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Anupama 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj tells Anupama that he knows that it difficult for her to see her son being separated from the family, he can’t imagine how much she would haves struggled with herself before exposing Toshu. He continues to praise her and says he is proud of her fighter. Anupama cries and says she is tired of fighting each day and each moment, but she will not give up easily. She says she is fighting with the whole world for a son who questioned her upbringing and left alone, her DIL is going through the same ordeal she went through, Leela’s taunts won’t end at all, Pakhi doesn’t stop criticizing, etc. She says she wants to spend time with Anuj and Little Anu, but is stuck between Shah house and Kapadia house; she wants to ask him to lock her in a room and not let her out as she wants to be herself, etc. She notices him having black tea and asks why is he having it without having breakfast, she will prepare breakfast for him and then will visit Little Anu’s school. Anuj thinks she vents out her frustration, but then gets back to normal as if nothing happened, serving everyone again; he is proud of her.

Kinjal wakes up and finds Vanraj, Dolly, Kavya, and Leela around her. She questions about her baby. Dolly says Arya was crying, so they fed her milk and made her sleep. Kavya asks if she is fine. Kinjal asks how can she be fine. Vanraj suggests her to forget whatever happened and not let affect her future. Leela suggests her to think about her daughter’s future and forgive Toshu. Kavya says Anupama had warned Leela not to talk about it. Leela says she is not wrong. Vanraj says its not a question of right or wrong, he wants Kinjal to forget everything, but Leela is reminding her of the sorrows again. Vanraj asks her if he shall prepare her tea or coffee. Kinjal says she wants to have Anupama’s special tea. Kavya says Anupama went to her home. Leela says she will call back Anupama. Vanraj recalls Anupama’s warning to Leela not to call her again. Vanraj says he will call Anupama and try to prepare same tea for her. Kavya says Anupama needs to take care of Anuj and Little Anu. Leela repeats she will Anupama. Kinjal says its okay, let Anupama take care of her family.

Anupama serves breakfast to Anuj and Little Anu and asks Little Anu to get ready for school. Barkha with Anuj walks in and asks about Kinjal. Anupama says she is fine now. Barkha asks where is Toshu now. Anupama says she doesn’t now, maybe at some friend’s place. Anuj says its sad to see Kinjal getting divorced just 2 years after marriage. Anuj says let Toshu decide about their life, there is no need for others to interfere. Barkha says she feels pity for Anupama. Anuj and Adhik start badmouthing about Toshu. Barkha says Anupama does so much for Shahs, but they don’t value her a bit. Anuj silently listens to them and once they leave, he tells Anupama that she did her part and now should let Shah family decide about Kinjal and Toshu’s future. He says he feels bad seeing people criticizing and abusing her when she does so much for them and hence from hereon doesn’t want her to help them unless they ask for it.

Pakhi meets Adhik and discusses that Toshu did wrong, though she supported him in front of Anupama. Adhik says people make mistakes and one-night stand is normal, Toshu still loves Kinjal and should get a second chance. At Shah house, Kavya says she is going for work and asks to take care of Kinjal till she returns. Vanraj asks her not to worry. Leela yells that Anupama is taking care of her family, Dolly will leave soon, only she will be left to serve the whole family. Dolly asks her to stop overreacting always and try to gain sympathy. Kavya says she joined a job recently and can’t take leave often, asks her not to curse Anupama always as she also has a family and even then comes here to help them. Leela yells Anupama is enough for lecture. Kavya asks Vanraj to take care of Kinjal and Arya and not let Leela disturb Anupama. She pampers Arya.

Rakhi feles worried for Kinjal and thanks god that Anupama was there to support her. Kinjal walks out with her bag. Family asks her what happened and where is she going. Kinjal says she is thankful to them for supporting her against Toshu, but she wants to go from here. Leela requests her not to go. Kinjal says she feels suffocated here and cannot follow Leela’s orders always. Leela cries that already Toshu left them and she doesn’t want to lose Kinjal and Arya. Kinjal pleads Vanraj to let her go for the peace of her mind. Vanraj agrees and hands over Arya to her. Hasmukh asks her to take care of herself and Arya as they all love them immensely. Rakhi reaches Shah house and is shocked to see Kinjal standing out with her bag and Arya. She asks where is she going. Leela says Kinjal wants to shift to Rakhi’s house. Rakhi asks Kinjal why didn’t she inform beforehand and asks her to get into car. Leela asks Kinjal if she didn’t inform Rakhi about it. Kinjal asks Rakhi to drop her to Anupama’s house.

Anupama chats with Anuj and says GK will bring Little Anu from school. Anuj says he feels good seeing her beside him and asks how is Kinjal now and says she should give her some time. Anupama says she had lost her conscience when she was betrayed and would have lost herself completely if Devika had not supported her. Shahs tell Kinjal its not right to stay at Anupama’s house. Kinjal says she knows, but right now she needs Anupama. Leela asks nagin Rakhi to explain her daughter. Rakhi says her own daughter doesn’t want to stay with her. Kinjal says a mother who kept her in dark.

Precap: Kinjal withh Vanraj and Kavya reaches Anupama’s house. Toshu tells Samar that Anupama will provoke Kinjal to break her marriage. Anupama tells Kinjal its her house and she can peacefully stay here. Kinjal rejects Toshu’s call.

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  1. Would be interesting if Bapuji goes off and has a fling. Wonder what Leela would do then!
    No heart surgery for Bapuji or have the writers forgotten?

  2. Bapuji needs to have a fling for this stupid ba to understand

  3. @Sara and Anonymous..Bapuji does not need to have a fling but could pretend to be having one!
    Perhaps with a younger lady, maybe 10 years younger!
    Obviously the young lady will be in the know as she’d just be doing her acting job of flirting with Bapuji.

  4. Day by day Kavya is becoming more likeable,even more than Anupamaa. Kavya has Self respect and she can fight for her rights and does
    or let anyone take her for granted,somethingg which Anupamaa needs to learn.

  5. Kanika53

    Lemme guess, Baa only wants Kinjal to stay because of Arya, she wants to play with her only, but doesn’t care about Kinjal. If Kinjal leaves, Arya will also go. And it was expected, that Baa will still try and convince her to stay at Shah House. Hopefully, Kinjal does divorce Toshu!

  6. looks like kapdia house or anupama’s house is like dharamshala, anybody walks in and stay there. after kinjal it will be pakhi then samar than vanraj and kaviyaand in the end even baa and bapuji. what a ridiculous story why does kinjal goes to anupama’s house. can we have some descent story line….

    1. Oh gosh you are talking like kinjal is a distant relative of anu or someone squatting anu’s house…
      For anupama kinjal is her daughter like little anu.
      Kinjal gave anupama more love, affection, support and respect than the children she gave birth to. Now she is going through emotional distress and wants to be free from the toxic environment baa creates in sha house and rakhi create in her own house. And Anu went through same trauma and overcame it successfully, kinjal might think staying with anupama will help her heal.
      When parents come to stay in their kids house we don’t say the kids opened a dharamshala. Why kids staying in their parents when they are going through emotional trauma should be seen as such.

    2. A sensible viewer

      @CR it is true that starplus and zee serials are all super toxic with crap storylines and poor character developments. Don’t even know what the writers are on while developing storylines for such shows. True shah house and kapadaia mansion are definitely dharamshalas. However about kinjal you seriously need to give her a break. She just fell in love with a manchild (don’t even want to say his name) whos good for nothing thinking that he truly loves her. If it were another girl she won’t even give one look at toshu until and unless she is desperate to get a man. Kinjal just got cheated by the man she loved the most, not to mention just a couple of years after her marriage that too after her having a newborn so the pain will obviously be fresh. She did not ask for this kind of pain. She never even deserved it. Yet that manchild being typical manchild turned out just like his good for nothing father and showed his trueself as nothing good can be expected from him. Sure she is a stronger and a better character than mahaandevi overeacting rona dhona anupama behenji but it has been only a day she got this pain it any sane mature person will know that she will need more time and proper support to overcome this pain so if she feels like she will feel better by staying in kapadia house then let her stay there instead of questioning why she is going to kapadia house. Also it does not take a genius to know that no one can stay peacefully in shah toxic house as long as leela budiyaa is alive as she will not stop running her rotten mouth glossing over mistakes of her grandson.

  7. Now Kinju baby the great will go to stay with Anupama instead of Rakhi. She despises Toshu for misbehaving with his mother, but herself always takes Rakhi for granted.

    Her character was crafted so nicely and what have they made her into….

    I agree Rakhi is a little too aggressive at times, but it’s only because of the underlying fear of her aggressive behaviour that Baa doesn’t cross her line with Kinjal. Anupama had a docile and submissive mother, and we all know the way Baa mistreated / mistreats her. Like it or lump it, but the fact is that all girls need a strong maayka so that the in laws stay in check

    1. Mind your words.
      Kinjal never took Rakhi for Granted but Rakhi is at fault always for not choosing the correct way for Kinjal. If Kinjal lost trust in Rakhi then it’s not Kinjal’s fault. Its Rakhi again always does the opposite, immature.

      If it was Her papa then your points were valid but it’s not the case.

    2. A sensible viewer

      @Anonymous i gotta give you, you have deepseated hatred for kinjal when she and samar are the only sensible and sane characters of this clown serial wonder why. Also fyi she never took her mother for granted. If you watched this serial since the beginning you will clearly know that her mother is the one who always tried to do things on her own terms without caring about her own daughter’s feelings. Not to mention, she was most of the time an absent parent going on business trips during kinjal’s childhood. Whenever she needed her mom to be there for her, more than half the time she was never there and then she has the nerve to take decisions on kinjal’s behalf. In such case you cannot blame kinjal for her emotional dissociation towards her own mum. And yes her character is STILL crafted nicely and infact way much better than mahaan deviji anupama who did not know how to leave that toxic shah house immediately when she too faced betrayal from her nalayak ex husband vanraj. She never has even an ounce of a self respect and love for herself to call out anyone on their bad behavior or to even leave that place. The time the mahaan deviji realized to leave that toxic household was only when leela character assassinated her else she would never have left and on top of it she allowed herself to be mentally abused by her nalayak husband and that toxic leela budiya for 26 long years like a doormat moreover seeing so much of redflags from vanraj’s behavior she never even once suspected his EMA inspite of warnings of so many people, unlike her atleast Kinjal always tried advising her good for nothing husband to always do the right things and never allowed herself to let anyone walk all over her. She even called out toshu for his EMA immediately when she knew the truth which shows how strong her character is. Moreover only the next morning itself she is moving out of that toxic house for her own betterment which shows her strength as well as her self respect. I agree with the part about us all girls needing to have a self respecting strong maayka and i would also like to add that it is best that no girl gets married to their partner and move to live with their potential in laws without properly doing a background check or without understanding the personality and nature of each and every member of the family specially on how the type of behavior they will show when their son does a terrible thing. When in love people will think that they know their partner but the truth is no one can ever know someone enough to be able to tell what they will or will not do in future so it is best to always pickup redflags (even if they are small) and to leave early. Then a lot of girls will be saved from such problems in future.

    3. Even Kinjal failed to pick the red flags, Thoshu is literally good for nothing.
      Looks like he was a brilliant student.
      I believe her wasted his talent on flings, and Kinjal might be one among them.
      Whom he married seeing Rakhi’s power.
      Yes never leave daughter uneducated/unemployed/unsupported.
      She will never be able to handle a bunch of strangers alone.
      Everyone has rights to learn and earn.
      Imagine the plea of the person who will dress from top to toe, take care of all, will not have any rights, will never utter a single word/wish and will wait unconditionally while the husband might be having night stand!
      Let’s see how many will find this JD interesting.

    4. A sensible viewer

      @Subha No kinjal DIDN’T fail to pick any red flags. Yes paritosh is a terrible son and a flawed character that is for sure. There are moments where toshu showed kinjal his love and mostly they had a love marriage not an arranged marriage. Not excusing those who do either of these marriages will show signs of EMA. My point is toshu never showed any signs of doing an EMA until recently so kinjal obviously would not have known!! Because if she did, she would have picked red flags before finding it out like this!!!

    5. You have not seen it properly.
      Thoshu is crap from the very beginning who never had a proper job/care for anyone.

  8. Excellent decision by kinjal as that will stop anupama from dividing her time between shah house and kapadia house. Honestly they have to even call anupama just to make tea???

  9. So Adhik wants to marry Pakhi for money/power and continue to have night stand/affair.
    Anupama & Kinjal prove that relation can never fail when there is love & trust.

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