Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Instigates Barkha Against Anupama

Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakhi instigatges Barkha against Anupama. She says she heard Kapadia empire is in Anupama’s name now, it looks weird that a devrani carries the house keys on her waist while jethani is present. Barkha asks how does it matter. Rakhi says it matters a lot to her and says Anupama comfortably speaks to and meets her ex-husband in front of her present husband. Barkha says Shahs are a loving people. Barkha says they are Gujrath’s biggest frauds and says Leela and Hasmukh look like an ideal couple, but once Leela kicked Hasmukh out of the house; they left Anupama for Kavya, but still now roam around Anupama. Barkha asks her not to badmouth about a woman being herself a woman. Rakhi then describes Vanraj and Malvika’s affair and Vanraj’s flings and says she doesn’t know what all happened with Anuj’s entry in Shah house and Anuapam’s angry avatar, etc., and says she just wanted to alert her.

Barkha says issues happen in every family. Rakhi says she already burnt her hands and hence Barkha should be careful, Anupama needs everything in her kitty from whole Shah family to whole Kapadias and everyone around her. Anupama hears their conversation and says she needs everything and what is wrong if she is maintaining a balance; she feels every woman should learn balancing her professional and personal life and manages all her relationships as they are her dear ones and she can’t lose any. She then invites them to start the function and returns in, leaving them both in shock.

Shahs and Kapadias play a game where each picks a chit with number, Kinjal will spin a wheel, and the number comes will have a special relationship with the baby. They all enjoy the game connecting themselves to the baby. At last, Kinjal says she wants Anupama to give her morales to her baby and wants her/him to become like her. Anupama says baby should get both maternal and paternal grandmother’s love and explains Kinjal that Rakhi sacrificed spending time with Kinjal to give her a better life, etc.

Rakhi gets emotional, but then thinks Anupama got even her into her charm. Barkha offers her water. Rakhi says they both can be beneficial to each other if they unite and extends a friendship hand. Barkha seeing her family getting fond of Anupama accepts her friendship. Anupama notices that. Samar plays Didi Tera Dewar Deewana.. song. Anupama says this song doesn’t fit in this situation. They all give their explanation with Leela taunting Rakhi, Jignesh flirting with her, kids recalling watching the film in childhood, etc. Anuj enacts as Salman Khan and hits a flower with a slingshot.

Precap: Anupama with everyone dances on the song. Vanraj drags Adhik and slaps him. Anuj gets angry.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Started on a promising note, this serial has become crap. The initial content of Anupama was impressive. Her dialogues were effective when she stood against Vanraj and Leela but her habit of giving lectures became headache now. Her situation has not changed even after 2nd marriage. If not baa or kavya, now she has to fight against Barkha.
    What is the status of Anuj? It is painful to see a successful dashing businessman getting involved in household drama. Did he wait for 26 long years to tolerate ex-in-laws and children of Anupama?
    Instead of Anupama learning business from him, Anuj himself has started giving bhashans just like her. Women empowerment has lost. Now this is just like a typical Ekta Kapoor show with evil jethani and good devrani.
    Rakhi doesn’t have other work so that she is getting time to ruin her own daughter’s home and giving taunts to leela and family when her daughter is pregnant.

    1. Idiot. Who says businessman husband can’t help her wife?

  2. Having difference in opinion is perfectly fine, but insulting/show off/dominating/conspiracy is not allowed.
    We gather to help and enjoy, if that is not happening then these gatherings are useless and should be avoided at best.
    If someone doesn’t have money, its not mandatory to give costly gift.
    If someone doesn’t have time, its not mandatory to attend the function by risking job/life/health.
    But when one family member is facing financial crisis/health issues, its mandatory to help selflessly.
    Rishton ka maan bas functions me samil hone se nahin hota, woh Bir jawan saalon tak ghar na ake bi humara sabse apna hai, woh doctor chahe 22 hrs hospital me rahe phir bhi humari jaan bacha leta hai…
    Work comes first as work is nothing but service to man kind.
    We work to help and we celebrate to relax, people should understand it.
    if celebration feels like a burden/instills a sense of inferiority in someone, something should be optimized.
    In my opinion, celebrations should be relaxed, friendly, in comfortable clothing, best in Nature’s nest.
    My elder Sis(cousin) and Jiju both are doctors, their schedule is so hectic that they rarely attend any function, but in case of emergencies, we need them the most. And they are available anytime we reach out to them. And we celebrate whenever we defeat the adversities together. That is our auspicious time!

    And irony is my sister’s mil didn’t like her at all, she daily cribbed that she did a ghate ka sauda by bringing a doctor dil who is not good in chores/dressing/rituals.
    But recently she was diagnosed with tooth cancer and di is the one who could relieve her pain and saved her life. Her other chores expert dils couldn’t help. She learnt her lesson in a difficult way and now she praises and help di all possible way.

  3. Anupama knows rakhi and barkha are conspiring against her but she does nothing about it and takes it so lightly until one day it will be too late.

  4. Is Rakhi a mother? Every mother loves her daughter n only wish for her happiness but this Rakhi is different she loves to see her daughter family n her loved one in trouble which eventually will lead to her daughter!!

    1. Hafsat Abubakar

      Yes I don’t know she is like this

  5. Octobergirl19

    Yes it seems the show has lost it’s glory when Anuj came in like a knight on a white horse, they gave the viewers what we wanted, to see Ma’An united in marriage so Anupama could be away from the toxic Vanraj and baa. Sadly now it has returned to same only now Anuj is in the same with Anu in being insulted. Viewers asked to see a difference by making Anupama a businesswoman from being an abused woman. Now by making her owner of huge empire owner in name only is ridiculous if she still has to do all house chores, run to dance academy do it all for everyone, including the Shah’s. Its not what we wanted, viewers wanted to see Anuj and Anupama as BUSINESS PEOPLE only.
    If production keep on the current track they will start falling down the chart soon. Yes Anuj is perfect but not having him as a caretaker.

    1. There is a difference, previously though Anu was doing more chores, she was never appreciated by Vanraj and co.
      But now she is well supported by all the families and holds more than her share.
      Previously she was dominated not even allowed to spend an evening with friends, but now she can function as per her wish.
      But yes show still lacks respect for work/karma, it fails to understand that work is the service to mankind/creation which has the utmost importance.
      And if all the people will have their learning/earning/working capability which gains respect/identity/satisfaction to them, they can stay happy and busy instead of conspiring against each other.
      Rakhi is egoistic due to too much of wealth and as she doesn’t find Shahs at her level, she is trying to snatch Kinjal and Thoshu and wants them to be with her, mostly Thoshu as Ghar jamai. She finds Anu irritating/jealous of Anu due to Kinjal’s affinity towards her. Rakhi needs to value relations but as Baa says she doesn’t even respect her own Ghar jamai husband.
      It’s very true that Ghar jamai and housewives have no respect!
      Everyone need to keep their learning/earning ability intact and support each other to keep working and living successfully, at the end of the day its a team work, everyone are successful as a team not as an individual.

    2. As I understand work/service are paid/unpaid, while paid service are materialistic, unpaid service are out of love/spiritual.
      Traditionally men are pushed to achieve materialistic success and women are pushed to do unpaid service/embodiment of love and sacrifice.
      But everyone needs a balance of both, too much of anything is bad, ati sarbatra garhitam.

    3. @Subha, aapne toh aaj meri aankhe khol di itna sara samjha diya. God bless you.
      I doubt if the writers themselves know this much. Makers should remove these writers and hire you immediately as you have knowledge on each n everything and you also have all kind of experience. 👏👏

    4. I try to understand and live life.
      And surprisingly life is everything as well as nothing.

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