Anupama 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kinjal Shifts To Anupama’s House


Anupama 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kinjal slams Rakhi saying she keeps a tab on the news of whole world via her sources and shouts out truth between someone’s functions, but was silent where she actually had to speak. She says a woman doesn’t become modern just because she is dominating her husband and working, fighting against odds of society and supporting truth makes a woman modern; even she would have become like old Anupama if Anupama hadn’t informed her about Toshu’s infidelity. She asks Kavya to drop her to Anupama’s house. Leela says Kinjal can’t go to Anupama house, instead she will call Anupama here. Kinjal asks if Anupama works for her for salary that she is showing right on her. Leela says she is Anupama’s mother. Kinjal asks when did she last hug Anupama and asked about her problems, when did she pamper Little Anu last. Kavya says never and says Leela just remembers Anupama only whenver she wants to show a right on her. Leela says everyone throws knowledge on her, she will not let Kinjal go to Anuapam’s house.

Adhik rushes to Barkha and Anuj and says he got a breaking house, Pakhi had called him and.. They hear a baby crying and notice Kinjal standing with Arya, Vanraj, and Kavya. Barkha hopes whatever sheis thinking is not true. Samar meets Toshu and says Kinjal is not speaking to him as she doesn’t want to speak to him, she is very tensed and Toshu shouldn’t trouble her more. Toshu says Kinjal has a house at least, but he doesn’t have any. He asks him to go home and let him speak to Kinjal and show Arya via a video call. Samar says Kinjal has gone to Anupaam’s house. Toshu shouts Anupama broke her own house and will provoke Kinjal now to break her house.

Vanraj tells Anupama that Kinjal didn’t want to stay at Shah house and hence came here. He gives Arya to her and requests to take care of them. Kinjal apologizes Anupama for coming uninformed. Anuj says a daughter can visit her mother any time. Vanraj says he couldn’t see his children growing and now he can’t see his grandchild growing because of his son’s mistakes. Anuj says he can visit his grandchild any time he wants to and hugs Vanaj. Barkha fumes seeing that. Kinjal thanks Vanraj. Vanraj says a child needs a mother first before her father. Toshu continues to curse and blame Anupama for spoiling his wife. Samar asks if he still thinks Anupama spoilt his life. Toshu asks then because of whom he is separated from Kinjal, his family, and his daughter. Samar says because of himself; he is showing attitude instead of apologizing and setting things right

Toshu continues to shout that Anupama separated him from him wife and daughter, he can’t live without them. Samar asks if he didn’t think about it when he cheated on Kinjal. Toshu says it was a mistake and continues shouting and threatening to commit suicide if he doesn’t get his daughter and wife. Vanraj feels emotional while leaving Anupama’s house hearing Arya crying. Barkha and Anuj fume that Little Anu wasn’t enough that even Kinjal and her baby came to stay at Shah house. At shah house, Leela vents out her frustration on washed clothes. Hasmukh suggests her to tear them if she doesn’t like them. She tears them. Kinjal hugs and comforts her. Hasmukh says venting out of Leela’s frustration was necessary. On the way home, Kavya gets emotional missing Pari and says she considers Pari as her daughter now and wants her back home, asks when will Pari return. Vanraj says he doesn’t know.

Kinjal apologizes Anupama for coming uninformed. Anupama says its her mother’s house and she can stay here. Toshu calls Kinjal. Kinjal says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Anupama walks away saying its their issue. She walks to Anuj and thanks him for supporting her in her responsibilities. Anuj starts praising Anupama that he loves a supporting Anupama who supports everyone; she is not only Anupama but a mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, etc., and he needs a whole Anupama and doesn’t want to let her any relationship unfulfilled. Anupama asks if he doesn’t think she should be only his. He says one has to follow all the relationship, he is happy that she belongs to him more. He asks her to drop Little Anu to art class and visit office and not bother about Kinjal and Arya. They both at once say they can do it as they are together.

Arya continues to cry. Kinjal gets concerned. Barkha walks to her and shows her fake concern towards Kinjal. She says Anupama suffered infidelity after bearing 3 children, but Kinjal is suffering at very young age. She continues and suggests her to divorce Toshu.

Precap: Kinjal panics seeing Arya continuously crying and informs Anuj. Anuj trying to get up falls down and injures himself. Anupama rushes house and stands in a dilemma whom to help first.

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  1. no matter what u say,kinjal decision is not good

    but not her fault because both of her houses are messed up and toxic

    1. Kanika53

      I mean yeah both houses have messed up in Kapadias there is Barkha Ankush and Adhik in Shah house there is Baa and Pakhi.. but what she thought that because of her Anupama had to come to Shahs and bear Baa’s taunts. She didn’t want that that’s why she left, so I think her decision was good.. your opinion anyway

    2. A sensible viewer

      Your opinion is just yours alone. Her decision is a good decision and like it or not she can stay wherever she wants. Yes both houses are toxic due to budiya, pakhi, adhik and barkha.

  2. Not sure where is the nurse who was appointed. She can actually help both Kinjal and Anuj, If needed one baby sitter can be hired.
    Kanta Mom/Bhabesh/Devika/Malvika, They don’t even bother to see how is Anuj despite is lethal accident.
    More than anyone else Kanta Mom actually can manage this situation better and she can also show how to support the daughter.

    1. Kanika53

      Your right about what you said except that Malvika has left the show and I don’t think they’d hire a babysitter now as Arya would drink Kinjal’s milk as she is not even a few months yet but yeah the nurse can help Anuj and Kinjal and if she can’t help both at once they could probably hire another one to help Kinjal

  3. Dimag ka shot

    Yeh barkha Didi ko koi kaam nahi hai? Jahan Dekho toh narkundi mooh Marne aati hai …..

    Aur adhik and pakhi Kya BBC news BBC news khelte hai? bus idhar ki BAAT udhar karte rehte hai….

    Leela toh khule mein besharam matlabi hai.. ho Kya raha be matlab. Thoda anupama ko saas Lene do..jeene do.. thodi Khushi rehne do uske jeewan mein…

  4. I really like how Kinjal defended Anu in front of Baa. I hope that Anu realised that she is not a maid to Baa. I can understand why kinjal choose to go to Anu because she is the only person who supported her always. Plus if kinjal goes to Rakhi then her screen space is reduced. Makers instead let her go to Anu because it will increase drama. Pakhi and adhik are really annoying.

  5. Along with the actor did they change samar’s personality too because I can’t really feel he’s his mumma’s boy anymore

    1. Obviously. It’s clear they changed Samar’s character with Paras’s exit. Honestly for me OG Samar Shah died when Paras made his exit. And I’m glad he made it. He dedicated 2 years of his career to this role, he lived this role. And now post his exit the efforts which he made in making Samar an iconic character have been ruined with change in complete character of Samar with Sagar replacing Samar. Tbh Sagar isn’t a positive role person. He do overacting in positive roles. He’s best at grey shaded/negative/psycho lover/toxic bf roles. He portrayed role of a toxic bf Lakshya perfectly in Tera Yaar Hoon Main. So makers should have ended Samar’s character completely by making Samar die. This could have done easily by asking Paras to shoot for this particular sequence for last few days keeping their ego aside. But Rajan Shahi’s ego is something like that he’ll ruin character his show but he’ll never apologize to the actors for the wrong thing which he did with them. And he did same not only with Paras but with Hina, Karan, Ritwik, Rohan also. But only Hina and Paras had guts to speak at the very moment & bring his truth out in front everyone.

    2. @Pri
      Did he do same with Hina, Karan and Rohan also. Is that the reason they left the show? What did he exactly do to them? I thought Hina left as she didn’t want to play saas role.

    3. He did same after both Hina Karan left. First used both of them for popularity then after they left literally insulted them. Also Rohan and Ritwik’s careers got ruined because of him only as they didn’t spoke up on right time.

  6. Lol is pakhi a khabri of adhik. She keeps him updated about everything

  7. Where is kinjals father? Gone for good? Also mamaji is missing.

  8. I am team Kavya and Kinjal.

  9. Kinjal, so sad that you left your brains at home, not sure which home. Where is that pant suit wearing, person to take over Vanraj’s job gone? No one has a job in these serials? Sab drama main lage hai?
    By this show’s logic, all bharatiya naaris, saari wearing women are both gullible and villains.
    This show once held promise, now it’s just a shitty TV drama.
    Anupama, please dont give a monologue of how a woman to be able to handle everything in this life. No one does it in reality.
    Stop feeding everyone this shit story of how patience is a good thing.
    If patience was a good thing, then I cant wait to see how Barkha screws you over.

  10. What? Anupama broke her own house??? Is Toshu sleeping??? Vanraj betrayed Anu!!!

  11. Why in a dilemma of coz attend to Anuj first! Kinjal can take care of the baby at tat moment! Anuj needs Anu more! I dun understand why ppl are saying Samar character changed, I find he is still the same!

  12. Why barkha and family still staying with Anuj they were supposed to leave the house as soon as possible what happened to that please reply nobody replies to any questions asked

    1. Sorry I am too wondering why Barkha n the gang are still there! Anuj did stressed tat it’s only temporary for them to stay in his house! Maybe makers wanna dragged so tat Barkha n the gang can manipulate Pakhi thru Adhik???

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