Anupama 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Realizes Herself Being Taken For Granted By Shahs


Anupama 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya tells Vanraj that the effect of pain decreases over time, but a person cannot forget whatever he/she directly saw from his/her own eyes. Vanbraj says he had forgotten completely, but Toshu’s act reminded him the atrocities he did with Anupama under different situations and circumstances. He says most of the men always try to justify their mistakes, its wrong; Anupama is right that if she had not exposed Toshu, he would have repeated his sin as the doesn’t consider it wrong. Kavya asks what about him, will he repeat his sins. Vanraj he will not justify himself and would just say that he loves only Kavya, his relationship with Anupama broke and over time it changed; Kinjal is experiencing the pain Anupama went through. Kavya says one says only good happens to good people, but god tests good people more, especially Anupama.

Next morning, Anupama sends a voice message to Anuj and little Anu. Kavya offers her tea. Anupama thanks her. Kavya says thank you instead for handling Kinjal well and apologizes for repeatedly calling her to Shah house even when so many people are present there; Shahs call her for every simple reason forgetting that even she has a family to take care of and have taken her for granted. Anupama says women had to bear orders and blames, she is thank you for thanking her. She says she will leave after meeting Kinjal. Kavya says yes. Anupama prays god to handle things. Dolly sits with Kinjal and fears Kinjal’s reaction once she wakes up.

Anupama serves beverages to everyone and asks Leela if she needs anything. Leela rudely yells to serve her poison. Vanraj asks her to stop. Pakhi accuses Anupama that she ruined Toshu’s family by exposing his sin while Rakhi had kept her mouth shut. Vanraj warns her not to speak when she doesn’t know anything. Samar says like a classical Pakhi, she wants to force her comment on every topic without any knowledge. Pakhi tries to leave. Anupama stops her and asks her to speak as her opinions don’t matter to anyone and even her frustration. She then confronts Leela that she should be thankful to god that she didn’t see a phase of life which Anupama and Kinjal saw. She continues that they hear about someone’s pain and atrocities, but its painful to experience it by themselves and hence Leela should kindly stop acting like a teacher without knowledge.

She then warns Pakhi to stop her misbehavior. Pakhi says Anupama broke her own house and now Toshu’s, she couldn’t get both parents’ love and now Aryan will not because of her. Anupama asks why children want their mother to bear father’s infidelity and father to forcefully live with a woman he doesn’t like; children shrugg off saying they don’t need elder’s interference in their lives, but why do they want to poke their nose in their parent’s lives; she will not let anything wrong happen to her and Kinjal’s life and its Pakhi’s problem if she has any issue with it, its her life and her rule.

Anuj wakes up and searches for Anupama. GK informs that Anupama is with Kinjal as he himself asked her to stay back with Kinjal. Anuj thinks why don’t he remember that. He hears Anupama’s voice note that she will be home soon, he should have bottle gourd and aloe vera juice once he wakes up. Pakhi continue to argue with Anupama that mistake happen with everyone, she could have forgive Vanraj and Toshu. Anupama asks her to forgive her husband if her husband betrays her and bear his infidelity silently. Pakhi she herself will handle her problems. Anupama warns her to remember her words. She addresses Shahs that she doesn’t come here leaving her family to bear their taunts and humiliation, she comes here as she loves them all, it doesn’t mean they take her for granted. Leela says they have problems in their house. Anupama says there are problems in every family, even Kapadia family has its own set of problems, she is carrying many responsibilities on her head and doesn’t expect Leela to push her from behind.

She tells Hasmukh that she is going to drop Little Anu to school and will meet Kinjal before going. She asks Leela to let Kinjal alone for some time if she wants to. Leela yells at her not to teach her to handle her house and not return again here after destroying her son’s life. Anupama asks Samar to record Leela’s statement as she wants to show it when Leela calls her again to come and solve her family’s problem. Leela sits silently. Anupama goes to Kinjal’s room. Leela asks Vanraj to check on Toshu and reminds that she had forgiven Vanraj when he did a mistake. Anupama enters Kinjal’s room and tries to wake her up. Kinjal says let her sleep for some more time. Dolly asks why is Kinjal not waking up. Anupama says because she knows how cruel the world is and she doesn’t want to face it. She prays Kanhaji to protect Kinjal. She then returns home and starts crying. Anuj comforts her and says everything will be alright soon. He starts praising Anupama as always.

Precap: Anuj tells Anupama that people take her for granted, so she will not help anyone unless they ask her. Kinjal decides to leave Shah house. Rakhi reaches and asks where is she going. Leela asks if she had not informed nagin Rakhi about it.

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  1. Mysterious Person

    After almost 700 episodes finally “Anupama Realizes Herself Being Taken For Granted By Shahs” 😂🤣 Still that Mahaan Devi again comes to Shah house shamelessly😂

  2. Seriously Anupama? She didn’t realise this before? I mean what the heck kuch bhi aise nahi hota bhai

  3. Now Kinju baby the great will go to stay with Anupama instead of Rakhi. She despises Toshu for misbehaving with his mother, but herself always takes Rakhi for granted.

    Her character was crafted so nicely and what have they made her into….

    1. YEAH that;s what i;m trying to say. kinjal is a terrible daughter

    2. Kanika53

      @Ria @Anonymous – ur opinions but one thing, At hospital Rakhi wanted to expose Toshu! But Kinjal hasn’t forgave Rakhi as she hid the matter and she is Kinjals mom she should be telling her instantly. Glad Anu told her before it was too late, she suffered rn but if she found out late she would have suffered even more. Soo happy Vanraj threw him out

    3. I am not speaking of an isolated incident. I agree Rakhi is a little too aggressive at times, but it’s only because of the underlying fear of her aggressive behaviour that Baa doesn’t cross her line with Kinjal. Anupama had a docile and submissive mother, and we all know the way Baa mistreated / mistreats her. Like it or lump it, but the fact is that all girls need a strong maayka so that the in laws stay in check

  4. Break from drama

    Whichever house has people like Leela and pakhi should be left to rot in their misery. Such badly written cruel characters. Such a terrible example of what women should be like. I swear I would have disowned these people. They are bad to worse… Khud toh Pagal hai hie dusro ko bhi Pagal bana kar chodenge.
    Anupama has without a doubt god complex. One shouldn’t tolerate disrespect in the name of love… No matter how good and well intentioned a person is .no one would put up with this level of toxic behavior. Mental health ki toh dhajiya udd jayegi.
    It’s unfortunate ki “woke” k Naam pe they are showing all social issues under one roof in one family only …rukho zaara give them atleast 5 days of happiness without negativity or drama… That would give viewers a break too

  5. Oh god this lady needs help frrrr lmao

  6. Wow! I like this new avatar of anupama who knows how to answer back and fight for herself. She needs to maintain her self against the Shahs as well as against Barkha and group who are still a threat.

  7. I wont believe Kinjal s change till still starts wearing pant suits and becomes a modern woman. She needs to be the realization to Anupama, that you need to change completely to become a better person.
    And I dont believe Anupama s realization. She will go back to being the glue that holds everyone today. That’s the ISP of this stupid show.

  8. I hope Anupama continues on this self respect journey. No one will show her the respect and recognition she deserves unless she demands it.

    Baa and Pakhi must to go thru hell to realize how low they have scooped. These are the women why the society treats other woman as dirt and maid!

    Glad that Vanraj and Kavya are realizing their mistake, hope they stay on the good path so Baa realizes how badly she treated Anupama and blamed her for everything that went wrong in the Shah family.
    Baa is a total failure as a woman, mother and wife. Hope she faces the pain she put Anupama through!

  9. Still not able to understand why Vanraj says he loved Kavya only.
    If he loved Kavya only why he ran away from marrying her?
    Why even after marrying her he was always behind Anupama?
    Why he failed to understand that he is the only reason behind Kavya’s insecurities?
    Kavya tried multiple times to break away from Vanraj but Vanraj was persistent until Kavya was completely trapped.
    Kavya never tried to harm anyone apart from Anupama as she thought Anupama as a threat to her marriage.
    Yes Kavya behaved posh & polished but Vanraj loved Kavya for this only right?
    Thankfully Kavya doesn’t have her own children else things would have been far more bitter between Kavya and Anupama.
    And that enmity is just because of Vanraj.
    High time for ladies to beat the cheater instead of poking each other.
    It sounds so wrong when someone says 26yrs of marriage and 3 children could not make him love his partner.
    If he had so many issues with Anupama, he could have denied his marriage.
    But looks like he believed cheating/ruining lives is more feasible.
    I have a similar story ashadh ka ek din.
    I am not sure how these stories are popular to get best play award.
    Boss thumb rule is to try sincerely for someone, who can be yours & whom you love & who loves you & most importantly both are ready to tolerate & adjust with eachother.
    But incase you fail, accept & love whatever you get.
    But here our protagonist neither tried for Mallika nor stayed happy with Priya.
    Didn’t like the ending of the play at all, it would have been soul soothing to see both Priya& Mallika beating the cheater left&right, blue& black.
    Sorry to say, but because of plays like this, men nen nether dare to try for their love nor care to love the wife they get.
    Kavya must not feel elated by hearing Vanraj’s words. Hope one day both Kavya & Anupama both will slap Vanraj as well. That day his punishment will be complete. Wished it to happen while ousting Thoshu, but koi nahin it will happen in near future for sure.
    As of now Vanraj doesn’t know the meaning of love, by seeing Anuj he might understand what is love/faith/adjustment which allows wife to achieve her dreams/carry out the duties.
    To be Frank in our society, men are not encouraged to love& respect wife.
    There are enormous examples where parents encouraged their sons to dismiss marriage over dowry/looks/status.
    Baa is the biggest reason why Vanraj never respected his wives.
    Mandate equal love/respect/loyalty from men’s side as well else as predicted very soon toxic feminity will take over toxic masculinity.
    And it’s all because of our own karma, not due to regressive manufacturing of Gods!
    Watched movie dil bechara break up ka maara,
    key take away from the movie, see the eligibility of your possible love and never say its love incase you really don’t care.
    Hopefully people can learn some lesson out of this movie while choosing life partner.
    It’s really painful to see youngsters holding their heart on hand and going through those painful breakups.
    Talents/lives are wasted. Children are mad behind looks/show off.
    Brahmacharya is the only way to go before grihasthashram, but instead of imposing it strictly, parents need to make them understand to be careful while choosing partner and stay loyal to it.

    1. No relationship can work if both partners and their families work dedicatedly together.

    2. Proudly watched Kavita Chawla, who won 1crore, who was not allowed higher studies.
      Me going gaga over her Ravan hasi.

  10. Anupama didn’t leave Anuj side during both his accidents.
    No one can attend anyone for months together without any break.
    So he must not restrict her when she wants to do work of her choice.
    Just because Anupama is wife she is expected to be by Anuj’s side 24/7, but for men his family would have started searching new bride.

  11. omo
    amupama don dey motivate me with her new life style o

  12. 1. Baa n sweety seriously need to be taught lessons as both r selfish n thankless..good Anu replied her back..
    2. Kinjal dusnt have her moms house ? Even if she’s busy or whatever, Why shud she go to Anus house just bcz full time maid milegi ? dusnt Anu hv her own fly n responsibilities..enuf of so much importAnce to Anu pls..let her live peacefully man..everywhere Anu is dancing with her bhaashans, let her be quiet fr few days..

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