Anupama 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya Creates Drama In Cafe

Anupama 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama performs pooja before inaugurating her dance academy and Vanraj’s cafeteria. Bapuji says let us go in now. Sanjay says how can they go in before ribbon cutting. Rakhi asks if they invited someone for ribbon cutting. Samar says special guest. Anu says special than Shahrukh and kajal, Baa and Bapuji. Everyone clap for them while Kavya and Rakhi make weird faces. Baa asks why them when its Anu’s academy and Vanraj’s cafe. Anu says they are all hers. Mamaji jokes and makes Bapuji mimic SRK’s style. Baa and Bapuji then both cut the ribbon while everyone clpa. Sanjay says let us inaugurate cafe also. Kavya, Pakhi, and Sonu decorate the entry with rangoli while Baa and Bapuji cut ribbon and chant Krishna Kanhaiya Lala ki jai. Family enters with Dolly commenting she never saw a homely feeling cafe. Rakhi taunts Toshu that his image will shatter when his friends find out that his papa sells sandwich, image is most important in corporate ladder and before Kinjal leaves her job and becomes a waitress her, he should get out of this place soon.

Anu lights temple lamp and thumbs up Vanraj. Bhavesh offers Vanraj his mother’s prepared pickles and masalas for his cafe. Vanraj thanks them and says he did so wrong with them, even then they thought goof for him, they are like Anu. Anu’s mother says she is not but is trying to be like Anu, she was angry on Vanraj before but seeing Anu’s progress, she is not now. He thanks them again for pickle and masala. Bapuji tells Baa that he feels good working back again because of Anu; its his father’s karkhana/factory and he took up a job when it wasn’t working well; like a father holds a son’s hand and guides him, he will guide his son now. Baa says even she will accompany him and is a working woman because of Anu who fulfilled her unimaginable dreams.

Rakhi congratulates Kavya and says she got a new job of helping her husband in cafe like cutting vegetables, cleaning table and dishes, and if she feels like dancing helping Anu in her dance academy. Kavya yells to keep her ideas to herself. Rakhi taunts her that history is repeating like earlier wife stayed at home and girlfriend took away husband, this time ex-wife will take away husband, so Kavya should concentrate on husband now. Kavya taunts to concentrate on her daughter first showing Kinjal working with Vanraj. Rakhi gets angry seeing that.

Anu walks to Pakhi and asks how is it. Pakhi says papa’s cafe is small but cute. Anu asks what about this dance class. Pakhi says okay. Anu asks her to practice her dance in academy as it is spacious and Samar fixed a good sound system here. Pakhi yells to don’t waste her precious time on her and walks away. Anu gets sad seeing her rude behavior. Nandini and Samar watch that and think of confronting Pakhi. They take Pakhi aside and ask her to behave with Anu instead of being rude with her and stop blindly trusting Kavya seeing her past record. Kavya asks Nandini why is she interfering between them. Nandini says she will be part of this family and has right to speak. Kavya hearing them yells at them to stop provoking Pakhi against her. Their argument starts. Anu interferes and asks them to stop fighting. Kavya continues shouting. Vanraj warns her to stop creating drama and go home. Kavya continues yelling. Baa warns her next. Kavya yells she is calling her inauspicious. A customer comes and walks back seeing the drama. Baa scolds Kavya again. Kavya yells and cries more loudly.

Anu to divert the issue acts as cafe’s first customer and orders masala chai. Family cheers up, and Vanraj offers her tea. She sips it and says it is tasty like home chai and offers him payment. He says he cannot take money from his first customer. She jokes if horse befriends gross, what will it eat and asks him to return the change. He smilingly does. Dolly, Sanjay, Rakhi, and Anu’s mother and brother leave. Family gets disappointed for their first customer till evening. Mamaji jokes. Kavya yells she told them nobody will come here. An old man walks in. They all happily greet him. He asks address and leaves. Kavya yells if it was easy to run a business, then nobody would like to bear boss’ taunts. Baa shuts her mouth. Samar asks Kinjal if they messaged their friends and hopes anyone will turn up. Baa says she messaged even her society friends and someone must come.

Precap: Anu asks family to act as customer to grab customer’s attention as a marketing strategy. Kavya yells nobody will come even if they do this.

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  1. Dont know what is even going on now a days? Very fed up with kavya, pakhi drama. And this anupama already did a great mahaan thing by opening cafe for vanraj and now she is even helping him to get customers. Mahaanta should also have a limit. Omg! cant bear it at all. ANupama you better concnetratee on getting more students in your academy than wasting time on getting customers for vanraj. And I dont understand why this family always speak sentimental dialogues for no reason. Anupama always chants Baa Bapuji all the time. We understand that anupama treats them like her parents, but this is too much. Very very annoying to see everything sentimental. And this anupama never shuts kavya ‘s mouth. Nor does she say anything to pakhi. NO wonder pakhi speaks like that to anupama. If anupama wants pakhi to listen to her and respect her, she shouldnt just feel emotional and stay silent. She has to even speak up for herself. My mother never allowed me to raise my voice on her. She used to shut me, if I shout at her. And this anupama knows only how to cry. Anupama is growing weak rather than strong. Listening to all the tantrums kavya is throwing. Earlier, anupama really was strong. Never allowed anyone to disrespect her. Stood up to herself. But Now she allows almost anyone to disrespect her, even strangers. Very disappointed. Almost this whole week, there was no progress in the show. All this week epsiodes was wasted in emotional dialogues and anupama’s mahaanta

  2. 👎👎👎

  3. Why is everyone putting up with Kavya’s insults??? She is Vanraj’s wife & she can support Vanraj if she wants but why yell, put down everyone, mock & disrespect people & all these people are okay with that!!! My God this serial is really raising my blood pressure!!!

  4. Anupama the biggest idiot – who is marketing your dance academy you idiot? Stop focusing on the cafe, get over Vanraj, he is your EX husband. Emphasis on EX. You will remain a loser.

  5. The director has exhausted his creativity bank hence this crap being shown. Come up with something relevant. Or else wind up the show.

    1. If you habe brains you will stop watching the show and also atop wasting your time here. Nobody is forcing you to watch it. Remember its no. 1 on TRP rating

  6. Anupama should now concentrate on self.
    She also shouldn’t allow Pakhi to disrespect her. If she doesn’t take a stand for herself her children will not respect her.
    Pakhi is such a looser.
    Also why is she taking Kavyas insults?
    Vanraj used to be so arrogant in his treatment of Anu, why is he a bheegi billi in front of Kavya?

  7. Remove anu from the house and let her show women empowerment without men.stop crying over children.let them live their life.

  8. Esther Musimbe

    I think this directer don’t know what to write any more he/she empty in the brain because by now Anupama would been far with her life but know she still the same nothing changed even her look , dressing is the same what wrong with the writer of this Anupama .how can they show children disrespect their parent like it’s suppose to be family drama but now we can’t watch with our children because they will end up coping what pahki is doing think that the way to talk to your parents this totally wrong they shouldn’t show things like that on family drama and Anupama need to stop this crying business of her and teach her child a lesson of her life instead of crying she should stand firm with her.

    1. If you don’t like the show, you can stop watching it. Nobody is forcing you to watch it on gunpoint. Writers know their job better than you. So stop spreading negativity here. You people don’t like the show still you watch and then waste your time criticising it. Huh..

  9. Esther, I think your comment is the best so far. Exactly we can’t watch with our children. If that is done in India we don’t do that in Africa. Please we are begging the producers to wind up the show, for the safety of our children.

  10. Anu is literally licking boots of v and kavya and makers calls it patience.stop Anu from being people’s pleaser. Third rate story and hopeless crap.

  11. Please kick Vanraj Out of anupama life, how can she be good to him who has betrayed and insulted her .i agree with other user there should be limit to be be mahan .
    If baa , bapuji had so much concern about anupaam,they would not have allowed Vanraj to stay in their house with Kavya.

    so please Anupama, take your children and out of the house, show that women empowerment , which can give inspiration to many women.

    1. Do you think you are smarter than the writers?

  12. My parents will kick my ass off if i behave like this with elders.. Pakhi is soo insolent and Anupama is tolerating. This is how they raise children?
    And wtf is she doing what’s all this drama with V’s Caffè? Come on move on and live your life. You are not in that position where you can be friend with your ex
    What a loser character

  13. Today’s comments are much better than the episode. Why dont writers just chk our comments. Not a serial to watch with kids of any age group. Pakhis behavior is not something I will tolerate from my kid and at this age I can say mom never tolerated any such behavior from us her children or even my cousins

  14. Kavya is the bahu Babuji and Baa need, the wife best fitting for vanraj and the most appropriate mother for Pakhi. I hope and pray she continues to wreck major havoc to the shah khandaan until they all crumble and fall. As for Anupama the doormat, everybody can come and wipe their feet on her head. Even a child she brought forth with pain and anguish. Her own mother was there,but she gave right of putting dance studio ribbon to her captors(baa aur bapuji), she didn’t even think to include her own mother. A fool indeed. Can’t wait for episode when they all turn on her and she is forced to step out her captivity. .maybe then her brain will get activated.

    1. Am telling you, so right

    2. You are so right.

  15. In this entire on- going tamasha, Vanraj comes across as the biggest weakling… even after seeing how evil Kavya is, he has no guts to ask her to shut up. He is watching all the screaming and shouting and insults from Kavya.. silently, sheepishly..
    He is the weakest Link in the Shah family. All other characters fade away in front of this nincompoof, KAVYA’S “V”.
    And even Baa and Bapuji are shown as silent and stupid spectators!!
    When will this serial become positive. ?
    Kavya’s negativity overshadows all the positivity…

    1. If you don’t like the show, you can stop watching it. Nobody is forcing you to watch it on gunpoint. Writers know their job better than you. So stop spreading negativity here. You people don’t like the show still you watch and then waste your time criticising it. Huh..

  16. Even from the very beginning of this show it was regressive but then since the show is named “anupama” I thought the producers will showcase her progress and women empowerment so I continued watching everyday with that excitement. After she discovered vanraaj’s betrayal she was being savage to him and to his mistress. And even when baa used to say something anupama would politely answer back to baa to make her realize that anupama won’t do become someone who blindly listens to others anymore. I enjoyed back then seeing her comebacks to others. But now again she has become a doormat putting up with her daughter’s and mistress’s insolence. Anupama needs to wake up and focus on her future for her success instead of others. She should Just leave that household. If she can’t live without her kids, then take jaltosh and sanan with her (not including paakhi since she is a spoiled brat who won’t learn her lesson anytime soon. But if she can’t live without that brat, she should take her too but only after learning to discipline her) just that she should stop becoming a doormat and she should stop sharing the exact same roof with ex husband and his mistress. She better build her own world that will be whats best for her. God knows why she doesn’t realize that despite of every crap she went through for 25 years in that regressive house. This is a show which is supposed to show the mental and physical growth of a woman however it is now hopeless that the makers will do so, from the irrelevant content the makers are portraying. Anupama is a beautiful woman and yet the makers are giving her unsuitable heavy saris with that old looking boring hairstyle which is totally unsuitable for her face making her look a lot older. In my opinion she looks best with flowing hair and in lighter sarees. Hopefully the makers will read the comments and improve the storyline and completely changing the look of anupama

  17. Also the narcissistic desperate insecure ugly kaavya is becoming intolerable day by day. If she cannot respect others then atleast she should stop raising her voice. Probably she doesnt have any idea how ugly she sounds even. Someone has to step up and give her a befitting reply showing her place. I had already stopped watching the show ever since anupama started to become a doormat. If the makers can’t shut kaavya up or show the failures of kaavya then they better remove her from the show or they should stop showing her character. How low can someone be to brainwash children against their own mom. What a waste of space she is. Just wish her character is evicted. And the makers should improve the show by giving anupama a proper smooth storyline just like mentioned in the above comment

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