Anupama 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Dolly’s Requests For Kavya

Anupama 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dolly with Meenu returns after dropping Baa and Bapuji in bus to meet Naniji/grandmother. Anu asks if bus was on time, if Baa got window seat, etc. Dolly nods yes. Anu hopes Naniji gets well soon and Baa Bapuji return home soon. Dolly says they didn’t even reach their destiny and Anu wants them to return. Anu says when there is less time left, their waiting time increasing. Dolly asks if she called even them home for this reason. Anu says she wants to grab most good memories in the remaining home, this house doesn’t look good without Baa and Bapuji. Dolly says it won’t look good even without her and they all will miss her a lot. Meenu asks where is mami/aunty going. Kavya interferes and says to her mamma’s house forever. Meenu asks Dolly if Pakhi’s bestie is telling truth, hugs Anu and requests her not to go. Kavya says she will replace her mami and they will enjoy a lot. Dolly angrily warns her to shut up, and Anu asks her to leave. Kavya walks away fuming. Anu tells Meenu that when she comes to mami’s house, she feels good, but she returns home at night remembering her mummy, similarly she wants to go back to her mummy. Meenu says she doesn’t stay with her mummy though. Dolly asks her to go and play with Pakhi inside home and fumes that she gets angry seeing Kavya’s face. Anu asks her to calm down, she will give her hot ginger tea. Dolly walks in with her. Anu then performs pooja with Dolly and tells her that she shouldn’t worry about Meenu and can leave Meenu at her mom’s place. Dolly says its okay. Anu says she bought up Meenu and has right on her, she need not worry as there is Nihar for Meenu’s company. Dolly thanks her and says nobody can take care of Meenu like Anu. Anu says Meenu was her responsibility and will always be. Dolly prays god that he knows nobody can handle this house like Anu bhabhi and it will shatter without her, so he should do some magic and not let Anu leave this house.

Pakhi calls Samar and shows him news that there is protest in city even after curfew, so looking at the situation, government has imposed section 142 and ordered to close government offices and educational institutions. Pakhi thanks god that mummy papa reached home and says without government offices, mummy papa’s divorce will not happen. Samar says they shouldn’t delay divorce and let mummy go to free her from sorrows or else there would be unnecessary problems. Pakhi says she just wants to hope for the best and goes to inform Baa over phone about government orders.

Anu gets worried when Vanraj doesn’t open his room door for long and goes to kitchen to prepare coffee for him when Kavya brings an agent and says she wants all her Adhar card, pancard and other legal documents in this house’s address. Agent says she needs to stay in this house to change the address. She says she will shift here permanently soon and wants whole house to be interior decorated according to her taste, she will send house’s pics. He agrees and leaves. She taunts Anu that her memories are attached to this house, but she has to leave her memories in this house itself and once she takes over this house, she will change Anu’s old kitchen into modern kitchen. Anu says she can do whatever she wants, but first create her place in family members’ hearts as she cannot stay in house without staying in their hearts. She offers coffee as Kavya likes it and may not serve her next time. Kavya laughs and says people say right that lamp flickers before blowing off and agrees to have last coffee. Anu gives her coffee. Kavya sips it and says its nice just like her future and walks away.

Pakhi walks to Dolly and asks if she heard breaking news of government offices being closed due to protests and hence mummy papa’s divorce cannot happen now. Dolly also rejoices. Pakhi says she is hoping mummy papa’s divorce stops somehow, but Samar and Toshu don’t agree with her; she knows Kavya will ruin their house and she is trying to convince papa to stop the divorce; mummy papa had differences before, but now they connect well with each other; Kavya on the other side is very selfish and self-centered; Baa, Bapuji, Toshu, Samar all gave up and will not help her, so Dolly should speak to mummy papa and try to stop this divorce. Dolly says she is right, but she will speak to Kavya instead of bhai and bhabhi.

Kavya in Nandini’s house tries her bridal lehanga. Dolly walks in. Kavya thinks V’s relatives barge in everywhere, thank god Baa didn’t come here to yell at her. Dolly with folded hands plead to get out of her bhai and bhabhi’s lives and not ruin their family. Kavya asks when she didn’t have problem earlier and didn’t speak, why is she speaking now. Dolly says because water has crossed their heads; when she got married, her mom taught that giving gifts or roaming around doesn’t make good relationship, but understanding each other and deepness in their relationship matters, which Anu and Vanraj have and Kavya cannot see it; if there as nothing between bhai and bhabi, bhai wouldn’t have hidden his divorce date; she knows her brother since 40 years and knows what he wants; breaking of 25-year-old relationship is much bigger than breaking a 9-year-old relationship, which Kava cannot understand, but Baa understands and is trying to stop this divorce; the love which she didn’t see in bhai’s eyes for Kavya, she saw it for Anu, that is why he returns home repeatedly with lame excuses to meet Anu; his day starts with Anu’s tea and ends with her turmeric milk. She asks if bhai was happy when he stayed with Kavya for a few days. Kavya reminisces Vanraj leaving her house saying he is leaving her house and removing her from his heart. Dolly continues that Kavya cannot become like bhabi and if she marries bhai, he will compare her always with bhabhi and will not be happy with her, so still there is time to back off. Kavya ingoring her tries her bridal veil. Nandini worried calls Samar and asks him to come here soon as Dolly has come there. Anu picks call instead and gets tensed.

Precap: Kavya pushes Dolly away. Anu holds Dolly and confronts Kavya that she can look good with designer lehanga, but cannot be a good bhabhi, bahu or good wife. Later, She doesn’t find Vanraj in his room and finds his letter stick on mirror for her.

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  1. Amazing Precap

  2. I know that Vanraj his recovering from COVID so I hope that he has a speedy recovery. I feel like Pakhi is just annoying at this point, Pakhi saw her parents just being kind to each other seeing that her parents are once again ready and happy to move in together and be a happy family again when that is not the case. Pakhi and Dolly wanting Vanraj and Anupama to get back together. But do Ba, Dolly, Pakhi not understand the fact that VANRAJ KEPT A 8 YEAR LONG RELATIONSHIP WITH ANOTHER WOMAN. I get it if they stop Vanraj from marrying Kavya, which can be understandable but stopping Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce is just plain annoying. The reason being is that Anupama had to deal with all their torture, and Pakhi saw that. But then Pakhi is only think about herself, thinking about the fact that Anupama and Vanraj could stay together and then they can all be happy. But the same thing could be that they are nice to each other because they are departing and they want to end on good terms. No one is actually thinking about Anupama, only Samar is. The fact that Pakhi thinks that her family will be happy, but ANupama will always hate it cause she would have to live with a man that she will never be able to trust, and never be able to care for like before. Anupama wants to leave for that reason, she was someone that listened and treated Vanraj like god, and Vanraj got used to be treated like god. But then Anupama stopped doing that, Vanraj ego got hurt and then ran to Kavya. Vanraj and Anupama getting back together, Ba and Vanraj would expect Anupama to quit her job and serve them like Gods once again which Anupama can not do anymore.
    Having Dolly speak to Kavya was intersting, but the fact that Kavya constantly makes things worse is just intersting. Having Kavya pushing Dolly, always trying to act nice but then having her angry side out. Maybe Kavya was always like this and was always a person that was rude, but because she wanted to keep Vanraj she always acted nice. because I remember when Kavya told Vanraj that he needs to marry her before Anupama and constantly forcing A Vanraj, and yelling not only that but yells when things do not go her way. She is just an older version of Pakhi… the fact that she put Samar in jail, try to take revenge on Pakhi, is just stupid, she ruined all of her relationships. The fact that she just does not grow up and actually acts like mature. Kavya is just turned into a kid, Kavya not only ruins her relationship with everyone but she also cheated on her own husband. I feel like the show is taking a direction that is kind of sad, things were super promising but now it is falling flat.Serials are not supposed to be realistic but if you are having a story of a woman growing from a toxic household. You would want some situations to come from reality where there can be realistic issues. Also I understand they want show to last but the fact that they go super slowly where they will show one promo for like 1 week even before the actors have gotten Covid. But anyways what are your thoughts, you agree or disagree?

  3. After seeing yesterday episode i tgought pakhi is starting realise her mistakes and may be she will support anupama…. Bt today its again same drama…. And what is this about vanraj missing yaar….i know that sudanshu pandey could not shoot but instead of missing they could show like vanraj is going for another city for interview and instead of all that emotional drama they could have shown anupama having success in school or participating in an event…. And about kavya….what to say yaar….i just wish she would act her age instead of a jealous teenager….

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