Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer and Rani to be divorced

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Scene 1
Rani says is this all or is there anything else too? Veer says this and there is something else too. I.. Ramo comes in. Veer says kaka are you okay? Ramo says please go from here. Veer says but what happened? He says we have suffered and heard enough. Our patience has ended. Before my anger drowns you too, please leave. Veer says but I came here to talk to Rani. Ramo says talk later but take permission from your Rani sa first. If you don’t get permission don’t come back here. Veer says I have to talk today. Kiara calls Veer and says please come fast. Rani sa’s hand is cut. please come.. Veer says Rani I have to go. Rani sa is injured. I will come back to talk. He leaves.

Rajeshawri asks is he coming? Kiara says yes. She says but how will we show the bruise? She breaks a glass and cuts her hand. Kiara says what are you doing.. She says the deeper my wound is the more Veer would be in control. Kiara says but your hand is bleeding. Rajeshwari says just leave.

Ramo says shut the door. no one will come from that house here now. Rani shuts the door. Veer comes to Rajeshwari and asks how did this happen? She says I slipped. Veer gets a first aid kid and dresses her wound. She says the blood will be made again but I won’t let you mend your relationship with Rani. I stopped you from talking to Rani. Veer is here and my gift will be there soon.

Scene 2
Dadi asks Ramo why didn’t you let Veer talk to Rani? He came here to talk to her on his own. Ramo says in heart how do I tell her what I heard. Birju says in heart Rani couldn’t talk to her. Ramo recalls Rajeshwari asked him to get the papers signed. Door knocks. Kiara and Jai come with shagun. Kiara says Rani sa sent it from Veer’s side. I know you don’t want to talk to him so he sent all this. This is bridal dress and all shagun things. Dadi says I said Veer will fix everything. He realized his mistake. He sent shagun for you. Jai says I didn’t know you will be so happy about Rani and Birju’s wedding. Do you like this dress Rani? If Birju don’t like we can get another one. Kiara says let us know if you need anything. We are leaving for Jaipur. Jai says you didn’t give her the other gift?

He takes out papers and says here’s your path to freedom and ticket to your marriage with Birju. Divorce papers. Veer sent them for you. Rani is shocked. Rani sees the papers and recalls her wedding with Veer.

Scene 3
Veer gives water to Rajeshwari and says you rest, please. She says in her heart he will go to her. Rajeshwari asks where are you going? He says to Rani. I need to fix it. Kiara comes in and says Veer if you are going to Rani it’s useless. Veer asks why? Kiara says we went there. Rani sa sent us to talk to them. Rajeshwari says I am your mom, I know your pain. I know your feelings for her. That’s why I want you both to be together again. I know you and Kiara are pretending to be married. Kiara confirmed this. Kiara says but Rani said something else. Veer says what? Kiara says Rani sent these divorce papers for you. Veer says what? She says yes, Rani has signed them as well. Veer sees the signs. Kiara says in her heart the fake signature looks real. Veer says no Rani can’t do this. Kiara says Ramo threw these on our faces. Veer says enough Kiara. Jai says you can ask Ramo. You will trust her. Veer calls Ramo. Veer says these divorce papers.. He says only this was left. Everything is clear. What else do you want to say? veer says I want to talk to Rani. Ramo says there will be no more talking. Veer says but.. Ramo hangs up.

Rani cries. Veer calls on rani’s number but she doesn’t pick. Veer cries and says I can’t give up. He goes to talk to her. Kiara says he is going to Rani? How are you so shocked. Rajeshwari says this misunderstanding will never be cleared. Ramo’s daughter is insulted. He won’t let Veer talk to Rani at all.

Scene 3
Rani is upset. Birju says Rani.. Rani says will you all keep sitting like a statue? What had to happen did. She says to Ramo you taught me life is a test. I have to focus on my project. there’s so much work left. She says Pinku get these things from the market. She says Birju don’t be upset. I don’t have time to feel all that. Dadi can you make me tea? She nods. Rani goes to her room. Veer comes there.

Episode ends.

Precap-Veer says you want divorce? Rani says if there’s no trust in our relationship what’s the point of this marriage? There is nothing left. Veer says okay when our destinations are different why the same paths? I will go my way and you go your way.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Firstly to Atiba, you missed the written update for Saturdays episode..and secondly I found the episode quite interesting, I know the divorce is a drama by Rani sa..and I think Birju will help Rani and Veer meet that’s why they are in that godown in the precap..also I really don’t think this drama will happen because in the precap it looks like Veer again is drunk so there is more of a chance that he might remember that night and secondly the 200th epi is on Thursday, I think by that time it will all be cleared. This Rani sa and Kiara is very annoying. But pls everyone keep watching

  2. I knew from watching Saturday’s episode that look on Rani sa’s face, she was going to do something dirty, she had the look of a desperate woman and as they say when the game is about to end one should expect fouls. I expected her to do something nasty and she did not disappoint. How can you hate someone so much that you harm yourself willingly like that? wow, just wow.😮
    Where’s Vikram during all this? Wait is Birju on Rani sa’s side now?
    I hope Rani trusts Veer, he actually looks like he regrets what he did and she should know that those divorce papers aren’t from him. I like how he refuses to believe Rani sa, Jai and Kiara and wants to meet to talk to Rani to confirm the truth, this is more like Veer.
    Veer really does look drunk in the precap, perhaps getting drunk again might help him remember that night?? I’m convinced that everything might be resolved in the 200th episode hopefully🥺 I refuse to believe that Rani would walk away from Veer like that🥺

    1. How are you people so positive about everything getting resolved till 200th episode…. I just don’t think that they would end up this track in 3 days…. But i just wish they do😭…. Dying to see veer and rani together 🥺

    2. I have to remain positive otherwise I would be crying all over the comments😭😭 I want Veer and Rani back together, I’m tired of this separation and misunderstanding on top of misunderstanding😥
      The 200th episode is a milestone so hopefully something big (in a good way) happens for Veer and Rani

    3. I hope the writers keep up with our expectations and bring them together till 200th episode🤞🤞

  3. The whole mahaepisode was a bluff…. I just really felt cheated after knowing that it was just a dream😂…. And now the last two episodes were just so useless…. This ranisa is such a bad woman… I just don’t understand that why the hell do these people bring birju and rani in between all this… The whole divorce sequence is just so emotional… I never thought that the it would come till here… And i don’t trust birju now… Why do i think that he is surely on ranisa’s side😭… And why the hell does this veer drink soo much… I just hope this track gets resolved soon… I m dying to see ranisa getting exposed because i have just started hating that woman…. I just hope that vikram does something🥺…. Excited to know how the two land up being in the godown together…. We would surely see veer in a devdas mode today….
    But whatever i say i just feel that the story of this serial is just too unpredictible unlike other serials…. I just hatch a complete story of the upcoming track but the story turn out to be completely opposite, something out of my imagination 🤭

    1. I was so sad when I realized it was a dream, I didn’t want to be right😭😭 Rani took us on an emotional ride with that one and her face afterward was so happy and how she got up like she was ready to go as if Veer was really there broke my heart because she got so sad💔💔 she really loves Veer🥺 Vikram is our only hope now because I’m not sure about Birju…I agree this show is unpredictable, let’s just sit and enjoy the ride now I guess😓
      Um can anyone help me understand, what is a godown?

  4. No the place may not actually be a godown…. It may be the place where ramadheer kirana store is being built… Godown is just a warehouse but i think the place they are in is the same place where veer fought with the goons….
    I agree rani loves veer soo much and i know veer loves her even more… I just hope to see something positive in the upcoming episodes because i am truly really done with so much of negativity and the evil winning over good every single time..

    1. Ohhh okay I understand, thank you so much for responding😊
      You know I was thinking that Rani and Veer should get trapped somewhere together where they would have no choice but to talk everything out and clear all misunderstandings, sigh but that may never happen. I really want good to win too and not just half way, I mean all the way, I want everyone of their evil deeds exposed and punished

    2. Its okay🤗
      I just hope what you said come true… They get trapped at this place🥺

    3. I was also sad that it was a dream but I really hope by 200th epi it will reveal something at least. I have had it with this track..too emotional 🥺

  5. The best shot will be that Rani & veer get trapped and cross all limits & Rani gets pregnant…. A slap on Ranisa

  6. I agree with you guys,I hope they clear the misunderstanding.

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