Anupama 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Baa Humiliates Bapuji

Anupama 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa tells Anu and Anuj that a person becomes ananymous if he/she doesn’t have a name and relationship becomes disgraceful if it doesn’t have a name, so they should give a name to their relationship to gain respect from the society and end all the problems. She asks Anuj if he truly loves Anu and when he openly can express his love in front of her family, he should fill sindhoor in her hairline and marry her. She then provokes children, Bapuji, and GK that they should be happy with this marriage and then starts humiliating Anu that she will be defamed and character assassinated if he doesn’t fill sindhoor in her hairline. Anu requests to stop. Baa continues provoking Anuj. Anuj picks sindhoor and applies tika on her forehead instead. Anu gets shocked but then relaxes seeing tika instead.

Anuj tells Baa that he doesn’t care about society and Baa’s thinking and only Anu’s wish matters to him. Baa says she can’t understand his high talks. He says its a one-sided love and only he loves Anu and she will never love him. She says people will humiliate their relationship. Anuj says he doesn’t care, he can apply sindhoor and make her a devi and not a biwi/wife; he further says she insulted herself and sindhoor by playing this cheap game; a relationship without love is never accepted and he will never disgrace Anu with this kind of relationship, etc.

Anu confronts Baa and asks why she is still adamant, why can’t Anuj be her friend when Devika can be her friend. Baa shouts Anuj has feelings for her. She says Anuj and her relationship is a pure friendship without any sin, so she should spare them. Baa says she gave them a chance to shut everyone’s mouth, but they are lecturing her. Samar asks why is she interfering in mummy’s life when she already left Shah house. Baa says they are interfering her life and happiness, her house is dark because of them. Mamaji says if she is pointing 1 finger at them, her 3 fingers are pointed towards herself. She warns him to shut his mouth or else she will slap him and continues humiliating them.

Bapuji loses his calm and says he always considered a wife as a life partner and not a servant, he tolerated all her nonsense till now and now he can’t and orders her to get out of his daughter’s dance academy and his warehouse. Baa replies who is he to kick her out and reminds all the sacrifices she made for his house and got a humiliation in return. He says she got his silence in return’ her tongue is bitter, even then he didn’t say her anything; people used to laugh on him, he was silent seeing her sacrifice, but not today and asks her again to get out of here. She denies and continues humiliating Anu. He warns her not to take his daughter’s name. She asks what will he do then. Kavya thinks these oldies get short of breath walking a few steps, but have stamina to fight.

Anu tries to stop Baa and requests not exaggerate the issue. Baa continues humiliating Bapuji and says she he didn’t have money to hire a rickshaw after their marriage and she had to walk 5 miles to reach his house, his mother just gave blessings and father 1.25 rs, he gave her Ramayan and not even a single silver article. Bapuji says he was poor. She asks why did he marry then and continues that he couldn’t even give proper education to this children, her son had to start working from 14 to fund Dolly’s studies as his father was uncapable, she had to run the house in his 400 rs salary which cannot even buy a begging pot, her son got her daughter married or else her daughter would have been unmarried till now, etc. Anu says if she and her son have sacrificed a lot, even Bapuji poured his heart out and fulfilled all his responsibilities, etc. Baa warns her to shut up and not interfere between her and her husband. Mamaji tries to stop her next, but she shouts that he is incompetent saala/BIL of an incompetent jija and shuts his mouth.

Precap: Baa orders Bapuji that she will rule over his house and karkhana from hereon and he should just nod yes.
Bapuji breaks down. Anu consoles him and takes him to her house. Kavya thinks she should set things right before Vanraj returns and bring Bapuji back home.
Anu tells Anuj that she wants to get back her father’s respect.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Ba can be such hopeless … I never knew… as a human being itna niche toh sayad koi gir nahi skta… pakka koi chudail
    Ya daayan hi hogi

    1. Baa has no class, throw her out.

  2. Either Baa is drunk
    Baa Watched Kabir Singh 100 times
    Wana waun waun Wana waun waun Wana waun.
    Baa is the Mohana Daayan’s aged roop which is finally getting revealed in front of all.

    1. Oh god u crack me up every damn time ..

    2. Written update padhke jitna gussa aaya utni hi hasi aayi aapka padhke. Mood halka ho gaya

    3. Let me pick, wana waun waun! 🙂

  3. This is what happens when you don’t earn your life well. You get a cranky wife who b*t*hes every day, your son is a nalayak, you don’t save money the much you should instead waste over Sutta and Alcohol.

    Boys, Earn Well, stay away from this so called society, shut the mouth of your b*t*h forever and Raise your Child.

    1. Boys earn well, forget society, raise your own kid! Man u r a gem!
      If one does that why the b*t*h has to tell anything? she will be silent herself and in love forever.

  4. Her favorite son is not going to accept her behavior towards his father,if he was there he would’ve not let her do tht

    1. 100 % agree.

  5. Show is getting ridiculous. Exploring angles that are not necessary. Lol

    1. Very important angle! and very common angle, low income, jobless dads normally go through this.
      No one else has covered their points and plea.
      I have personally seen how helpless the man feel when he cant meet the necessities of family.
      Salute to all men for being the provider and protector for us @your own cost! no grudges at all.
      All we demand is our respect, right, voice as nurturer.
      How about rejecting motherhood until husband/ in laws give that respect and right?

    2. How is this track important for MaAn story or simply Anupama story? I understand that this is an important track but not here.

      Also, your last question isn’t making sense and isn’t in line with the remaining narrative or may be i dont get it.

    3. Very very true

    4. Anupama touches every angle in real life.
      I am saying girls have fun!
      But don’t enter into motherhood until you are sure that your partner and his family extending support, security, right and respect to you
      Its emerging as a big issue now a days. And discussed in the below article.
      Reason? there is absolutely no respect for unpaid labor that women do.
      They need to be respected, supported, empowered for what they are doing.
      Else more Kavyas will pop up.

    5. This story is Anupama’s story, Her father in law was learning less!
      MaAn is just a part of Anupama’s life.
      I am practically getting bored of this MaAn story now.
      Well understood that she has an one sided lover who persisted defying all the changes. And she will take time to fall for him.
      Other day watched Madam Sir and started wondering when Anupama will start her mission and empower other women.
      I am growing impatient now. Why can’t Anupama’s struggle end here taking Shah’s by her side?
      How much sacrifice and misfortune will make them understand!
      Why Anupama only need to be suffer as unsupported daughter, wife, ex wife, single or may be widow!
      I really want makers to focus on her mission, We shall meet many more people, problem and solution for it.
      I know how much hooked I was to Zindegi ki mahek to see her successful as the best chef, but here she died took birth and still did nothing apart from fighting with Shaurya and his family 🙁 🙁 🙁

    6. Agreed @anonymous.🤣🤣🤣 This seems irrelevant at this point. Maybe they want to show that no wonder vanraj is useless coz he was raised by his mother who is so dominating and has no values 🤣🤣

      But sometimes I also wonder if they are just changing the characterisation for their convenience. Baa uses to speak / lecture always about respect to bapuji. All of a sudden tables turned now and she is misbehaving big time!?

      Looks like they are running out of dramas and came up with this one just to keep the trp table top coz ultimately looks like people like dramebaazi more than normalcy😐😅

  6. First time kavya thought something right

    1. Yes. I too agree. This time she didn’t think that main v ko bataungi, Anupama ko uski aukat dikhaungi. First time she thought as a bahu.

    2. Though it’s a serial, but I really feel very bad. I felt like she’s really humiliating him and I feel like to cry.
      Baa was telling about her days as DIL and giving lecture. If we see in that way then at that time husband were like pati parmeshwar, not like bauji. He gave baa all rights and as Anupama said he shows right path due to which v is in this place right now. Due to bauji v is a gud son.
      Whenever baa insulted anu, instead saying to baa, he used to go to anu and console her. If he wanted he would have slapped her at that moment only. But he gave her respect infront of anu and grand children.
      Baa is telling about her MIL. Then what about her. She too doing same with anu. She snatched her jewellery from anu.
      Her each word killed bauji. I want v to leav baa after knowing what she did. And along with him kavya will also leav. Then let baa live alone in her so called mera ghar

    3. Baa’s words literally hit me. I used to think she respects him but no. And yes even if vanraj was a bad husband to anupuma and bad father to samar, he is really a good son which I believe is because of bapuji. He showed him the right path as you said.
      After reading your comment, I just realised that yes maybe because of baa’s reputation wouldn’t degrade in front of anupuma that’s why he stayed quiet.

    4. Candiva007

      Kavya is scared of what her husband will do when he goes home and his dad is not there. Of course she’s going to try to find a way for Babuji to go home and to take all of the credit.

  7. SO who does baa thinks is the best person on earth ? oh yaa SHE AND HER CHARACTERLESS SON ASSRAJ. Poor Babuji . This weeks chapter was baa’s wrath now I hope as soon as possible “the downfall of the devil shahs” comes soon . They have harassed , character assassinated and degraded the good soul shahs and MaAn a lot . I am waiting . This is the main reason why I love this show . The devils are punished for their bad deeds . Currently I watch this and Wagle ki Duniya Nayi Peedi Naye kissey

    1. Assraj🤣

  8. That Baa is truly a senseless,hopeless and shameless b***h. Nafrat mei itni andhi k apne pati was pyaar sacrifice sab chule mei phenk aayi!! Vanraj is a mixed product of his father & mother but mostly uski maa ka swabhav uspe haavi hota hai, thats y he is the shitty person he is today. But no one ever can stoop so low as Leela today. Apne riston ne saali ne baithke hag diya aaj. Alpana Buch is a great actor, thats y she so effortlessly played the role. But the character baa is so so horried k mann kar raha hai uska gala aadha slit karke tadapne ko chod dun. But truth is such shitty characters do exist and mostly in form of hypocrite MILs. Sabko dominate karenge. Aur izzat ki bahut duhayi denge,par agar unke mann ki na hui toh raste pe nanganach b wohi karenge. Budhiya ne apne aap ko aur bete ko sahi dikhane k liye bhai pati kisika lihaaj na kiya …jitna uspe thoo thoo karo Kam hai. Anupama uspe lage laanchan ko fir b seh leti thi, par bapujika( jinko wo poojti hai and who actually is deserving of that pooja) apman woh probably nahi sahegi and an baa ko uski asli aukaat dikhayegi. Waiting for some staunch steps from team Anupama. Baa ko khoon ke ansoon rulaao.

  9. I didn’t know baa held grudges towards bapuji. I thought maybe the society made her do things like humiliating anupuma but no she’s a sadist old lady. I wish bapuji divorces baa.
    Also she has no right on anupuma now. She can’t force her to marry anuj. I’m just hating this character more and more. Even vanraj respects bapuji. He warned everyone that no one should say anything to bapuji in his absence. Now old lady just wait and watch. Your own son wouldn’t spare you.

    1. Vanraj would be like ” Sab Anupamaa ke wahaj se hua” Episode ends.

    2. 😂ikr he’s obsessed with anupuma. I mean okay I know that the serial is named as anupuma but that doesn’t mean he/toshu/baa always have to bring her name in literally everything. The line you wrote “sab anupuma ke wajah se hua” I’m tired of listening this sentence again and again and yet again.
      But this time I really wish he give baa a lesson as he had warned everyone about it.

    3. @Suseme, he will give baa good but in the end of the sentence would be what I typed.
      But talking about today’s episode over, exaggerated, unnecessary drama by baa. I really hope and wish Kanta comes to save her daughter from character assasination. Why aren’t the makers not making good use of Devika and Kanta. Which brother would sit quiet while his sister has give explanation each and every second.

    4. @Susame, correct, the sadist are spreading terror in the name of society and tradition.
      Anyone sensible will be able to understand, allow exception and handle it.
      But these buggers make is dead, emotionless and torture in name of it.

  10. Believe me Baa the only incompetent one, is YOU! Bapuji at least knows what is wrong and right, and you just lack that. Firstly you accept your son’s, who is currently ran away to stay in Surat for awhile, mistake. Then you think to force Anu and Anuj to marry like they are your puppet to dance to your tunes. Fair enough your son did alot for you, but he lacked sense and became a cheater. Bapuji not once hit you or even forced your hand out of Karkhan. You are so lucky to have a man like that for yourself. Even though Bapuji did not earn much everything went to you and your children. A Son who believes he can every woman that wants and treats woman like they are garbage except you. Now look at Vanraj! Does he have a job or much money, no… So what makes him different to Bapuji. You can appreciate a man who stuck by your side, would support you if you are wrong. He was a great husband as he stuck around with an incompetent wife like Baa! You know he could never get you gold and sliver, but his love, loyalty and patience was gold and sliver. The fact that Baa don’t see his worth in all these years, show how incompetent she is. She better look in the mirror before, pointing fingers at others. Bapuji has lost respect not cause of Anu but because of Baa. And what was everyone else doing listening to this nonsense. Toshu what happened to looking after Bapuji, huh? Firstly a useless son like him who sucks his mother-in-laws money, what did we expect from him. Baa you are ripping Anu’s picture wait till Kavya rip’s all the property form your hand. But I must give the actor of Baa, a bow cause she really cats well!!! And she deserves so much awards, well done performance even by Bapuji actor the pain on his face, I could feel it. Anu I do not know how you and Anuj are going to bring his respect back. Baa your son is going to go off on you. But the people who were silent shame on you say something, even if is a elder. Kavya said something with sense and soon she will knock sense into her. Anuj you are gem to Anu and she knows it and she has always known it. The look she looked at you with was so much respect and admiration like her was her support bar and he is. Anuj will never break his promise and he will always take Anu’s wish and that is something that can’t break. BTW Baa it does not belong to you but Kavya! And she slapped Mamaji, she must be trying to alone. But anyway my rage is done and so soon will Baa’s

    1. When did she slap mamaji?

    2. Your rage is done? Cool 🙂
      Feeling bad for Bapuji, despite his best efforts he failed to be wealthy.
      But failures made him a gem which Baa is going to lose.
      Same way as Vanraj lost Anupama and repenting on it.
      These Mother, Son, and Grandson trio are fortunate to get Bajuji, Anupama and Kinjal…
      But see their misfortune them are going to lose them.
      Feeling bad for Baa, poverty made her very bitter.
      She is very materialistic and she couldn’t imagine what she gained by having a understanding husband(trust me these creatures are very rare), who stood by her despite her unbearable tantrums.
      Baa became so bitter that she treated Anupama with same bitterness mostly in the name of tradition and society.
      Now I believe society rules are there for betterment, but these sadists spread terror in the name of it.

  11. When in this serial will good triumph or do they only like to glorify the evil ones

    1. It hardly happens in reality.. Still they will show by next week

  12. There is nothing to look forward to it’s all going for a toss. Kavya will be thrown out of the house, baa will tell vanraj to marry Anupama. Since Toshi is headed for a seperation from kinjal. And as usual Anu will do the sacrifice and go back to Shah house.. Anupama doesn’t have her own voice.

    1. U are a typical brat who fortunes anything and gave Verdicts based on those false Guesses. Typical Hater

  13. Lichu agreed wit wat u said!! Hypothetically speaking Anu shuld allows Anuj to marry her since she always listens to Baa n now since Baa said tat by doing wat she is asking, everyone whether staying separately or together will be happy n peaceful n no more problems from thereon?? N since Anu always want peace n happiness for the family then agrees to wat Baa is asking n end the issues once n for all!! The consequences aftr tat will be for Baa to bear!!

    1. I think that is quiet right, but I feel that is rushing it. But I still agree 100%

  14. Leela devi ki leela aprampas hai, jab se ye shiw shuru hua hai ek baat samaj mai nai aai ki ye shah itne lavishly kaise rehle the the pehle aur ab bi, bohot loopholes hai, bapuji ki pagar 400rs mahina thi aur gareeb the par phir bi unka ek karkhana hai jiska tax 20 saal se bhara nai gaya, zammenbapuji ki thi par use bada makkan vanraj ne banaya ye point bi nai samja, agaf garreb the to itbi badi zameen aur karkhana kaise hai unke paas aur agar vanraj ne 14 ki umar se kaam start kia to uske paas kya itna time tha ki use ek achi company mai job mile.
    Ek aur cheez sochne wali ye hai ki vanraj ki monthly salary 1.5 lakh bi nai rahi hongi to wo itne lavishly kaise rehlete the ek epi mai to rakhi ne point out kia tha ki vanraj ki annual salary 15lakh bi nai hai, phir itna bada ghar itne logo ki responsibility aur aisi lifestyle kaise possible hui.
    Writer ko in loopholes pe dhyan dena chahiye.
    Aur ye chudel baa apni tamiz to bech hi chuki thi par kya ab pati ka maan karna bi bhul gai naigairat aurat hai ye budhiya bapuki ko ise chod dena chahiye
    I hope anuk apni influence through pbapuji ka karkhana aur ghar puri tarah unke under kara de aur ye budhiya dar dar ki thokar khae aur iski maide ki katori aur uska v aur uska haramkhor pilla bi saale pyre ke pure haramzaade hai aur avval darje ke kutte+ kamine+ neech+ chuthiye+ aur jo bi gaaliyan muh mai aati ho wo add karlo

    1. Karkhana was given by Bapuji ke Bapuji. You will get to know in tomorrow episode. Tomorrow Leela will become insane and slap Mamaji and push Kinjal. Keep Ready with your Diss Comment for Baa.🤣

  15. Seeing Baa I always remember My dad exact replica of my dad she is

    1. hmm let me guess, your granny is like Vanraj !

    2. @Navya Oh no! I hope you and your family are doing fine. I wish you a very strong heart and hope your Dad understands his mistakes soon.

  16. Jokes apart @dear Navya, and as @Mayu says, stay strong.
    We are with you. Keep us posted here, we shall stand for you!
    You wont believe, I met my soul brother @Metin here,
    He is too intelligent, soulful and inspiring. He has planned to stay away for a while due to my stupidity. Hope he will be back soon. Missing you bro @Metin.

  17. Baa did not say one word that a woman would not say normally under these circumstances. That’s how a wife would come back at her husband under these kinds of situation. Right or wrong — that is what you get for ignoring your wife on a festive day and empty the house. Hidden grudges and complaints come to life. Bapu ji should have stayed home with his family rather going to anupama’s work place. Anuj and Anupama were having good time without anyone. They would have been fine with Samar. Baa’s feelings would not have gotten that hurt. She is also being manipulated by Kavya. So, it was obvious for her to explode.

    1. @Jay are you seriously covering up for that evil pathetic buffalo bitter old woman? Agreed she is being manipulated by kavya but still that does not justify any of her actions. Baa is not a small kid whom anyone can manipulate easily. What she did was pathetic and disgusting.

    2. And as for baapuji, baa baa black sheep never listened to her husband’s advices nor respected him or his words so it is completely his choice about where he wants to celebrate the festival. Anu and anuj were having a good time but baapuji wouldnt have felt good by sitting at home with his toxic bitter evil wife and he too deserves to be with the people who respects him and listens every word he says. As for baa her payback time is not far anymore considering her horrible actions. She deserves to be completely left lonely and being made to work like a slave. Hope that kaavya does something useful by teaching a befitting lesson to that baa. Her days of sitting on that swing taking pleasure out of misbehaving with everyone are numbered. Have never seen an old woman more disgusting than her.

  18. If Bapuji so poor then how he managed to build a house and bought karakhana. In early life some people do have struggles.why Leela making a big tamasha about it.

  19. Leela hates Anupama from the very beginning when Anupama stepped her foot in Shah house. Now she has left but Leela still hates her . When will Anupama realise this ? She cares more for her ex mother in law then her own mother .

  20. Leela is very jealous of Anupama
    She’s endured the conditions she related in her wrath , she lived in poverty, considered her marriage bad and difficult and she had no choice but to tolerate and continue living.
    I guess she compares herself to Anu who didn’t accept the bad marriage and had the courage to divorce and start a new life , and she got all the support Leela could not find to change her fate!
    Maybe she thinks what is Anupama’s merit compared to her that enables Anu to enjoy a better life abandoning all miseries behind.
    Anupama even in her mature age has a handsome educated nice and rich man who admires and desires to marry her inspite of having no education or talent nor distinct looks .
    It’s all about morbid jealousy and some people in real life are like that .

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