Anupama 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Kicks Kavya Out Of House On Pakhi

Anupama 23rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj walks to Nandini’s house to meet Pakhi. Nandini walks away seeing him. Vanraj apologizes Pakhi and says he or her mummy didn’t want to hurt her. Pakhi says even she didn’t want to hurt them and wants to be a good girl, so she accepted their divorce; she even accepted Kavya coming home; why don’t they stay together until their divorce proceedings end; she knows everything will change; she requests them not to snatch a few months left to stay with her parents together under same roof; she wants her united family till then, they can do whatever they want after that. They both pamper her. She says she will return home if Kavya goes out of house or else she will never come. They both walk out of house, and Vanraj thanks Nandini for keeping Pakhi in her house. Nandini assures Anu not to worry about Pakhi. Anu asks not to leave her alone even for a second and walks back home with Vanraj.

Kavya thinks she knows Pakhi did this drama to emotionally blackmail Vanraj and hopes he doesn’t budge a bit. Family asks why didn’t Pakhi return home, if Pakhi’s anger calmed now. Anu tells Vanraj that Pakhi’s adamancy is not right, but also not wrong completely; she decided to leave the house when Kavya came into this house, but had to change the decision for Sweety; when parents can change themselves for children, a decision is nothing, so she is changing her decision today. Vanraj asks which decision. Anu says letting Kavya stay in this house, until their divorce proceedings end, she cannot leave the house and Kavya cannot stay here and has to leave this house. Kavya stands shocked. Anu says they need to touch a raw pot carefully or else fingerprints stay on them forever, a young mind is similar, her daughter is already hurt and she doesn’t want any mark to stay on her daughter’s mind; hence Kavya has to leave the house. Kavya says she wants to stay here and understand Pakhi. Anu says even she wants her to understand what Pakhi needs and leave this house. Kavya asks why didn’t she have any problem before, what happened before. Anu says earlier she didn’t want a son to stay away from family and now she doesn’t want a daughter to stay away from family; Sweety will stay here only if Kavya leaves; after divorce, this house and right will be Kavya’s; Kavya’s staying here was against society rules and ethics, even then she let her stay here, but if its against her daughter’s happiness, she has to stay no; police caught a man who misbehaved with Kavya, so she need not worry a bit now; she can stay wherever she wants to and go from here. Kavya shouts just because Pakhi is doing drama, why she has to go from here, she will no. She gets adamant and asks who is she to kick her house as its V’s house and not hers. Anu says this family and daughter are hers and hence decision will be hers, good Kavya’s complete stuff didn’t come here, she can come here when she marries V. Kavya shouts she will not go from here at any cost, Pakhi this she can do a drama for 2-3 days and convince them, but she can’t; she will not budge for her arrogant, egoistic, stubborn daughter. Anu warns her to shut her mouth up, she is doing more drama than Sweety, they need not learn child’s behavior from her; Sweety is their daughter and they understand her better than Kavya. She tells Vanraj that she already told him that if its a question of her family and children, she will not tolerate Kavya. Kavya shouts she doesn’t care what she or her family thinks and will not go from here. Anu says she has to go either willingly or by force. Kavya asks V why is he listening silently, this house belongs to him and he should decide who stays here. Vanraj says its also his decision, so she can shift to Nandini’s house for a few days until divorce proceedings end.

Baa performs pooja with Bapuji and Mamaji while Kavya walks away with bag. Anu brings Pakhi in. Kavya challenges Vanraj that she is going out because of his daughter, will return for sure and stay with right here; she will be out only till his divorce, then his daughter and family have to bear her. She thinks Anu kicked her out of house today, once her divorce finishes, she will show what Kavya is and will kick out her and whole family. She gets more jealous seeing family pampering Pakhi.

Family enjoys games with Pakhi. Anu apologizes Vanraj and says he knows she can’t say sorry. He says she shouldn’t then. She says she asked him to choose between Pakhi and Kavya and put him in dilemma, so she has to apologize him. He says they both took decision for Pakhi, what if it went wrong for Kavya; if Kavya is important, Pakhi is his life; if they brought Kavya during her bad times, they had to remove Kavya out of house. Anu promises that she and Pakhi will bring Kavya back home when the right time comes, its just a matter of a few days and then their ways will be different; she repeats that when their paths cross some day, they shouldn’t turn their faces away. They rejoice seeing family’s happiness.

Kavya stays at Nandini’s house. Nandini asks her to unpack her bag. Kavya says she came here to stay here for a few house and will stay only in that house; she was humiliated always because she is girlfriend and not wife; soon she will be wife and Anupama an outsider and will kick each family member out of house. Nandini says her misdeeds kicked her out of house. Kavya says she is supporting that house as her boyfriend stays there. Nandini says even her boyfriend stays there, and if she wants to dream about becoming bahu of that house, she needs to become like Anu aunty. Kavya says Anu is a very intelligent player who uses Samar, Toshu, Kinjal, and Pakhi as her pawns. Nandini says she will destroy herself. Kavya says she will destroy them instead.

Precap: Kavya over phone asks Vanraj why didn’t he call her after kicking her out of house. He says he cannot come to Nandini’s house. She asks him to drop her to office at least. Pakhi requests him to drop her to school and mummy mid way. Kavya gets more jealous seeing that.

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  1. Samaila

    Thank u so much Pakhi, Kaleja dhora thanda ho gaya

  2. Please reduce Kavya’s evil and irritating scenes. She is too much to watch. Rakhi Dave is far better and entertaining than her. Also, why does Anu need to apologize to Vanraj each time when she did nothing wrong. Still treating your cheater husband as GOD, huh? Thank God now i can finally see that Pakhi has accepted her situation and won’t force her parents to not take divorce. Bapuji used to preach so much to Anu earlier, “Tu meri beti samaan hai” “Tera pita tere saath khada hai” “Mai tera saath dunga”, so why is he so quiet and powerless nowadays? But I really am not in the mood of more Samar-Nandini scenes now. Somehow, I find them very boring and predictable. Samar’s more focus should be on his career, at age 22, not girlfriends and love. Vanraj is the most complicated human being ever, but thank god he thinks of his children! I don’t want to see Anu still serving the family like a maid 24*7, atleast not Vanraj.

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  5. @Navi I totally agree with u.. I like samar nd nandini as individuals but I dont like their pair..makers tried their best to make their chemistry great..but I am not able to connect I dont know why

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  7. I hope next time kavya kicks Anu and her family out and make v her slave

    1. I don’t think Anu and her family deserve to suffer but v sure does after everything he’s done

    2. I agree with you, if kavy turn him to slave he will know the Worth of his ex wife that he called uneducated, uncivilized woman, thank God now he is jobless man,so very soon he will learn how to cook by himself,v is just a useless man

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