Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Only 12 hours left to save Rani

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Scene 1
Veer says I couldn’t be a good husband or son. Vikram says it isn’t your mistake. sit here. Let me bandage your wound. Veer says no I deserve this. Rajmata says are you crazy? Let him dress your wound. Vikram says you are a doctor how can you ignore the bleeding bruise. Jai comes in and says is everything okay? Veer says shut up. I don’t want to see your face. Get out. He says I came here to share your pain. Rani sa in and jail and Rani kidnapped. Vikram says how do you know Rani is missing? I am sure no one told you from the house. He says Nandini told me. She is my friend. Veer says Nandini it’s better if house matters remain in the house. Vikram says go from here and don’t call Nandini again. Sanjay says Vikram we can’t behave this way with a guest. Sanjay says Jai we are not okay. Please let us be. Nandini says let me see him off. Veer says I can’t wait anymore. I have to release Rani. I should talk to Vijay.

Nandini comes out. Jai says you are so nice. You came out to talk to me and give me the money. Nandini slaps him and says I told you nothing should happen to my brother. You should apologize instead of asking for the money. Jai says you think I can harm my to-be brother-in-law? I am risking everything for you. I had to stop Veer. I hit my own men who hit Veer. I wanted that money for an emergency but you always insult me. Nandini says I am not getting anything. You have to release Rani. We will get Rani sa out. He says don’t you trust me? I want to do something for my MIL. Nandini says I don’t think we will get married. He says I will do anything for our love. But if you don’t trust me, I will manage anything. I will arrange the money. Nandini says stop.. Nandini gives him cash. Nandini says I had to arrange it, I asked Kiara. Nandini said to Kiara I am stuck. I promised money to a charity a few days ago but I don’t have money now. You know the situation. I can’t ask anyone. Kiara said are you sure you are not in any trouble? You can share with me. Nandini said I need it for the charity. Kiara said I will arrange it. Nandini says to return it timely so I can return to Kiara. Nandini leaves.

Scene 2
Veer calls Vijay and says do something. You have to save Rani. He says we are trying. Veer recalls his moments with Rani. Veer says how could I let that chance go? Kumud comes and says this parcel is for you. Don’t worry, Rani will be released soon. Veer opens the parcel, it has Rani’s bangles and chunri. Veer says Rani’s bangles.. Jai calls him. Veer says what did you do to Rani? I will kill you if you touch her. Jai says don’t shout. Veer says I don’t want to see Rani. He says after 12 hours you will see her dead anything. Jai hangs up.

Champa takes the money from the car. Jai says stop. Champa says you blackmail everyone and I blackmail you. I took my own money. He says you are not doing right. She says is the money what I wanted? I can expose you in a minute. She leaves with the money. Jai says I will see you once I get done with this.

Veer holds the chunri and cries. He screams.. Vikram and Birju come. They see the parcel box. Veer says we only have 12 hours. We need to find a way. Birju says only one person can help us now. Veer says who? Birju says Rani sa, your mom.

Scene 3
Veer comes to meet Rajeshwari. She says have you made of your condition? Is there a problem? You are worrying me. Rajeshwari says tell me is everything okay? Veer says yes everything is okay. Veer says you won’t have to stay here for long. I promise you. She says I trust you. Veer says I am going to take a big step. I have lost something precious. Give me blessings. She says what are you going to do? I know you are in trouble but don’t take a step you might regret later. He says yes, I will come back. Rajeshwari says take care. Veer leaves. She says what is he going to do?

Veer comes out. Birju says what did she say? Veer says she doesn’t know anything. Birju says don’t hide it. Veer says why do you keep doubting us? She doesn’t know. Vijay says we can’t find out anything. Birju takes the gun and says I know what to do. Vijay says Birju put the gun down. Veer says this is wrong. Birju says to Vijay open Rani sa. If this is the way to get Rani out then be it.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer says he has a plan to save both Rani and Rajeshwari. He shares it with Vijay and others and says there cannot be any mistake. He dresses up in a disguise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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