Anupama 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bapuji/Hasmukh Suffers A Heart Attack

Anupama 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya lying on Vanraj’s shoulder says its been long since they had gone to a restaurant, let us go to nearby Japanese restaurant. He engrasped in thoughts says yes. She says he can go home as his attention is somewhere else, she wanted to inform him about Anirudh. He asks her not to get angry as he will stay with her tonight. Samar helps Nandini arrange furniture and asks if there is some other work. She says no and says I like you. Samar asks what did she say. She repeats and once she leaves jumps in happiness. Vanraj over phone informs Bapuji that he is busy at work tonight and will not come home. Bapuji informs family Anu and Baa the same. Baa yells at Anu that because of her Vanraj cannot even have proper food and if she wants to stay like before serving Vanraj she can , else she go back to her mother’s house. Bapuji warns her to stop yelling at bahu. Their argument starts, and Anu tries to stop their fight. Bapuji walks away a bit falls down getting a heart attack. Anu with Baa rushes to him and panic seeing his condition. She asks Sweety to call Vanraj, but Vanraj is busy romancing Kavya keeping his phone in silent mode. He walks towards mobile, but Kavya says this is her time, and he gets back to her. Sweety informs that papa is not picking call. Anu calls doctor who sends his assistant. Assistant checks Bapuji and says his condition is critical and needs to be shifted to hospital immediately via car as ambulance would take time to come. Anu says she doesn’t know to drive.

Samar with Mamaji returns just then and panics seeing Bapuji’s condition. Anu asks him to get their car. Samar says papa took cook. She asks to get neighbor’s car. Anu consoles Baa and tries to wake up Bapuji all the while. Samar brings neighbor’s car. They both get in to him care and rush towards hospital asking Sweety to take care of Baa and mamaji. They reach hospital where doctor checks and informs that Bapuji suffered a heart attack and needs angiogram right now. Anu says she doesn’t know all that. Doctor asks her to call Vanraj. Samar tries his number repeatedly. Toshu reaches home and hearing about the incident rushes to hospital checking for Vanraj in his office on the way. Doctor asks Anu to take a decision soon. Toshu reaches and says papa is not at office. Anu asks Samar to call Kavya, but even her phone is switched off. She asks him to keep trying. Vanraj after sometime checks his mobile and sees it switched off.

Precap: Doctor asks Anu to sign consent form and informs Anu that if something happens to Bapuji/Hashmukh during operation, she will be responsible for it. Toshu shouts At Anu how can she take such a big decision without papa. Vanraj warns Anu that if something happens to Bapuji, she will be responsible.

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  1. Anu you need to give best replay with words or slap

  2. Shaheera Khan

    yes she need to speak up .

  3. She has stopped being a doormat. But her insensitive cad of a husband needs to change his tactics. His how dare you is repetitive and in today’s day and age a progressive approach is required

  4. Lol this stupid oldie was romancing somewhere else now scolding her
    I mean why’s she even tolerating which era is this smg

  5. I just hate people like vanraj in the society, He was romancing somewhere else with kavya and now he is yelling at anupamaa. How can a person be so selfish, rude and irresponsible? Anupama needs to speak up! I hope that bapuji will be alright as he is the only one who loves and cares for anupama like a daughter in the house. If in future vanraj will be caught then he is the only one who will support anupama and would definitely punish him fir it.

  6. I really want to punch him lol

  7. Come now, his affair must come out. If they conceal it for the father in laws health that will suck.

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