Anupama 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi’s Tantrums At The Ceremony

Anupama 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi invites Adhik for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. He agrees and asks what is she wearing. She says pink and yellow outfit. He says she looks good in pink and yellow outfit. She disconnects call and feels excited. Baa notices her and asks whom she was talking to. Pakhi says her friend and rudely asks her not to spy on her. Leela gets suspicious of her moves and thinks of keeping an eye on her. Rakhi visits Shah house for the ceremony. Anupama welcomes her with a flower gajra. Rakhi as usual passes comment. Leela shuts her mouth by mocking her.

Irritated Rakhi orders servants to bring gifts in and comments if they have problem with the gifts. Leela says why would they oppose her love for her daughter. Rakhi taunts they are getting too progressive, maybe to accept Kapadaias’ gifts. Shahs feel offended. Anu says she shouldn’t spread poison in her love for her daughter. Jignesh jokes that Rakhi looks not more than 22 years old. Rakhi gets happy and says everyone think she is Kinjal’s elder sister. Jignesh says women like fake praises. Rakhi gets angry hearing that. Jignesh forgets again. Samar enjoys the drama and tells Hasmukh that they should use Jignesh named brahmastra to tackle Rakhi named arrows. Rakhi asks to keep Jignesh away from her. Leela says she looks nagin than a woman.

Pakhi feels happy seeing Adhik’s message. Rakhi taunts that Kapadias haven’ta rrivied yet and says since they are from the groom’s side, its obvious theys show their importance. Pakhi excitedly says they arrived. Leela tells Anupama that she will welcome her in-laws. Rakhi thinks there would be only entertainment when Shahs, Kapadias, and Daves are under the same roof. Kapadias get out of car. Anupama gets tensed recalling their their earlier brawl. Anuj signals her to calm down. Anupama greets them with a flower gajra. Anupama performs their aarti and says she will welcome Anupama’s in-laws the way they welcomed her and taunts Barkha that its good she is wearing sari instead of a backless dress. Anupama tries to stop her. Barkha says she is mature enough to know what to where at a particular occasion. Leela asks then why was she wearing backless gown during ceremony at her house. Rakhi smirks thinking Leela is humiliating Barkha in wholesale.

Anupama asks Kapadias to come in. Leela asks them to leave their footwear out. Barkha says she kept sari length according to footwear heels. Leela asks her to adjust her sari then and welcomes them in her small house. Anuj welcomes Ankush in his maika and says he has 3 maikas, Shah House, Kapadia House, and Anupama’s maika. Sara says Shah house is very cute. Barkha says its very small. Leela taunts that they don’t have to use intercom to talk with the family members and don’t need guards outside the house to stop the guests. Barkha feels offended. Rakhi comments nobody will come to steal spoons in such small houses. Barkha laughs.

Anupama introduces Rakhi and Barkha to each other. Samar and Hasmukh laugh discussing that they both must be thinking that they are meeting themselves. Rakhi and Barkha shake hands. Pakhi smiles at Adhik. Anupama feels nervous. Hasmukh asks if she is nervous. Anupama expresses her concern with Leela, Barkha, and Rakhi present under same roof. Hasmukh suggests her to enjoy the event and not bother about the unhappened events, smile, keeps other smiling, and keep her 5-page lecture ready. Anupama cheers up.

Rakhi comments that nobody would tell Anupama and Barkha are devrani and jetani as there is a lot of difference between them. Anuj hits back saying same with Rakhi and Kinjal. Jignesh laughs. Anupama says if everyone has come, let us start the function. Everyone claps enthusiastically. Anuj issues satuatory warning that there would be lots of games during the function and everyone has to participate. Dolly offers relationship badges to everyone. Rakhi taunts that since Vanraj is absent, Anuj will take granfather’s badge. Anuj says Vanraj is the grandfather and he would never take Vanraj’s place, baby’s grandfather and grandmother would always be Anu and Vanraj.

Anupama says Anuj has a special relationship with the baby, buddy dada. Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik feel weird reading Buddy daadi, buddy bada dada, and buddy uncle on their badges. Anupama explains that Anuj has a special relationship with the baby, even they have a special relationship with her/him. Barkha gets irritated. Leela comments Barkha would have happily worn the badge if buddy backless daadi would have been written on it.

Precap: Everyone dance and enjoy at Kinjal’s baby shower ritual. Rakhi taunts Vanraj that Anuj has replaced him in his grandchild’s ceremony. Vanraj looks angry.

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  1. So.. writers apni aukaat pe aa gaye.. tantrums, taunts and drama. Poor guys don’t have anything new or innovative to offer. jaisi jiski soch aur aukaat. Where is women empowerment? What about Anupama’s job and dance academy?
    Fir se partyme drama from rakhi and barkha.. and bhashanbaji and ultimatums from gyan ki devi. Poor obedient puppet husband Anuj, once upon a time foreign return businessman ab bechara cartoon jaisa ho gaya. Jo Anu kahegi woh karega nahi to 5 panne ka lecture sunna padega. Really actors don’t have any moral values or self-respect. They can do any faltu roles for money.

    1. Excuse me Kya yeh Tantrum nhi hai aapka?

    2. Bilkul nahi. Aapko problem hai to google kar ke dekh lo πŸ˜„

    3. Hatamkhor wapas aa gaya.

  2. Rakhi also doesn’t want any issue at her daughter’s day and now herself trying to Provoke Vanraj to create an issue. Amazing. She and Vanraj should go to same Psychiatrist.

    1. You should also go to Psychiatrist.

    2. Oh dear thank you for your concern but it’s ok, people at your age(like Pakhi) tend to behave like this.

    3. Omg u pulled a Rakhi 🀣

  3. Very nice episode

  4. They didn’t invite Devika? Her presence is much required.

    1. She is also onsite for the training on women empowerment project, have important work, so they will do video call during ceremony.

    2. Cost cutting ideas. They sent Kanta to Surat to attend marriage and Devika onsite πŸ˜‚

    3. Chup hoja nalayak.

    4. Tu bhi chup hoja
      Kal se dekh raha hoon bahut rubbish kar liye ab band karo

  5. One ceremony after another. They might as well keep the deco as it is. Really unrealistic.

    1. Start watching reality shows. You will enjoy.

  6. people complain about this show and bot got offended XD

    1. Oh so haramkhor is back with new id.

    2. its not any new id

    3. why u cuss me btw

    4. Because he is a paid agent. If you complaint about this show, he will start trolling you. If you keep arguing he will start abusing you and go to peraonal level. He tried selling burnol and B-tex but failed miserably.

  7. Rakhi and barkha are birds of the same feather. Wouldn’t be surprised if they both team up to humiliate shahs and anupama. Also might team up to usurp power and wealth from anu and anuj. Where is Mr. Dave?

    1. After a few episodes they will reveal that Rakhi and Barkha are sisters , they got separated from eachother in 1986 haridwar kumbhmela.
      Now both of them will plan as you mentioned. Mr Dave was another puppet who is no more required in the show because he is a good person.

  8. and why u cuss me πŸ™

    1. Actually that bot is a sadist and a Mecha-asylum runaway.

    2. Abe tu mental asylum me watchman hai kya? Doctor to tere jaise gadhe ko kaun banayega?

  9. why bot account cuss here?

    1. Because they want to get accepted as human

    2. Sau chuhe khaa ke billi haj ko chali.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›

  10. Why does the show only show anger, humiliation and fights? Showing adults fighting like children is disgusting, especially Baa who only knows to be cruel.
    Cannot imagine any mother out to ruin her daughter’s sasural like how Rakhi does. No mother should be shown to talk like her, it is a shame that the writers think it is ok to show this type of evil character.

    Time for the show to focus on something good and positive and cut down the negativity.

    1. Please let me know which world/war is caused by children? Its all adults who failed to grow, but never fail to preach…

    2. We have so many things to fight…. ignorance/poverty/hunger/diseases/natural calamities/pollution, but no, we know how to show off/fight/politics/power play inside the family itself forget about the situation outside.

    3. The writers love negativity, That’s why they didn’t let Devika, Kanta and Bhavesh attend this function because they are good and they don’t create dramas.

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