Anupama 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Hasmukh’s Words Haunt Anupama’s Mind

Anupama 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bapuji tells Anupama that she and Anuj both have rights to be happy, nobody can love her like Anuj does and is a god’s gift for her, he could see what she couldn’t, her and Anuj’s love is like Radha Krishna’s love, Radha Krishna couldn’t meet in that century, she should let them meet in this century at least. A Radha Krishna idol procession passes by. Bapuji prays Kanhaji to fulfill his daughter’s life with happiness and asks Anu to accept Anuj in her life. Anu walks along procession. Anuj joins her. She looks at him. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. song plays in the background. She looking at him remembers his care for her and accepting that he loves her. He asks if she is fine, he knows there are a lot of issues, but everything will be fine over time; she should look at the brighter side and see that her family is back under same roof again; Bapuji and Vanraj will take care of family, so she should take care of herself and be happy as his world gets sad when she gets sad; they couldn’t see clearly due to smoke and now can see everything clearly. He asks if she will come with him or stay with family. She says yes. He opens car door for her, and she walks in. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. song plays again. He starts driving car. Vanraj imagines becoming rich, reporters interviewing him and asking how did he build such a big empire in a short span. He determines to become rich and take revenge. Anuj drops Anu home and asks her to rest well as they have an important business and marketing team meeting which she cannot avoid and if possible should reach office early tomorrow. She nods yes. He drives his car away while Dil Hai Ke Maanta Hi Nahi.. song plays in the background.

Baa cries holding Bapuji’s feet and pleads for his forgiveness. Bapuji ask her to get up or else her knee pain will exacerbate. She sits next to him and says she was taught since childhood that husband is god/parmeshwar and she ignored that teaching and insulted him, he should punish her but forgive her. He says Kanhaji gave her punishment as she was ruling over the house sitting on a swing, but now her bahu will rule over her; she always humiliated Anupama; he returned back home for Vanraj’s sake, but he doesn’t want to stay this house. She says she disrespected her bahu and realized her value. He asks her to go and sleep now and walks away. She continues pleading her and falls down unconscious calling Anupama. Anupama gets Samar’s call and rushes towards Shah house. Vanraj notices him and asks what is she doing here at this time. She asks if he doesn’t know about Baa and rushes to Baa’s room. Doctor checks Baa and says her BP shot up due to stress, she will be fine if she rests. Baa opens eyes, tells Anu that she wants to talk to her, and asks Kavya to go out. Kavya says she is a family member and Anu is an outsider. Vanraj asks not to argue and go out. Kavya walks out fuming.

Anuj recites a shayari remembering Anupama. Baa apologizes Anu for insulting Bapuji and making whole family cry. She says since she got her conscience, she served Thakurji and gained punya, but with one paap/sin all her punya is gone. Anu asks her to forget everything like mamaji does. Baa says she will if Anu accepts her one request.

Precap: Kavya sees Anu lighting home temple lamp and asks how dare she is to do that in her house. Anu says she lit just a lamp, but Kavya lit her whole household. Kavya warns that she will fix a board outside that dogs and Anupama are not allowed inside house. Anu says good she compared her with an animal and not herself. Vanraj tells her that Kavya got out of his heart by snatching the house by trick, he wants to become a winner from loser at any cost.

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  1. Vanraj Shah will never be winner, he has been saying that Vanraj Shah is back since Shivarti, and he is still failing in life. Also why does Vanraj keep running to Anupama like Anupama is going to go back to him, or she (Anupama) will forgive Vanraj. Vanraj tried asking for forgiveness before and Anupama declined him… so what is Vanraj playing at?

    1. Disillusioned

      He keeps going back to her because he knows she does not have a sensible brain and easily falls into anyone’s trap to do what they want and not what she needs to do for herself ie the doormat?

  2. Winner banna teri choice hai usko ko kyu bol raha hai ? Vanraj shah is a looser and always be a looser
    1.Runs away at the time of his divorce
    2.Runs away from Mandap too
    3.He himself used to belittle Anu and compared her with Kaavya but got insecure when he was compared with Anuj
    4.Does not leave his ex wife fearing she will get a life partner BETTER THAN HIM
    overall Vanraj Shah oh sorry Assraj is a BIG OLD LOSER
    Btw I have noticed one thing that the makers are somewhat trying to whitewash Assrajs and old hag baa’s character . I mean it was never Kaavya planning to spy on MaAn when they were in Mumbai . It was never Kaavya who started to assasinating Anu’s character . It was Old hag and her Assraj son . but out of sudden kaavya has become the bad girl . Kinda suspicious . Well the only Villain I see are Assraj , his mistress turned second wife , old hag and trashu

    1. You are absolutely right. Baa and her son ravan as well as trashu(chita ravan) are the main culprit. Kavya snatching the house was totally wrong but not her insecurities, is toxic house mai insecure hona banta hai i don’t know why anu and bapuji are not understanding this.

    2. @Shubh :As I said no one will tolerate such shit . Any one would have run away from their . Still Anu justifies old hags taunt as love , her physical abuse warning as affection and Assrajs dominating Behavior as doting husband . Bichara Anuj iss circus mein fass gaya

    3. Sai kaha, sometimes i feel anu has no self respect, i hope anuj is not sidelined or made negative in future, i am not seeing any growth in anu’s character. I hope she had the little common sense and little selfish and little bit trait of monisha’s (sarabhai vs sarabhai) character

    4. but MaAn IS the endgame . in the span of 2 months there are many people who ship them . You know they should show some flashback college scenes of them . just for 1 ep will also be fine . atleast it will be better than this repetitive shah drama .

    5. Disillusioned

      Well said….Writers seem to forget a lot!!!

    6. Its like they have brought Anuj for only shayaris . Baaki toh Pura din yeh Toxic Shah house ka drama . Some flashback of college scenes will be good

  3. I really don’t understand why any is going back to that house again and again after all the insult she faced

    1. Cause she don’t have self respect and also because she worries about baa, i don’t know why she worry about those shitty teen tigada kaam bigada gang

    2. And this Samar, he keeps saying he wants his mommy to move on, but he keeps calling her and telling her about the happenings in Shah house, which makes her keep running back to that home.Why doesn’t he leave Kavya to take care of her wicked MIL.

    3. Disillusioned

      She keeps returning because she is a sucker for punishment. She feels lost without insults and belittling which she got in tons from Baa. So why should she not return to Baa? The witch who fulfilled her needs to perfection?

    Watch this review guys . As a regular viewer I thought he was just bashing the show but if I see the serial now what he said is absolute truth .

  5. Ummmmmmm…. The level of awkwardness that came from Anu’s stare, made me laugh quiet loud and made me feel uncomfortable for Anuj. Not even Anuj stares Anupama that weirdly. I guess she is either realizing she got a huge crush / liking to him. That only Bapuji could make her realize at this point. Of course she is probably not thinking to like Anuj, but of course the does things that you don’t give it premmision to do. Frist time I got see what Anu really thinks of about when is with Anuj. Mt favorite part is when he said β€œIf you are sad, then my whole world is sad” and any seemed to be more shocked. Till the time she waved him goodbye, seems like a small teenager waving goodbye to her crush in high school. To nervous to approach them and tell them anything. And I am not beinging mean, but this my opinion Why is Anuj so blo*dy dumb!!? Can’t you see the woman is blo*dy admiring you. And only when you get home can you see her eyes were showing different emotions, like duh… From wide eyes what can’t you see. Why is Vanraj telling Anu basically he is no longer in Love With Kavya??like tell me why? Does he think that Anu has the solution to his messed up feelings or that she will be the cure to those mixed up feelings. And i would love to know Baa’s conditions but for some strange reason Baa always has a condition. If vanraj is trying o become a winner, yes you can do anything to get it but don’t take the wrong route otherwise you end up still teh loser. #MaAn πŸ˜πŸ’–hope you’ll have a brilliant day.

  6. Nonsense serial nonsense character Anupama . How can she rush to Shah house . Really disgusting

    1. Don’t worry Shankar. This is the last of Anu’s emotional labour for Shahs…she’s about to revamp into a woman who is IN LOVE and properly LOVED BACKπŸ’―πŸΎ

  7. I’m so GLAD Anu was able to convince Shah’s to remain in their hearts
    House and face their naagin bahuπŸ˜€πŸ’ƒ
    Now babuji isn’t perfect,but I love him for his unwavering support for Anu since the divorce saga and now he has given her his blessings to pursue a relationship with meri pyaari Anuj!I can hardly WAIT for #MaAn Jodi to hit us with FULL FORCE!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ₯°
    BTW,why are the showing us Vanraj new look? πŸ˜’πŸ™„ we don’t care about shaitaan shah or his poisonous parivaar! We want to see Anu new look

    1. *remain in their HOUSE

    2. We want in Anupama in Monisha Sarabhai’s look

    3. Disillusioned

      Baapuji should stop supporting Anupama and start taunting her as well for persisting in ignoring the obvious ie the undying love of yet another spineless Anuj who jumps to help Anu’s “family” despite her telling him she can never love him. A Devi & a Dev?

  8. Baa will also request her to marry anuj

    1. Disillusioned

      Of Course as Baa feels Baa MUST always get what Baa wants….however unfair & warped her needs. Did Baa not refuse Anu serving food and told Kavvya to serve as she was now the bahu of Shah House?

  9. The only good moments were the divine frame of radha and krishna. Babuji giving a push to anupama which looked like her doli, she walking beside and bapuji doing bidaai. So beautifully created scene. Anuj noticed her gaze and her changed behaviou but he is not aware it is for him. He has no expectations from her since he knows the shahs are her family, hence he has no idea of her gaze.
    Anupama at the drop of hat rushes to shah house, which is truly not acceptable. Vanraj who said will look after his family, called her outsider, kavya saying everyone is only talking about anupama – considering all this anu should take a step backwards. She should realise that there are other members who will take care. Love your family, take care of your family but not at this extent.
    Makers are sure obsessed with Vanraj. Trying him to potray as a good son, good husband, good person. He wanted both the women in his life but kavya did not become another anupama so his needs are not fulfilled. Now he wants anupama back and will create a mess in her life, create misunderstanding between anu and anuj and try win her back to which baa will also support.
    Women empowerement lost in the process.

    1. Disillusioned

      Makers are obsessed with EVIL, plain & simple.

  10. I hope baa doesn’t tell Anu that she return back home or rethink about Vanraj because his relationship is dangling or help Vanraj in seeking the house back from Kavya.
    I really hope it’s the last time that Anu visits Shah house as said [email protected] There are stories on IG of one more function at the Shah house, god knows maybe Samar ka shaadi?

  11. Kavya pitai is very near.

  12. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anupama writers are jinxed!!!!

    Please move on to this century and leave this human Godlike character behind.

    Kavya is right 100%, you can either be stupid or mad to live with the Shahs, she choose the latter 😏, am happy for her for being practical and not an emotional fool like Anupama, who after 26 years can still not make up her mind despite all that she has experienced.

    Please don’t spoil Anuj’s character, better remove him ( maybe he travels for business somewhere outside India) while you continue with your psychiatric story.

    The name should be
    Anupama Psychiatric House!!!!!!

    1. Good name for this toxic show

    2. Just a better name to call her,

  13. I actually understand kavya now. Anupama forced the divorce then why the hell she’s running to that house again and again. Her being goody goody to vanaraj is inexplicable. Was she not wronged by him again and again. In fact both Anupama and the entire family is being unfair to kavya. Anupama should have allowed kavya to run the house and should have walked out of the house post divorce. Kavya snatching the house is totally justified under the circumstances

    1. You are bale to understand Kavya? I am able to understand all, Anupama the most, Vanraj the least.
      The much hatred Anupama is getting, I think she shd be revamped like Kavya.
      Modern girls are more or less like Kavya.
      They have the ability to speak their mind.
      They have the ability live as per their whim and fancies.
      They demand and even can snatch whatever they want.
      They give a damn to society/tradition/relation if anything goes against them. They are fearless.
      They cant be controlled, rather they themselves want to be in control of everything! They are not emotional fools.
      We have ladies like Anupama/Baa(Current generation MOMs/MILs) and we have girls like Kavya.
      Its not an individual case. We have all of them around.
      Anupama makers are very practical and wise while showing this.
      Just one request to the makers, show the problems and give the way out instead of spreading too much of negativity.
      And trust me it will be a interesting watch to see the gaps of modern dil and traditional mil/family.
      Baa, Vanraj should forget Anupama and get adjusted to this modern day lady Kavya.
      Our society/Vanraj cant afford Anupama walking out and Kavya also walking out of marriage/family.
      We need a message there to domesticate Kavya’s modernity and cutting down rest all member’s luxuries and orthodoxies

  14. True Anupama has not gotten over the family nor vanraj. She was also emphasizing that Mr. Shah’s life is for his kids. Seriously, he has never been for his children. She saying to bapuji that mr. shah needs his support. Dont understand how come she is so ignorant of his behaviour after so many years. Same in the case of Baa. Dont be rude but atleast she should be somewhat strict with baa also. As rightly said, allow Kavya to take care of the family, though she is also self centred and egoist like vanraj but give it a try. Help the family in need only when required, kids have become strong and big enough to solve their problems or take care of themselves.Kinjal is also a very understanding person. She will definitey take care of the family.

    So Anupama just concentrate on your career and stop taking for granted the person who loves you the most genuinely.

    Truly the writers are at fault for spoiling such a beautiful show which could be an inspiration to so many of the women out there

  15. Further Baa telling kavya to go out is too much. Anupama should at that time insist that she stay since she is now the DIL.

  16. Why the heck anu still goes to argue with kavya. She is divorced and left house, she has no business getting herself insulted for her ex.
    If she is worried for her kids then except for pakhi all her kids are adults and have a job, they can easily shift elsewhere if the situation in shah house becomes unbearable. Samraat had good job offers from abroad. He can reconsider and go explore the world. Toshu doesn’t have any interest in the family anyway, he won’t have any problems moving out. Kinjal only stayed for anu, since anu left she also wouldn’t mind moving, specially since kavya is in charge.
    And pakhi can stay in with anu. As for baa and bapuji it is vanraj duty to look after them, just like it is anu’s duty to look after her mother( but she is too busy being a good daughter to the witch baa than spending time with her own mother).

  17. It has boring. I guess I have to watch Kahan Hum Kahan Tum again. And @Shubha thanks for telling me even I don’t like the way @AJ talks but I don’t comment as I don’t want someone to get offended.

  18. Jayanti seeram

    Come on writers Anupama surely deserves quite a lit of happiness with Anuj now. Stop showing her being week and focus on her and Anuj love story. His smile is a killer

  19. Good evening

    Agree with all the comments
    Writers need to focus on Anupama and Anuj more

    Don’t understand why Anupama has to run there all the time
    Has she got no self respect
    Please let them.gey on with life and solve issues
    Vanraj is not going to change and is going to use
    Anupama took a big step and now every moment thinking without her Shah family can not run
    Baa, Vanraj Kavya to Shu abused her blantantly leavibg no stone unturned

    Goodness gracious doesn’t she have.some self respect
    At least Vanraj realised who.the.real gold digger was

    Like the way kavya have a third degree to everyone hats off to her
    She may be cruel and wicked but spoke.the truth

    Anupama was never respected or appreciated for her hard work and sacrifice.
    Bapuji as head of family never stopped the cruelty abuse and vulgar language classes f Vanraj and Baa and Toshu and Kavya learned not to respect
    Where was he atvthectine
    He could have slapped to Vanraj

    Anupama you have moved out focus on yourselves and stop before Ng a busy body
    Baa does not deserve you.

    Her laziness and bulkiness as come back as a boomerang

    Make your own life as Bapuji said

    Please writers cut the crap
    Feel sorry for Kinjal where her mother is so vicious and vendective to destroy her daughter’s house

    How sad can she be ( poor Mr Dave) how does he bear her and poor Anirudh how he put up with Kavya

    It’s good Kavya was a good match for Vanraj
    ( All they glitters is not gold ).
    Let him wallow in self pity
    As said/ mentioned in previous comments all are able bodies to look after themselves ( not disabled)
    Get on with life

    Real fireworks / dhamaka on Diwali and New year.
    ( To ruin someone celebration they ruined there all.)

    It’s hilarious all blame comes to Anupama ( Kavya is so perfect πŸ˜‚πŸ€£)

    If someone was to sneeze,fart, puke or piss all Anupama fault even though she’s not there.

    Very sad lives of Rakhi Dave and Kavya
    Hope and honestly they get what they give out
    Than society will get a lesson not to hurt people in such disgusting manner.

    Nobody should have to put up with people like Leela Vanraj Kavya Toshu and Rakhi Dave

    God help this toxic vulgar people

    Vanraj downfall started the minute he brought Kavya home

    Anupama needs to stay a mile away from him and rest of Shah Parivar.
    Let them resolve their issues and focus on your mission

    1. How can she start the mission to help unfortunate by leaving her near ones devastated?
      Her mission is to resolve. Neither to escape nor to ruin.

  20. Just to add even if anyone calls her to the Shah house she doesn’t need to go as after how they treated her
    Writers should show her as a strong character and not a weak
    As the minute she runs they know how to manipulate her
    It needs to stop otherwise this people are playing mind games especially Vanraj
    As suddenly he’s realised her value and sacrifice
    All this year’s he literally mocked her left right and centre
    No go and enjoy your Kavya and your affairs

    Look after your Cafe etc
    Kavya never wanted to be a cafe owner wife as her dignity will be lowered
    A educated woman but no common sense of practicality of life, just greed
    Now she will try to look for another rich boyfriend
    For considering antly she has been commenting not everyone gets rich boyfriend like Anuj Kapadia
    Well she did have Vanraj and what happened?

    Anupama needs to be firm and walk away from.this people
    Yes easier said than done but it needs to be aired as a strong person to give empowerment to those who are suffering this toxic suppressed lives
    It can be done
    People may call one selfish but than the so called society will forget

  21. Please the writer of this movie should show some thing better, let Anu face her life and her friend Anuj and not this Shah people. Please the writer should write something better and reasonable. How can you be divorced to a man and you are still parading his house. Is that possible? Please show something possible we begπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  22. Totally agree @
    We need something realistic
    No one in their right mind would be running to a house where she’s left.

    It’s totally and utterly ridiculous

    She’s divorced from their
    If it was a pariwar/ family she loved than no character assassination , blame game would have taken place and Vanraj taught a lesson from a young age to respect not to have too much pride and ego
    He always belittled Anupama
    Always running I’d going gets tough.
    According to promo Baa wanting her back and to re marry the ass Vanraj how stupid and pathetic
    The thought should not cross her mind

    Please move on from there s crap and let’s see MaAn move on

    Lovely time
    Anupama needs to toughen up and not fall in the stupid games

    Couldn’t understand why Samar called Anupama
    No let other great people look after Leela like Vanraj / Kavya as ATV be point she ruled Anupama out in serving Ng food she had prepared as mentioned earlier

    In reality to be honest no one goes running like Anupama
    ( If there’s self respect than will maintain a distance and Anupama does not need to glorify a man who has hurt and showered absolute abuse and accusations towards her in relation to her friendship to Anuj).

    Leela has another daughter Dolly let her come and do some work

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