Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani cleans house with perfume

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rani pours Omkar’s perfume on the floor to clean. Rajmata comes and says this smell? Veer and Nandani come as well. Vikram says Champa has a competition in this house. He slips. Mayura says it’s wet. Vikram says why does it smell so good? Did you bring anything from the village? She says I cleaned from this. She shows the perfume. Everyone is shocked. Veer recalls Kiara gave it to him. Rani says it’s amazing. Nandani says do you even know what it is? She says it says alcohol. It kills germs.

Nandani says this is a 50K perfume. She says perfume for 50k? We get perfumes in the village for 5 rupees. They looted you. Rajeshwari comes and screams Champa Shanti.. Rajmata says what happened? Rajeshwari says I can sense a smell. It smells good. Like exotic perfume. Vikram says what could it be? Rajmata says a perfume broke in my room. That girl, Ramo’s daughter. She so smart. To stop it from being wasted, she got Vikram’s room cleaned from it. What a girl. Vikram says what a girl, cleaning room with 50k perfume. Rani comes. Rajeswahi says maintain a distance. You are learning your work. Good. Rani says you praised me? I am so happy. Rajeshwari says relax. Work as hard as you did for your studies. After that only you will be able to take Ramo’s place and help him. Rani leaves. Rajmata says she’s new. Rajeshwari says servants aren’t nice. She is just honest like Ramo. She will take Ramo’s place soon.

Rani says to Pinku Rani sa was happy with me. Kumud says Rani sa sent this stuff for you. Soap, shampoo and other things. Pinku says she’s strict but nice. Rajmata says next time you’re happy with her appreciate her. Rajeshwari says an insect is an insect even if it makes resham for people like us. His class never changes. They smell of low class, no perfumes can change them. They always stink. rani says it smells so good. rani sa thinks so much about us. Pinku says you’re so good. Rajeshwari says nothing is good about them. They are like insects. You know I am disgusted by this lower-class smell.

Scene 2
Pinku wakes up. It’s night. He says where is Rani? Rani is studying with her braid tied on ceiling. He says what is this? She says so I don’t sleep. I wanted to study. Tomorrow is dad’s hearing. I am very happy. We will go back to village soon. He opens her braid and says I will also study with you.

Rani comes to the house. She collides with Veer. Rani says you keep colliding. He says you also keep doing weird things. She says I am very excited. It’s babu ji’s hearing. Ajay ji said he will be released soon. Veer says take your matters in your hands. She says it’s a big day. I have to go. Rajeshwari says going where? Where is her unifor? Kumud says it’s not ready yet. She says we have esteemed guests coming over today. Everything should be perfect. Kumud make sure she doesn’t come in this cheap dress. Rani says I need half day. Rajeshwari says what? Rani says my dad has a hearing today. She says so? You will sit there on the judge’s seat? Rani says if I go there babu ji will be more confident. Rani says shut up. There should be no mistake and best flowers to welcome guests. Nandani comes and says who is coming? Rajeshwari says royal prince Jai Singh. They are coming with your proposal. Nandani says what? No mom. She says I don’t want to get married. Rajeshwari says I said it. I don’t need to ask anyone what am I doing. I am getting you engaged to him today. I won’t tolerate a single mistake.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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