. She says just tell your feelings to Pallavi. He asks Pallavi to have the tea. Pallavi thanks him. He says you fight for 2 rs for vegs, and left the paying customer. He says he was a cheater husband, I don’t want his money, I m doing business, is this concern from a friend or a hotel owner or landlord. He says of course as a friend. She says I will make savings for my kids. He says I feel worried for you. She says I won’t break down, because my kids have no one than me.

Barkha says I will come late after the exams. She tells her brother and leaves. Lalita says Barkha’s phone is off again, I have to go home and see her. She leaves from the restaurant. She calls Barkha’s friends to ask. The neighbors talk of Barkha. Pallavi comes home and calls out Badal and Gagan. She asks about Barkha. Gagan say she said she will come after dinner. Badal says she took a big bag today. Pallavi says I have called all her friends. Badal says she has a special friend, Ishaan Agarwal. Pallavi says you are telling me today. Gagan says we thought you know it. Badal asks her to check Ishaan’s account. Pallavi says call him. She calls Ishaan. The man says he went out for a few days. Pallavi says ask him to call me. The ladies come to ask the matter. Maa asks the ladies to leave. Pallavi asks what did Barkha say. Badal says I told you everything. Gagan says she left the house. Ranveer comes. Gagan says you check in about us, I will also go away. Pallavi says I care for you all. Gagan says you give us tension. Amma asks them to go and find Barkha. Ranveer says we will go to police station. They see Barkha coming holding Ishaan’s hand.

The lady says Barkha has come. Barkha taunts Pallavi. Pallavi takes her inside the house. She asks who is he. Barkha says he is Ishaan, we want to get married, I was going to run away, he got me back to take your blessings, say yes. Maa says you are just 19 years old. Barkha argues with Pallavi. Pallavi says I want your education to complete, you make a career. Barkha says I m tired of your dictatorship, I want freedom, this house is a jail. Pallavi says you are safe here. Barkha says you work hard, but not smart, you couldn’t fulfil my dreams, you couldn’t send me abroad, I don’t want to become a helpless woman like you. Ishaan says don’t argue. Pallavi says its our family matter. He asks her to talk to his mom. He says I love Barkha, I want to marry her with the family permission. He leaves. Saloni asks Barkha to end it. Barkha says you shouldn’t make promises, it breaks heart. Pallavi shouts on her. She says you learnt breaking heart from your dad, you went on your dad. Maa says don’t curse him, he has changed now. Pallavi asks them to go to their rooms. She cries. Barkha, Gagan and Badal talk about their dad. They say mum is a liar, it’s a big lie. Gagan says we have to research about this. Lalita asks Pallavi to have water. Pallavi says I have done a lot for them, but I had this day in my fate. Lalita says Barkha is in love, she won’t listen to anyone. Pallavi says she is too young to handle a heartbreak. The children feed the drink to Pallavi’s Maa/their Nani. Pallavi says she has no idea how a man changes after marriage, I wish someone stopped me from marriage. Maa gets drunk. She says I wish your mum also had a drink and chilled. They ask about their dad. Maa says they loved each other but couldn’t keep the marriage, there are many issues, they never talked to each other, so their marriage broke. Gagan asks where is our dad. Maa says he isn’t here. Barkha asks how is he. Maa says he is like he was before, he is handsome. She praises him. Gagan asks did you like him. Maa says we have much friendship, he is a nice guy, he also has an allergy to mango. Gagan checks Maa’s phone. They get a number saved as Chilly chicken. They read the message. Pallavi says kids shouldn’t know about him. Barkha messages her dad that she is getting married. Pallavi says I can’t forget that day, he used to lie a lot, I told the kids that he is no more. Lalita says but you thought what will they do knowing he is alive. Pallavi says if they meet him, then they will come in his words, he is very charming.

Scene shifts to USA. The chef is seen making the remarkable dishes. The staff serves the dishes. The customers praise the food and clap for him. Nick launches another restaurant. He gets the message. The man says I will invest in the hotel if you open one in India. His sister says Nick will never go there, he has an ugly past, he doesn’t like to live a stale life in India. A lady flirts with Nick. He asks are you married, I m happily unmarried. He opens the door and shows their moment to her husband. She leaves. Nick gets angry and says a girl’s demands never end. He goes to the kitchen and checks the food. He vents anger on the staff. He says I can’t put my reputation at stake. The staff talks about him. Nick goes to talk to the media. He reads Barkha’s message. He is shocked. He recalls Barkha’s 3rd birthday. He says I will dance with you in your birthday. He drinks and recalls her. He cries and dances with his sister.
Barkha contacts Nick. His friend asks him to decide if he wants to reply to the message. Nick replies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Old whisky new bottle. Remake of balaji production’s past serial ‘ Itna karo na mujhain pyar’ telecaster on Sony TV only. With some twist from their Web series ‘cold lassi aur chicken masala’ .

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