Apnapan 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Barkha meets Sid

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The Episode starts with Ranveer calling Manna and saying Pallavi is tensed, where is Barkha. Manna talks to Pallavi and lies that Barkha is with her, they are coming home. She says uncle, Barkha isn’t with me, I can find her, I know where she can be, don’t tell anything to mom. He asks her to take care. Nani asks Pallavi to have the hot tea. Pallavi refuses. She asks does Badal want to leave me. Nandita holds Nick’s hand and thinks to keep him busy. Ranveer calls Badal and asks where are you. Badal says hospital, Nandita took some wrong medicines, she fainted outside the café. Ranveer thinks he is already worried. He doesn’t tell Badal. Pallavi calls Barkha. Ranveer calls a doctor for Pallavi. Doctor treats her wound. Ranveer says Gagan isn’t a kid, he will calm down and come back home, focus on your health. Pallavi prays for her children. Sid gives coffee to Barkha. He asks her to have alcohol, she will forget all her family problems. She says I m not alcoholic like Manna. He says fine, stay happy with your cappuccino. He asks her to sit. She sees the dirt on her jeans. She says dirt got on me. He says its Indian roads, go and change, I have many clothes. She says I don’t have clothes. He asks her to take his clothes. He shows her the room.

He gives her bathrobe. He asks her not to worry, he won’t do anything with her like the old movies. She laughs. She goes to change. He spikes the coffee. Doctor says you got her in time, she needs time to get fine. Nick asks can I take her home. Nandita signs the doctor. Doctor says no, we will keep her under observation today. Badal comes. Nick says I will drop you home. She says no, don’t leave me alone. Badal says I will go myself. He leaves. Nick says reach home soon, else your mum will get angry, its too late, she will say I have kidnapped you. Nick meets the nurse, Razia and calls her Basanti. He asks Badal to go home. Nick asks how are you. She says you identified me, you are still handsome, more handsome than before, how is Pallavi, she is so lucky, you are so good, your love story is so good.

He says Nandita is admitted here, I will talk to you later. She says doctors are good here, its my first day in this hospital, where is Sonali these days. Nick worries. Badal says Lord wants to help us know mum and dad’s past. Nani thinks Pallavi can’t digest Harsh’s cheat. Harsh checks some box. He gets to see his childhood toys. He goes out and sits to read the letter. Pallavi reads the letter for him. He cries. She says you used to write W instead M, you used to write Wumma, this is my memory box, its precious for me, it will always be with me as my strength, I have read these lines, I have always cried, I had to leave you and go. Harsh cries and says I don’t care for your emotional talks. He tears the letters. They both sit crying. Maa…plays…. Nandita calls him and asks what’s going on.

He says blockbuster, Pallavi’s children left her. She says that’s the best news, Badal is with Nick, poor Pallavi. She asks Harsh are you feeling seeing this, don’t let your emotions play on your mind, Pallavi can’t be trusted, believe me. He says yes, I know, you know what you have to do. She says finish the auction, Nick is with me till morning, love you. She moves the curtain and sees Nick. She gets shocked.

Pallavi prays in the temple for her children. Sid tries to molest Barkha. Gagan runs from the police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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