Anupama 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Throws Paritosh Out Of The House


Anupama 17th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Leela yells at Anupama that she is not satisfied with breaking her own house that she wants to break her son and DIL’s house. Anupama asks what about Kinjal’s broken trust. Leela says it wouldn’t have if she would have kept her mouth shut. Anupama says Toshu/Paritosh would have repeated his sin then. Toshu shouts if she has gone made to break her son’s happy family. Anupama says she is a mother. Toshu says she is a home breaker, she is shameless to destroy her son’s life, why don’t she shoot him. Anupama hopes a day doesn’t come where he stoops so low that she is forced to shoot him. She says a woman gets weak when her family men do mistakes, but she will not get weak and will protect her daughter Kinjal. Barkha murmurs that Shah’s blood is dirty that whole family is sinners.

Toshu tries to convince Kinjal. Kinjal says she can’t stay with him anymore; he and Leela think Anupama did wrong by exposing his sin, but Anupama did right as she would have been deeply hurt if she had known about it later. Toshu says sorry. Kinjal says she is losing her family because of him and will never forgive him for that. She warns him to stay away from her as she doesn’t want daughter to get his dirty morales. Toshu pleads her not to go. Vanraj says Toshu will go from here instead. Leela tries to stop him and asks him why he is following Anupama’s footsteps and breaking his son’s family, Kinjal will calm down if she stays with Toshu for some time. Kinjal says she will never stay with Toshu again. Vanraj drags Toshu and throws him out of the house while Leela tries to stop him in vain.

Anupama tries to comfort Kinjal. Leela yells at Anupama again blaming her of breaking her son’s house. Vanraj shuts the door. Toshu shouts at Vanraj that enough of insult now, he will never return to his house again. Vanraj says he will break his legs if he returns again. Toshu verbally abuses Anupama and continously curses her taking her name. He says she can never be happy after snatching her happiness. Anupaam recalls bringing up Toshu till the recent incident. Vanraj warns Toshu if he will go from there or shall he kick him out again. Toshu walks away frowning. Samar stops him and asks calm down and asks where will he go. Toshhu says his great mother broke his house and his father kicked him out of the house, soon they will realize his value and then will suffer. Samar warns him to shut and asks him to call him when he realizes his mistakes and his anger calms down and hands him phone. Toshu walks away.

Leela curses Anupama that she won’t be happy in life for ruining Toshu’s life. Arya starts crying. Anupama tells Kinjal that life doesn’t give woman time to cry as she has responsibilities, she needs to take care of herself and her baby and hence should wipe her tears and take care of her responsibilities. Kinjal comforts Arya. Kehta Ye Pal.. song plays in the background. Toshu breaks down recalling Anupama, Vanraj, and Kinjal’s words and cries for Pari. He calls his friend and requests permission to stay in his house for some time. He thinks Anupama ruined his life and only she should fix it.

Leela continues to curse Anupama. Barkha provokes her. Leela says even Barkha and Rakhi are supporting her. Rakhi says she was wrong and Anupama was right and realized it seeing Toshu’s arrogance and misbehavior. She thanks Anupama for standing by Kinjal when she being a mother couldn’t. She asks Kinjal to accompany her home. Leela refuses and says let Kinjal and baby be at Shah house itself. Kinjal says she doesn’ want to go anywhere and doesn’t want to talk to Rakhi for hiding the truth. Rakhi asks Anupama to take care of Kinjal and baby and walks away.

Precap: Anuj tells Anupama that she did right by exposing Toshu’s sin. Kinjal breaks down. Kavya notices her and informs Anupama.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. It’s high time, baa should be made guilt of her mistakes. She is indirectly supporting infidelity of Vanraj and paritosh by blaming anupama as the accused is her own blood. She will get the heat of the infidelity only after Dolly go through the same. I know Dolly is really good character, but baa should get reality check as now we can’t expect baapuji to have extra marital affair. This woman is so blind in her own blood love that she forgot she’s a woman. Pathetic aurat!!

    1. Kisi ko bura lage to sorry but bhagwan kisi ko Kinjal jaisi beti na de… Are ab to apni maa ke ghar ja sakti thi na kuch din hi sahi chali jati but nahi yahin rahke Toshu ka wait karegi.. Kuch na kuch aisa jarur karegi ye jiske karan Toshu ko ghar me lana hi padega aur phir Navratre me dandiya khelenge sab milke… although she supported anupama I don’t like the fact that Kinjal does not care about her own mother rakhi .. she always misbehaves with her own mother and can’t see how her own mom cares for her even after her wedding. Although rakhi might not be the nicest person out of all, but she is a great mother. If it wasn’t for her nobody would have found out about Toshu’s affair

    2. Really? So she will leave cheater husband and go stay with cheater father?
      Rakhi was wrong to stay back with a cheater, Kinjal has valid reasons not to stay in such a choking environment especially when Rakhi is mostly out for business trips.
      The cheater doesn’t only cheat the partner, the entire family gets destroyed in this process including the cheater itself.
      If we take the case of Babushan, he didn’t look after his parents/ child, betrayed wife and he himself became a drug addict.

    3. Dropofthought

      @Ria technically everyone found out due to Anupama as she overheard the message on Toshu’s phone. If it were up to Rakhi no one would have found out and Toshu would have continued his acts. Also sorry to say but Kinjal is attached to the family and home. A lot of people grow up with a a lot of money but very alone at home because the parents are always working like Kinjal. Hence they crave not money but the family, members at home, the small arguments and fights and the culmulative effort of everyone staying together. Kinjal loved Toshu but despite his flaws she loved his family and home more that’s why she never left despite everything. So judging her because she never left them is not correct she’s not there waiting for him she’s there for the other family members. Also I don’t think she has any negative feelings for her mother, she just has built up emotions against her for not being there for her as a child, that’s why she’s so close to Anupama. So naturally she sides and feels more comfortable with her. The Shah house for Kinjal is HER home not her mothers, small, argumentative, or whatever for her it’s what she calls her own hence the emotions and decision of staying there. Vanraj for the first time did something good and supported her over Toshu. A girl leaves her parents home and marries into a guys family, when something like this happens she must feel so alone because the guy who she trusted and entered a new family with just broke your trust, she’s almost like in the middle of two no ways. So happy for that, instead of being mad at her you should laud her for not leaving as she did nothing wrong.

    4. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

      I dnt think Sanjay will cheat Dolly becoz Sanjay is a very nice person.Anupama considers him as his brother.

  2. @Mamata
    Don’t worry! She’ll soon learn her lesson as Adhik is exactly going to do the same with Pakhi. Infact Pakhi’s life will be much more worse than Anupama and Kinjal as Anupama had Bapuji, Samar, Dolly and Kinjal by her side when Vanraj cheated her and Kinjal has everyone even Vanraj and Kavya but Pakhi’s to be in-laws are also cheaters. She have to bear with a cheater family in future.

  3. Leela just as to be taught a lesson, that adultery is not on,no matter what

    religion you belong to Barkha and Toshu should pay for their sins and it should happen at the earliest not later

  4. Not a Varnraj fan, neither I am defending him… but can’t deny he has character development, his character has been explored, from jealous, MCP, to pretend to changing and finding a new girl trap, and falling again, he came a long way
    IN COMPARISON TO HIS MOM, jo pata nahi kyaa hai…

    1. Yes we can’t be Biased towards him. He is a human afterall.
      With his Demerits,its nothing wrong to acknowledge his merits.

      He learnt from his Bapuji how to Love and Dignify your DIL

    2. Vanraj has changed his color so many times, that it’s tough to trust him as a normal individual.
      We have not seen karma punishing him enuf.
      If he is really changed now and he can punish Thoshu, then he must punish himself as well.
      Just like Thoshu is trying to prove is ayashi as fling, Vanraj is also justifying his lust as love.
      If it’s really love why it reached till divorce within a year of marriage and so called samjhauta marriage ran longer?
      This proves that his samjhauta is better than love as he doesn’t understand what is love.
      He must punish himself along with Thoshu to prove his credibility.

    3. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

      Vanraj’s sin is not justificable.I agree he did wrong for cheating Anupama.Even Kavya was also wrong.But there was one fact that Vanraj never loved Anupama.He did arrange marriage with Anupama on his grandmother’s sayings.He was never happy with Anupama.That was not his mistake.Its okay every people have their own choice regarding choosing their life partners. His sin is that he kept her in dark and dominated her for 25 years and also had three children with her.Actually he shouldn’t marry Anupama as he didn’t like her.Atleast after marriage he can tell her the truth that he married her on his grandmother’s saying.He shouldn’t get intimate with her and make her mother of three children as it is not fair.He shouldn’t dominate Anupama.He should give her freedom.He just used her as servant.He can honestly tell her the truth that he didn’t want to marry her and then he can divorce her.But he kept her in dark for 25 years and used her as a house servant and that was his biggest sin.
      But Paritosh loved Kinjal.Then also he cheated Kinjal and had affair with other girl for his s*xual satisfaction. Vanraj alteast loved Kavya but Paritosh had affair just for his s*xual needs.So Paritosh is much worse than Vanraj.

    4. This also proves that it was only Anupama’s love which make this marriage run for 27yrs.
      This also proves that it’s only Kavya’s love that she is managing with cheater Vanraj.
      Else this Mandapala never loved anyone apart from self.
      So what rights he has over Thoshu when his mistakes are more grievous? If I would have been in Thoshu’s place I must have sued him.

    5. KAVYA HAS NO LOVE IN HER PLEASE. LET US STOP PERPERUATING INFIDELITY NONSENSE!!! KAVYA cheated on her husband, broke her friends home and shamelessly forced her way in looking for space where she will never belong. Those people only had lust in them. Vanraj DIDNT even want to marry Kavya. Kavya is holding on to that sham marriage by a thread because she doesn’t want to a two-time divorcee! Not because of maintaining one stupid marriage with love. Vanraj gave her divorce papers na? She refused to sign them and keeps living with him to save face. You cannot call being unfaithful to their respective spouses as “love” please. This is what the makers want you to think. They want to whitewash rubbish.

    6. His character hasn’t developed in anyway please. He has yet to cower and cover his face in shame for what he did to Anu and the hand he played in turning his son into what he has become. I’m sorry but Vanraj will always remain a villain if he doesn’t atone properly.

  5. Ba always supporting wrong and because she is elder no one can shout at her except bapuji but why is bapuji so quiet in all this. Bapuji seems to be a weak character who can’t control his family as head of the family neither can he make decisions for the family. Don’t know what he is there for.

  6. Kanika53

    Glad that Paritosh was kicked out of the house. Kinjal deserves better than him and surely Anu Anuj and Vanraj will try to help her. And Barkha? Why does she need to interfere, she should remember what happened with her own brother Adhik.. He was slapped by Vanraj. If he didn’t leave his own son so why would he leave Adhik? And after doing all that how is he even crying for his family? He didn’t even regret doing it.

  7. I bet Toshu will be back and Shah’s will forgive him and then all of them will play navratri together happily. By that time these writers will find some another stupid plot. Thu thu thu.

    1. The reality is this, Toshu cheated on Kinjal and Kinjal can leave him if she wants but Toshu has a right to be in his child’s life. He cheated on Kinjal and not on Arya. You cannot just uproot a parent from a child’s life because you had am issue with him. The issue is between husband and wife NOT father and daughter. So kinjal and everyone needs to be mature enough to understand that once tensions cool down
      But what I don’t understand is, why is Toshu so pressed about not being in his daughter’s life? Wasn’t he the one that wanted her aborted some time back? Listen, Toshu married Kinjal to feel upgraded. Kinjal married Toshu for whatever dumb reason. Whether to have a “real” family for once or whatever. The reality is, Toshu never wanted that child. He was blackmailed into accepting her and even if he has had a change of heart since then,he still doesnt appear too invested in fatherhood if you ask me

  8. In this case Anupama is an idiot exposing Toshu in front of so many people. I am a woman, but men will always be men in regards to illicit affairs. & Vanraj is a fool also. Mfff

    1. You are part of the problem! “men will always be men” is the reason men feel entitled to be this way! Being a man does not mean you are entitled to cheat on your wife! Toshu is the idiot here for cheating on a woman that loves him so much and he doesn’t even deserve her! Cheaters should be named and shamed! And it’s sad and pathetic that you happen to be a woman with that mindset-don’t be another woman’s biggest enemy! Empower other women instead! Not all men cheat, its not a male trait so don’t act like it is!

  9. I am just happy that this time Vanraj with whom Toshu is so much close,he chose Kinjal over him, he never ask Kinjal or scolds her like baa being his father in law.

  10. Baa needs to be taught a lesson, even today she cannot acknowledge that her son broke the family, Anupama did not. She forgives V and Toshu because they are male, and Bapuji is good for nothing. Just stands there like a dumb person without any guts to shut his wife who keeps talking nonsense? Men like V and Toshu must be punished for infidelity and disrespectful behaviors towards women.
    Shame on Anupama for not speaking up against Baa to say that it was not Anupama but her son V who broke the family!
    When will Anupama learn to speak up for her own respect? Why does she allow Baa to continue to blame her for everything?

  11. Someone please shake Baa so she wakes up to realize that she is the reason for V and Toshu’s behaviors. When will Anupama stop Baa from blaming everything wrong on Anupama? It was not Anupama who had an affair so why does Baa have the audacity to blame Anupam for V and Toshu’s action and when will the dumb Bapuji speak up?
    Didn’t Anupama promise not to enter the Shah house so then why does she continue to come back here to get insulted? Baa only needs her to work like a maid in the house, other than that she continues to curse Anupama

    When will Anupama learn to have self respect and stop people from abusing her? This is a show about woman empowerment but Anupama gets verbally abused in each episode, something is seriously wrong with the writers

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