Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer gets his license back

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer tells Rajeshwari that Ranvijay is there because he’s elder son of that house. Ranvijay tells Veer that Rajeshwari is right. He made mistake so he will have to pay for it. Veer says at least he accepts his mistake. Some have done mistakes for years, but no acceptance. Ranvijay tells him to go to Rani, she needs him.

Veer comes to his room. Rani has put food stalls and decorated the room. She says they celebrated his birthday in a city style, now they need to celebrate it in village style. He says, but she’s injured. He asks her about it, but she puts a pani puri in his mouth. He says it’s so spicy. She says there is no fun if tears don’t come while eating pani puri. She informs him that she and Vikram have applied for his license and he shall get it tomorrow. He gets very happy. He holds her hands and thanks her. She tells him to enjoy his birthday now. He says it’s his birthday, but everything is of her choice like all the food stalls. She says, you’re also of my choice. Both look at each other and smile. They feed pani puri to each other.

Rajeshwari tells Raj Mata that just like her, she will make kheer for Veer on his birthday. She is afraid that he won’t eat and asks Raj Mata to give him saying she made. Raj Mata tells Rajeshwari to give on her own, he won’t refuse. Rajeshwari comes to kitchen. Rani is surprised. Rajeshwari sends servants out. She can’t find things in kitchen. Rani helps her. Rani tells her that Veer will love kheer, he’s desperate for such love. She further tells her that she’s looking very cute while making kheer. Rajeshwari asks her to leave. Rani tells Rajeshwari about Veer’s license and leaves. Rajeshwari thinks to look into license first and then make kheer.

An officer informs Vikram about delay. Veer is little disappointed. Rani tells him that they didn’t say no, it will just take some time. Rajeshwari tells Veer not to worry, he will get it soon. Veer taunts Rajeshwari that of course it will take time because someone put so much effort to cancel it. Veer leaves from there. Rajeshwari thinks it’s because of her his license was cancelled. She will do anything to get it back. She calls the officer and tells him that she wants Veer’s license today itself. He asks her to send someone. She says she will come herself. When she reaches the office, the officer tells her that someone already took it. She asks who came? He says Ranvijay.

Ranvijay is giving interview to media. He gives credits to Veer for his return from coma. He also says medical board accepted that Veer was at not fault and gave his license back. Rajeshwari comes there. Ranvijay continues, soon Veer will resume his duties. In end he is son of… Rani interrupts saying Rajeshwari’s. He came to this height because of Rajeshwari’s upbringing. Ranvijay hands the license to Veer. Everyone claps. Media leaves. Raj Mata tells Rani that she handled everything well today. If Veer’s truth came out, then they wouldn’t have been able to control the media. Ranvijay apologizes saying he got emotional. Raj Mata asks Rajeshwari how’s her kheer preparation going that she was making for Veer. She says it’s almost ready. Veer tells Rajeshwari that she doesn’t need to do anything for him. He leaves from there. Rajeshwari gets sad and she also leaves. Ranvijay asks Rani whether she can make kheer on this happy occasion. Rani says how she can make? Rajeshwari has prepared everything. She wanted to make for Veer. Ranvijay says all the happiness came in the house because of Rani and she should be making kheer. Rani is not sure. Raj Mata nods her. Rani says okay.

Rani comes to the kitchen. She feels bad for Rajeshwari. She decides to make kheer in Rajeshwari’s style and tell Veer about it. She goes to Rajeshwari to get the recipe. Someone comes to kitchen and cuts the gas pipe. Rani comes to Rajeshwari’s room, but she’s not there. She searches for her, but can’t find. She thinks she will have to make kheer on her own now. She returns to kitchen. The person is hiding and watching as she lights the lighter.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Precap- Rani lights the stove and it catches fire…. Rani shouts veer’s name… Everybody comes in the kitchen…. Later its shown that the man with the gloves is ranvijay… His face is revealed.

    1. Thank you @Anushka I was looking for the precap. RV is a psycho I’m convinced😭 when will Veer get a break?💔

  2. Anesha

    First of all thanks @Anushka for the precap….much appreciated😊
    Secondly pat yourselves on the back guys, welcome our new villain RV🙃
    They are trying to turn rani sa positive now…felt a little bad for her today. Her trying to make the kheer🥺
    Sweet moment for ranveer with rani saying veer’s her favourite….aww☺☺
    RV playing nicey nice is annoying me already…I can see the fakeness from a mile away. I feel bad for Veer, who can he really trust besides the obvious two.
    Lastly, he got his license back. Doc sahab is back!! Unfortunately daddy dearest was hugging the limelight🙄🙄
    No nandini and champa…great!

    1. No Nandini and Champa was the best part🤣
      I’m happy we got our Docter sahab back😍 RV was waaayyy too nice. Why isn’t he trying to spend time with his mom or even DV, they’re his family too. Veer as usual is going to end up hurt in the end and Rani might be too(physically anyway)

  3. Precap link for anyone who wants to watch – https://www.instagram.com/p/CR6k65ki8lz/?utm_medium=copy_link

    And also bad news for all of you, ATBA is going off air on the 23rd August so I guess this is the last track of the serial. And I knew it was Ranvijay but good news is we got our ranveer moments today it was cute 😍 and he got his licence back yayy

    1. Anesha

      Yea I saw that but I refuse to believe that until a cast member confirms or zee tv confirms. There are still so many tracks to show tho…rani’s education, ranveer’s growth, kivi love story, exposing jai etc. do they plan to do all this in 3 weeks?

    2. Exactlyyy….. Nd also there is no news at all of the show going off air…. Maybe the time slot for atba changes…. I just don’t think the show will go off air…. Moreover its doing much better than some of the other zee tv shows like hamari wali good news and qubool hai etc types…. I just hope that only its time slot changes…. I cannot bear the show to get off air😭

    3. Anesha

      Me too😭😭
      HWGN is going off air on the 15th Aug or close to that. It’ll be replaced by Meet.
      I thought this new show would replace Qurbaan hua since it’s trp has been lower than atba and it’s one of the confirmed off air shows. Also reports were saying Katti batti would go off air because the lead actress is doing Bigg Boss. So how does Atba fit in😔

    4. Thanks @Khushi💙 also I know not to panic now because I read everything but here is where things started to go downhill in the comments😂😂 you guys had me scared I almost came off the forum😂😂😂

  4. Whattttt😶😶… Who said the show is getting off air?????? This cannot happen😭😭😭…. There is so much to happen in this show still😫

    1. That’s why they are showing things in a fast paced way. It’s going off air on the 23rd August. There are media pages that are confirming rishton ka majhna will replace it at 7pm 🙃

    1. The show is shifting to 6:30pm slot from 23rd August

    2. Anesha

      Thank u very much!!
      Trp still needs to increase…this is a second life for both fans and creatives. We can breathe a little now😅

  5. @Khushi i am feeling like i have literally got a new life now😭… I was literally dead otherwise😭…. From the moment i heard the news of show going off air i was just searching on instagram to get a news that its false… Nd now this confirmation from sangeeta mam has just given me a big sigh of relief tbh….
    Today i truly realised that how much close is this serial to my heart😭❤…. I had never felt this feeling ever before for any other show❤❤

  6. Noooo please don’t end the show!! It barely started!! Yes we want the tracks to move fast but not to end it!! How could u!! No Ranveer or KiVi romance??? Veer only getting hurt n betrayed now he will shatter again bcs of RV???

  7. Ohhh yay!!! thanks khushi 😘😘🤗🤗… thank you 4 saving me from panic attack!!

    1. Haha @ kitty i had already got one today😂…. Just hope that everyone else scrolls down the entire comment section till the bottom to take a sigh of relief otherwise this news will give everyone an attack today😂

  8. Okkk so now i can finally comment on today’s episode(i was just scared till death with the news of show going off air🤭)…
    First and foremost i was literally watching the whole ranveer scene with a big smile on my face🙈…. “Aap bh to hmare pasand ke hai” and veer’s big smile and that little blush was justttt lovee🤭❤….There is just sooooo much love between these two❤😍… Loved this fliratious side of rani today… She is literally putting so much efforts these days😍…. Now coming to ranvijay being a new villain😂…. I think atba is making a big villain gang😂…. I am very sure that his motive is to separate veer and rajeshwari nd he is doing this by hurting rani so that he can put the entire blame on rajeshwari and veer can definitely not live with a person intending to hurt his lady love🤭😂…. That saas bahu scene in the kitchen was cute tbh🤭😂… Felt bad for ranisa today😢(don’t know why but ya i did)… I just hope rani gets unconscious tomorrow because of fire ,than veer takes her in his arms and be with her all the day🙈🤭😂😂😂

    1. Sangeeta Adhikary personally replied to my DM… and said slot change don’t believe in market news

  9. I don’t get why Rani is targeted by Ranvijay? Is it because he wants Veer to doubt on RaniSa more??

  10. Just because he can see that Rani kaanta hai uske manzil mein…She is a hurdle…She first made Veer return to the house…Then she is trying to unite the mother and son duo… again she prevented him from spilling dat he is Veer’s biological father,thus preventing him from all the limelight he would have got…he is again aware that Rani is blessed with conscience and will definitely investigate him in near future…She may also prevent him from tarnishing Ranisa’s image… Slyly took away the credit of medical license in front of Veer…
    In fact he has got a special talent in eavesdropping…first he was silently listening to RanVeer’s convo… and from there he realised that in order to make Veer his side…he needs to play along and exhibit special fatherly love towards Rani thereby earning Veer’s confidence…then he carefully heard of gift in Nandini’s room and replaced it with Glass debris… again after Rani spoilt his plan…he took revenge by asking her to make kheer and was doing countdown for dil’s demise…by God’s grace our protagonist is saved… let’s see what more holds in future for our beloved RanVeer…since the show is continuing…am 💯 sure dat his heinous acts won’t be revealed so soon and He is gonna create rift between Ranisa and Veer 😖😣😖 Hopefully Rani shouldn’t sacrifice her husband

    1. Anesha

      @Shweta great points👍
      He’s a smart player. I get the feeling he may be more dangerous than rani sa. He definitely wants veer to hate rani sa even more. For every good thing she tries to do to win veer over He’s gonna easily insert himself like today with the license.
      Spot on u are with rani. He sees her as a threat.
      It’s not just about getting veer and making rani sa look bad, part of me thinks he wants revenge for rani sa and DV moving on. Nobody except veer cares for him, not even rajmata I would say. Rajmata is glad to have him back but she’s more focused on rani sa

    2. I guess his real motive is property… and Veer is just a pawn in his game…he wishes to snatch everything from Rajeswari as she has all the empire

    3. Anesha

      Hmm sad! Sounds like we have another jai. After the gold only. Veer being used as a pawn once again😔
      The guy needs a break

    4. Jai is a comic element…Ranisa is egoistic…can break relations…but cannot harm anyone…this guy is the combo of Shakuni Ravan and Manthara… needs revenge fame and property…he is Satan 10.0…am afraid 😳

    5. Yesterday I made a lot of fuss for the small truffle… sorry for that… actually FK is suffering from common cold from some days and his eyes are swollen…the fact that he had blown the candles… hence he couldn’t feed it to anyone else and vice versa everyone was feeding him…he alone had to finish the entire cake as nobody is gonna eat the micro sputum sprayed cake…so to avoid food wastage…the cake 🎂🎂🎂 was small…silly me why I didn’t thought of this yesterday 😣

    6. Yep that’s true I think she wants everything belonging to Ranisa so he targeted Rani to get Veer to doubt on RaniSa more in order to increase the rift but very good points

    7. @Shweta I agree with @Anesha RV is old and experienced so he’ll be playing his moves wisely and it might take a longer time to catch him, Jai honestly cannot touch him he’s way to comedic.
      @Shweta I doubt RV’s motive is property but who knows maybe he’s greedy, but he did tell Veer he would lack nothing if he went home with him so that implies he has everything

    8. Sometimes a rich person can be a con

  11. Awww that background rangrezz song was too good …baliya style bdy celebration 😘😘😘 n rani n ranusa kitchen moments was nice too. This runvijay is taking full advantage of the situation!!

    1. I just love the way Veer was looking at her…Hayee…ham toh sharma gaye❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️… and he was definitely excited upon entering the room…his expression were crystal clear 😍😍🔥🔥🔥… and when Rani told him that he was her choice too…damn…his eyes💘💘💘

    2. Anesha

      @Kitty Runvijay🤣🤣
      A track star in the making…
      Last time he ran away from responsibilities let’s see what he does this time.
      Agreed…Felt so good to hear the theme song😍

    3. Yup a trackstar indeed, he’s number one on the villan team for ATBA currenty😂😂

    4. Anesha

      Oh definitely but I think she may outdo them all😂

  12. Anesha

    @A buddy where are u?🥺🥺

    1. True…am also missing @A

    2. I’m right here @Anesha and @Shweta I missed you guys today🥺🥺

  13. Hey guys sorry I’m so late today. I don’t even know if you guys will even read this, but I guess I should tell you guys a little about myself to explain my whereabouts😉 So I’m actually a student and I had my last exam today(I just got home) my timezone is different btw so I didn’t do my lab exam at night😂😂 I’m studying to get into med school but until then I have many exams to do still, but I kinda have a break now until my next exams in a few months😅
    I missed you all @Shweta and @Anesha🥺🥺💙💙💙💙💙💙 PS I’m a girl I know A is pretty ambiguous so you wouldn’t know if I’m a girl/boy🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙈🙈

    1. Anesha

      Lol yea it was pretty ambiguous but now we know🤦‍♀️ Mystery unveiled🤣🤣
      No biggies…I hope all went well❤❤. Even I’m a student…nursing student to be exact so I know the stress these exams bring. Waiting to hear your thoughts on the epi

    2. I only now realized how ambiguous my name was🤦🏻‍♀️ but I started it so I might as well keep going with A😂
      Yes the exam was tough, but I completed everything thank God❤ and thanks for asking @Anesha💙(almost didn’t get to finish😅)
      @Anesha thanks for telling me about yourself,all the best with your studies for nursing, you’ll be a great nurse!❤❤ Nurses are underated to me and I believe they’re the lifeblood of the healthcare system, they do so much and work really hard❤❤
      I finally gave my thoughts on the episode a little further below, hope you get to see and give your opinion if you want😊

    3. Anesha

      Thank u so much…means alot❤
      And right back at ya Doc. I Pray that God carries u through to the end🙏. I already know you’ll make your loved ones very proud😊😊.
      And I love your mindset about nurses…working hand in hand is the best way

    4. No problem @Anesha❤ thank you so much for your prayer and I pray the same for you too❤😊. You’ll make your loved ones proud as well!

  14. Okay there’s soooo much to talk about you all have no idea of the rollercoaster ride I was on when reading all these comments😭😭 good thing I read everything😆
    @Anushka,@Khushi,@Anesha,@Kitty,@Shweta I got so scared reading your comments on the show going off air🥺
    Thanks for letting us know that the show only got shifted to another timeslot I’ll be able to sleep well now🤣🤣 I hope this wakes up the writers and they realize they need to stop wasting the talented cast they have😑😑 and I hope all the fans rally behind ATBA and watch the show. I’m not sure if people view serials at that time but where I live a lot of people watch serials at that time🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Yayy you are back. Good luck with those exams and all and I think they are a lot of people are loving the show so I hope this means that trp will increase. I love the cast they are all doing an amazing job

    2. Oh my gosh you guys are awake!😆 thanks @Khushi💙
      ATBA deserves the attention and I hope everything works out

  15. Welcome back A!! Wishing you goodluck and success with ur med school dactar sahiba!! 🙏🙏 nd thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thanks so much @Kitty I really appreciate it💙💙 aww dactar sahiba you’re making me blush☺☺😁 No problem, I feel like I know you all and I feel comfortable enough to share about myself now🤗

  16. Finally I can talk about today’s episode, I got to watch it before I left🤪
    I loved the RanVeer moment we got today, Rani made Veer blush today they’re so cute❤ I think shoving food into each other’s mouths to avoid answering things is Rani and Veer’s thing and honestly I’m not complaining 😂😂😂😂 I’m also convinced Rani is a foodie🤣 Veer’s smile is amazing,sometimes when he smiles I see bits of Fahmaan slipping into Veer’s character😅
    So for those who guessed it and had your suspicions were right Runvijay was up to no good and poor RanVeer are the victims🥴 Veer is gonna be manipulated again and Rani sa might turn out to be his saviour? Gosh I hope not😖 but earlier in the replies, I can’t remember who,but someone laid out what RV’s plan could be: which is to hurt Rani and blame Rani sa which would cause Veer to hate her and possibly the family too. Buttttt we’ll benefit from this because Veer will become increasingly protective of Rani and he will always want her in his sight so possibly get more RanVeer moments🥺🥺? Veer is going to be in full protective mode and he’ll put Runvijay back into another coma once he finds out he has been hurting Rani😂😂 But what’s RV’s motive? You got a 2nd chance, why waste it?🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Anesha

      @A you’re spot on…the good thing about this is Veer will be in protective mode😏😏
      @Shweta had mentioned a theory that RV may be in for the property as well. She has a good point as usual.
      I did feel sorry for rani sa….what’s wrong with me🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ an emotional wreck I am😆

    2. Thanks, I’m trying to see the benefits of Veer having a villan dad😅 I feel at the end of the villan dad track, she might redeem herself because I think this might be a journey of redemption and change for her, maybe she’ll understand the importance of humilty and family. Don’t worry I’m feeling sorry for Rani sa too, we need help😂😂 but whenever she gets angry at Rani I get angry at her,but Rani teasing her today was funny too🤣 I really hope Rani sa changes because I could get used to the teasing between them.

  17. Nd of course ranisa will be blamed since she was seen in the kitchen!! 🏃‍♂️ Vijay wants property n status I 🤔

    1. Anesha

      @Kitty good observation…veer may get angry on her. But I feel rani may protect her like she did with the gift

    2. I hope Rani sa sees what Rani is doing for her and changes her ways and how she treats her. @Kitty I doubt it’s property because as the first born doesn’t he already have rights and properties? But now I realize that may have been given over to DV? But as he’s back he did not get everything back officially probably that’s why he’s doing all that he’s doing to look good and get back the throne?

    3. One Hug from Dr Sahab and a lovey dovey moment is expected today… fingers crossed 🙏🏻

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